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AsIfIKnowWhatImDoin t1_j7tq0cs wrote

Yep, a $1K gadget toy you spend endless hours on updating and patching. Perfect market for it, I'm sure.


PapiCats t1_j7u9e6p wrote

The most expensive model doesn’t come close to $1000 dude. Get real lol


misterv3 t1_j7u0fyj wrote

PS4's updates were endlessly obstructing me playing games. Not once has a steam deck update been a problem. (PS5 also a lot better now)


UglyInThMorning t1_j7uhkun wrote

I have spent basically zero effort “updating and patching” my deck. I have played an embarrassing amount of games on it though.


AsIfIKnowWhatImDoin t1_j7v4qrj wrote

Dude, because it's NEW.


UglyInThMorning t1_j7v58in wrote

It’s a year old in like a week. The actual patching and updating is easy and in the background, I have never had to go into the system to tweak shit to get it to work.