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put_it_in_my_mouf t1_j7tvhew wrote

On the bright side they finally updated big picture to look like steamOS so that's nice


AcusTwinhammer t1_j7v3fv7 wrote

If by "bright side" you include breaking a lot of existing SteamLink functionality, sure. Got the new update yesterday, looks like it no longer understands having controllers/keyboards plugged into both the main computer and the SteamLink, so I wasn't able to properly use any inputs. Thought I would restart the SteamLink via the power option, apparently in the new Big Picture that powers down my actual PC. Not sure what the "Format SD card" option does, or even why it's there other than perhaps a lazy cut and paste of the UI.


put_it_in_my_mouf t1_j80qc4b wrote

Tbf it's not all that surprising an update broke a device that's been EOL for three years