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sarlackpm t1_j7tzn8i wrote

Yeah, this is a game changer. Many Linux Distros have been ready for casual consumer desktop use for years now. I would have said Arch least of all actually! But here a major party has thrown their hat into a format/OS war.

On the one side there is windows, which has all the compatibility and packages that define the software universe, for better or worse. On the other side a system that is totally free and open, and now compatible with the two most important things for the casual computer and internet browsing.

If that's enough to get people to switch, the true power of a Linux OS will become apparent to any user soon enough, and then...I think there's no going back. Microsoft may even have to delete web office support in order to stay relevant.

It's like the early days of home computing again, diversity abounds and it's quite exciting.


tepig099 t1_j8d1gjt wrote

I can’t get videos in games to work on my Steam Deck and that’s a big bummer for me.