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wildfire393 t1_j7u6imd wrote

Android has an app called Steam Link that lets you stream remotely from your PC to your phone. Throw in a Razer Kishi or similar and you have a budget Steam Deck anywhere you have a strong enough internet connection.

Presumably you can do something similar with the actual Steam Deck since it's mostly just Remote Desktop with some extra support.


Ricky_Rollin t1_j7udt5q wrote

How does one need to leave their PC in order for this to work? Does it need to be on-on like windows is booted up and you’re looking at your desktop? Or can I leave it in sleep?


wildfire393 t1_j7ue7wd wrote

It does need to be booted up and awake, which hasn't been an issue for me as I have that computer running continuously for other reasons too (like running an Airsonic media server). But there's some things you can do to have it wakeable when you try to connect:


Ricky_Rollin t1_j7ugsly wrote

Oooh neat!

I’ll take it I need to make sure I leave steam open as well right? It won’t open it automatically for me?