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Niruprup t1_j7uztet wrote

Question to the deck owners in here.....


Buy one now or wait for an updated one?


Also, does it matter which version you go with?


Thanks for any help!


MrAwesomeTG t1_j7v05wz wrote

Buy now and enjoy it. Waiting for the next ones like saying I'm not going to buy the PlayStation 5 because the PlayStation 6 is coming out.


Niruprup t1_j7v0pfh wrote

Thanks for the reply! I think I will pull the trigger, my buddy had me convinced an updated one would be available fairly soon.


MrAwesomeTG t1_j7v0y2b wrote

I got mine December and I played everyday. Crushing my back log and playing games I thought I'll never play before. Best thing I ever bought.


elev8dity t1_j7vc72f wrote

I bought the cheapest one and just bought a couple PNY XLR8 512GB MicroSD cards and I am super happy with it.


SnizzyYT t1_j7yduq5 wrote

Most of the games I play on mine aren’t games I’m worried about playing on ultra. It’s a small screen, medium graphics on most games looks great. I replayed all of the Bethesda fallout games and yes, fallout 76. Never had an issue playing any of those on high.


Nwball t1_j7zm9fq wrote

Buy one now if you want one, if the next version comes out you’ll have the same debate if you should wait for the next one after.

Unless the anti glare screen is an absolute must have, Go with the cheapest model and upgrade the storage in your own. The process of upgrading the storage is super simple. the price difference between a 512 gb vs 64 gb steam decks is $250, where you can get a compatible 512 gb nvme for $90.

Also they sell anti glare screen protectors as well.