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what595654 t1_j7w0grv wrote

Man, Ive tried switching to linux several times throughout the years. On the surface, it looks and works great. Especially, for basic things. Try to do anything remotely sophisticated and you are knee deep in terminal commands, outdated tutorials, and workaround hacks. Something that is either a non issue, or trivial to accomplish in Windows, becomes a day long project, and wasted time not getting the actual thing done.

Until Linux solves that, it isnt a realistic choice for many heavy workflows, or people who actually just need things to work, with time crunchs.


c010rb1indusa t1_j7w2q0c wrote

But that's the point of my post. The reason linux can get so complicated is because there is no 'default' distro or DE to build a consistent knowledge base around. In linux even if the distro under the hood is the same, the DEs aka the GUIs vary even among the same distro. There is Matte, Gnome, Cinnamon, KDE etc. are all popular so there is no way to know for sure that GUI has x settings panel, or the settings are in different places etc. But now focus is on Arch and KDE Plasma specifically. If a setting isn't available in the GUI, now someone can build it in themselves and they know it will just work on Arch and KDE Plasma, w/o having to worry about Ubuntu or Mint or Manjaro or any of the DEs I already listed. And that target audience will be PC gamers who are the pro-sumers that are savey enough for some DIY, but not to the extent that they want live or rely on the CLI, they will demand more elegant solutions. And this is the very crowd you need to win over cause they're the people that are going to tell their friends to build install SteamOS not Windows etc. They aren't the biggest market but it's the biggest pro-sumer demo in the PC space by far, and they act as the gatekeepers to wider acceptance among general audiences.


[deleted] t1_j7zrao9 wrote

This is a very bad outcome, though. The "default" district should not be Arch. It's an awful choice for mass adoption. And no, most PC gamers aren't going to want to DIY shit. I CAN do that, but I WANT to just install a normal OS and for it to work normally. Arch is the antithesis of that.

And frankly GNOME is a million times more polished than KDE.


c010rb1indusa t1_j80tty3 wrote

I mean DIY in a way that building and setting up your own Windows PC is DIY. Linux is far from that right now but if you are truly able to hide the CLI in 99% of cases that won't be the case that's my point.

And the distro doesn't matter, it's that Valve chose a specific distro and DE to go with. They could have build SteamOS on Debian and gnome and I would have been just as excited and thought SteamOS had just as much promise. The point is when someone goes to google how to do something or troubleshoot or w/e, they are given clear instructions how to do it through the UI, not through the CLI. There needs to be consensus with the UI/UX, does't matter what that consensus is, just that there's consensus.


[deleted] t1_j80u5fv wrote

I'm not debating this with you. If you care about Linux adoption at all, and you seem to do, you need to learn that you're dead wrong about this.


c010rb1indusa t1_j80ujbd wrote

Lol what a reply! "You're wrong, you don't understand anything I'm done debating you." How convincing.


[deleted] t1_j80w60q wrote

I mean this very honestly and very sincerely: a lot of Linux nerds are literally incapable of seeing the problem with Linux. And I mean it when I say literally. You think Linux is good because you are incapable of perceiving the flaws everyone else sees. So it's pointless to argue with you or debate you. It's like trying to debate a blind man about whether or not the Moon exists. It's there, but he can't see it regardless. The only way you're ever going to understand this is by inferring it through the fact that users don't like using Linux. And even then you ignore that conclusion by assuming it's because of other forces at work.