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roguebananah t1_j7xo6sr wrote

I’ve used Linux before (Mainly Ubuntu and Mint back about 10 years ago) and thought about it again but being a new Dad I just don’t have time to play around with getting configuration set up and all. Maybe again one day.

I’ll say a massive help to my gripes with Windows 10’s nonsense was a Powershell script that uninstalled a ton of bloat and allows you to uninstall stuff like Candy Crush and the Xbox app.

Wild how much trash it threw out


killiandw t1_j7z8yfy wrote

Oh no you removed candy crush. In my opinion the only games that should come with windows is solitaire , minesweeper, and that ski game from windows 3.1.

I totally get it I have a 2 year old. But I have to say the guys at system 76 made it out of the box ready and steam makes it so easy.


roguebananah t1_j7zokfz wrote

Any non-DLC or upselling type of game I have no issue with.