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VanillaBovine t1_j7zerbk wrote

question for when you play in your living room because i just got one- my xbox/usb is not working

ive read a few tricks on how to get it but even after trying them all it hasnt worked, so ill probably go get a new controller.

what controller do you use that works well?


trethompson t1_j7zgolh wrote

I'm using a DualShock 4 that I've had for years. Paired pretty easily and typically works fine. I mentioned some Bluetooth issues but I think it's just interference from other devices. The only real problem is if I'm inactive in a game for more than a few minutes the controller inputs will only work in the OS, so I have to close and reopen it. Weird bug but don't encounter it too much.


VanillaBovine t1_j7zhj6v wrote

appreciate the response! yea im torn between going out and getting just the new bluetooth xbox ones or if i should just order some sort of steam controller. I may need to look into dualshocks now too


trethompson t1_j8090tr wrote

You're using just a standard cabled Xbox controller? It's odd that you aren't having any luck with it. Steam controllers aren't produced anymore so idk what prices are like on those, but I'd suggest just picking up a used Bluetooth Xbox/ps4 controller and trying it out.


VanillaBovine t1_j809wbu wrote

yea but it's one of the older ones that uses the wireless USB connection. I've had it for probably 6 years now so may be time to get a newer model hahaha