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c010rb1indusa t1_j80sm3p wrote

It doesn't matter which distro or DE Valve chose, just that a distro and DE were chosen period. I said better or for worse for a reason. Having a consistent design language and UX is what is needed for the Linux Desktop. Normal people don't want to mess around with the CLI and any FAQ/guide isn't going to show you how to do something in every popular DE available. People lost their minds when Windows removed the start menu from Windows 8. Didn't matter if it was better or worse, it was different.


[deleted] t1_j80tfyp wrote

Yes, it absolutely does matter, because the choice they've made as the "default" is the most expressly antithetical to mass adoption. If that's the platform that most people know about, if that's the platform most guides are tailored toward, it's going to hurt Linux adoption. You're saying you're excited for this and I'm telling you you shouldn't be unless you own stock in Microsoft or Apple.