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[deleted] t1_j80u5fv wrote

I'm not debating this with you. If you care about Linux adoption at all, and you seem to do, you need to learn that you're dead wrong about this.


c010rb1indusa t1_j80ujbd wrote

Lol what a reply! "You're wrong, you don't understand anything I'm done debating you." How convincing.


[deleted] t1_j80w60q wrote

I mean this very honestly and very sincerely: a lot of Linux nerds are literally incapable of seeing the problem with Linux. And I mean it when I say literally. You think Linux is good because you are incapable of perceiving the flaws everyone else sees. So it's pointless to argue with you or debate you. It's like trying to debate a blind man about whether or not the Moon exists. It's there, but he can't see it regardless. The only way you're ever going to understand this is by inferring it through the fact that users don't like using Linux. And even then you ignore that conclusion by assuming it's because of other forces at work.