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financialmisconduct t1_j80lojz wrote

Panel swaps to add touchscreens have existed for decades, however it requires a viable data connector on the motherboard


danielv123 t1_j80qrfd wrote

The usb-c ports are semi internal, so doable with a tiny physical modification there. Display is normal DisplayPort afaik.


WilyDeject t1_j80srpg wrote

Just do it wirelessly via Bluetooth (not sure it's possible, would probably be absolutely terrible lol)


danielv123 t1_j80tl4d wrote

Hm, actually maybe not. Can get power from display, and people use Bluetooth mice etc. Some "laptops" come with Bluetooth keyboards.

Overall probably better than USB as long as you can fit the electronics.


Hey_look_new t1_j813a9u wrote

I have a lapdock with a bluetooth wireless touchscreen. it works pretty well if you're curious


WilyDeject t1_j814633 wrote

Interesting, so it's like the old Motorola Atrix thing (if I'm recalling correctly) where it's a empty/dummy laptop until you attach it to a phone?


Hey_look_new t1_j814uqi wrote

yes, exactly like the motorola Atrix/Bionic lapdocks

single USB-C cable between lapdock and phone/steam deck/laptop/ps5/switch/etc

Nexdock makes a few different versions, as does UPERFECT.

they're a perfect complement to the steam deck

just as an example


WilyDeject t1_j815jzb wrote

Interesting. Separate power I'd assume. Do me a favor? Stop tempting me to spend more money, would ya? ha ha


Hey_look_new t1_j8167xg wrote

most lapdocks have a battery built in. they won't charge the steam deck very well tho

the nexpad tho (the screen at the top in the pic) doesn't have a battery at all, so does full pass thru power to the steam deck....

so deck charger into nexpad, usb-c to usb-c from nexpad to steam deck, and you're off to the races

what I've got pictured tho is nexpad + nexpad360 wireless

so I'm using a GaN charger (100w) with USB power to the nexpad (and onto the steam deck) and then another USB lead to the nexdock360w

then steam deck then connects to the nexdock360w wirelessly, with miracast for video, and bluetooth for the keyboard/trackpad/touchscreen

it's a really decent experience, tbh


nsa_reddit_monitor t1_j82hix9 wrote

IIRC the Framework has a touchscreen connector just in case, but don't quote me on that.


AdamTheTall t1_j83z32m wrote

>IIRC the Framework has a touchscreen connector just in case, but don't quote me on that.

I have quoted you.

Because you're correct. It does.


Schyte96 t1_j84jtk5 wrote

The screen connector on the Mobo is already one that supports touch panels. I think Framework expected it to be a future option, they just haven't got to making it a reality.