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R1ddl3 t1_j84cmmw wrote

If you're pairing that with a GPU that can play demanding games at 4k/60, you've definitely got a bottleneck going on.


Skarth t1_j84r0qw wrote

High resolutions are typically more GPU limited. If he's not aiming for 120fps, an old CPU does a lot better in games than people think it will.


Plattfoot t1_j84s19c wrote

That CPU still needs to feed the GPU. In the end it depends on the game and needs of the user. Easy rule, if the CPU is around 100% he is an issue, if not GPU is.


HiCanIPetYourCat t1_j84yhqi wrote

Just as an example, I just got an RTX4090 and put it in my 2021 built 5600x based PC. The 5600x is several generations newer and a whole lot more powerful than a 4790. My Timespy benchmark was 19,000ish, Cinebench was 28,000ish.

I then upgraded to a new 13900 cpu, one gen ahead of the 5600x. The same GPU then scored 30,000 in Timespy, and 40k in Cinebench. Even that one gen old CPU was a gigantic bottleneck on the new GPU.

I don’t know what card he’s on but it must be a 3080 or better if he’s running 4k 60fps on that old CPU, which means he would see a huge gain from upgrading.

If it works it works and whatever, this is just how it be ☺️


KsnNwk t1_j851rwq wrote

I don't entirely disagree, but synthetic benchmarks are different than games.

Plus, the money not spent on CPU, Mobo, and RAM can be spend on GPU and Monitor.

If it still plays smooth for him that is what matters, not just numbers.

I gone with 4770k GTX770 to a 1060, then 1080 then 2080 and upgraded to 1440p. In single player games it was very good. Stupidly enough I was completely fine in AAA title. But actually it was old competitive games like CSGO or simracing games that had micro stutter ever so often.

Upgraded to 5800x3d 32gb 3600cl16 and b550 wifi. Spent 510€ on that and problems were gone.

But thar 510€ plus another 300€ could gotten me a 4070Ti for 4K gaming and for SP, I would still be fine with my 4770K and 16gb ddr3.


Vanman04 t1_j8blis4 wrote

The thing is rhe benchmark means nothing.

If the pc plays the game acceptably the bottleneck means nothing beyond they likely overspent on the card.

Chasing numbers is pretty silly. After a cetain point the framerate goes up but it makes virtually no difference in the player experience.

Chasing 120 fps is for people who have nothing better to do with their money. Most of the research suggest a cap of 60 fps for the human eye to register. Some research points to maybe as high as 90 but even then most cards on the market these days can acheive that easily.

it's kind of like buying a gallon of milk when you only drink a glass a week. sure you have more milk but you dont really need it. You would be much better off buying a quart.

Yup bottlenecking is a thing to be sure but again after a certain point that only means you spent too much on the card or you have room to grow in the future assuming the experience you are getting is acceptable.


HiCanIPetYourCat t1_j8bm564 wrote

It’s a way to discuss performance. It pretty much directly translates to fps.

If a person can’t tell the diff between 60 fps and 120 they are literally brain damaged.


R1ddl3 t1_j84vyff wrote

I mean I agree, but we're talking about an 8+ year old CPU.


futureygoodness t1_j84vh5e wrote

But who cares if it’s still hitting his performance expectations