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KsnNwk t1_j855uf7 wrote

If you want a PC for cheap and one that perform rival consoles.

You ann just get a RTX 3060 and ryzen 5600. That's 100 for mobo, 100 for ram, 120 for cpu and 329 for gpu. It's still a litte more powerful and should handle 1440p 60fps high settings gaming with dlss.

That's 150 more than for consoles, but on PC you don't pay for Online and games are cheaper over time.

Also consoles albeit adv. for 4K run most games at 1400p-1800p dynamic resolutions and at medium settings at best to active 60fps.


PlutoniumChemist t1_j86caxt wrote

Budgeting 0 dollars for you power supply is a good way to burn your house down

Consoles ship with a case, your PC doesn't

Is Windows still free?

Assuming they are going to use the kb/m and monitor they already have


STILLADDICT t1_j86ff6n wrote

Good call out. HD/Power/accessories/case/software/monitor.. It's already over $1k ez. Hopefully it comes with free shipping at the least.


KsnNwk t1_j881jnr wrote

She have psu and case from old PC and accessories. Don't get it why she cannot use those and that is why my recommendstion did not have those.


PlutoniumChemist t1_j88wz05 wrote

Oh so you don't get a brand new PS5 from the store? You have to grab a screw driver and manually take everything out of your PS4 except for the power supply, then put all of the new PS5 components into the old PS4 case??

I'm a PC gamer, I even have a full custom loop that takes a bit of work to maintain. But it's simply fact for the last several years that consoles are a better value for straight gaming. PC catches up in value if you're reusing old parts, using it to multitask with productivity/WFH, and take advantage of video game discounts/sales, opposed to ps+/Xbox live which has a monthly fee. But the immediate cost is simply higher than console


KsnNwk t1_j892vtk wrote

Your comments makes no sense.

They can re use their case and psu and that is normal. If they are changing mobo and cpu anyway, then it's one job.

If you upgrade your GPU, cpu+mobo+ram, it's not like you have to rebuy psu and case every time.


Arentanji t1_j87gtj4 wrote

Series X is generally considered equivalent to a 3060 Ti. So congratulations, you spent twice as much to get roughly the same performance.


KsnNwk t1_j8827di wrote

Consoles play on medium settings (at best) to get 1440p-1800p upscaled to 4K and utilize dynamic resolution to achieve that performance.

When you consider most new games have DLSS or FSR 2.1 then 3060 achives same performance or even better than consoles at same settings.

Plus she already had psu, case and accessories. So that is only 150$ more for 3060 PC and around 300$ more for 3060Ti.

Additionaly if you look at used market you can get 60ti for 300$ or 3080 for 600$ regularly in good condition with warranty left.

The difference is easily made back up across the years with not paying for online, cheaper games, more indie titles and you can upgrade your GPU over time.

While for consoles you have to buy brand new one every time new gen is out and prices of games and subscription for consoels are ever increasing.


Rain1dog t1_j885tud wrote

I bought a ps4 for 399.00 in 2014 and played flawlessly until 2020 when I got a ps5.

I’ve paid on average around 3.25 a month for online access plus 3 games per month with PSPlus. You can now get over 900 games with your subscription for a few dollars per month with their expanded service.

The only time you spend 70.00 is when a game launches. After a few weeks games drop usually around 15-25% and if you are a PS Plus member you usually get an additional 10% of sale prices.

I got Cyberpunk steel book edition for 5.99, Dying Light 2 for 25.00, Dead Cells with season pass for around 9.00, Tiny Tina WonderLands for 15.99, Witcher 3 Season Pass for 5.99. Games go on sale at insanely cheap prices every other week on the ps store. If you have disk version you can get launch titles days after launch for 1/2 from people selling after they beat the game. On average I’m spending 2.99 to 25.00 for games in Sony’s ecosystem.

Since the consoles are all alike dev’s can get some absolutely insane looking games running on such cheap hardware. The graphics they pulled off on a shitty Jaguar cpu unit from 2013 was mind blowing. Sony pulled off voodoo magic running VR as good as they had on the PS4 with that cpu. While a console will never match hardware that launches 3 years after its launch its dam close.

Then if I’m online I rarely come across people running hacks, aimbots, etc.

I’ve switched over to playing on my ps5 PSVR2 almost 100% online/single just how great it is and how convenient it can be.

I get not everyone likes consoles but this generation has been a massive leap. Great cpu, gpu, SSD all for 399/499, absolutely outstanding.


KsnNwk t1_j895xp6 wrote

The opposite.

I'm a multi platform gamer, got PC 4K, PS5 and NS.

Edit: But ps4 on release we underpowered to those today's PCs. A year before release I already had 4770K, GTX770 and 750GB of SSD storage.
Which was faster in everything by margin of twice and loading times were faster by margin of 5x.

I agree though PS5 been massive leap and positive outcome. It aged way way better than any consoles before it in terms of performance and features (PSVR2, VRR, HDR (HGIG), AI adaptive resolution).