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Omegalazarus t1_j85t6w9 wrote

Damn that the has gone way way up since I last needed it.


FSMFan_2pt0 t1_j8621ft wrote

Eh, that price is high, IMO. We put our dog down in 2021 and it was $270, and that included cremation and a fancy wooden memorial box for the ashes, and his name engraved on it.


Omegalazarus t1_j862aks wrote

Oh I was thinking just for the shot. Okay all the other stuff too. We never did funerary type stuff.

Edit: Sorry you had to do that


kwamby t1_j86gi2q wrote

Cremation was only $150. But still $450 for an easy death is a ton


Raiden115X t1_j87kd7r wrote

The place I had to take my dog to wanted an extra $150 just for me to be in the room with her when they did it. I couldn't afford it. Assholes.