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PlutoniumChemist t1_j88wz05 wrote

Oh so you don't get a brand new PS5 from the store? You have to grab a screw driver and manually take everything out of your PS4 except for the power supply, then put all of the new PS5 components into the old PS4 case??

I'm a PC gamer, I even have a full custom loop that takes a bit of work to maintain. But it's simply fact for the last several years that consoles are a better value for straight gaming. PC catches up in value if you're reusing old parts, using it to multitask with productivity/WFH, and take advantage of video game discounts/sales, opposed to ps+/Xbox live which has a monthly fee. But the immediate cost is simply higher than console


KsnNwk t1_j892vtk wrote

Your comments makes no sense.

They can re use their case and psu and that is normal. If they are changing mobo and cpu anyway, then it's one job.

If you upgrade your GPU, cpu+mobo+ram, it's not like you have to rebuy psu and case every time.