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larossmann t1_j8708ol wrote

Time will pass, nobody will care. The best part is going to be when people say that repair advocates got what they wanted because this bill passed so why you still complaining? At the end of the day, technet won. I followed them and other similarly disingenuous lobbying firms around the country, recorded their bad arguments, rebutted them at every legislature in the country where they showed up, hired lobbyists of my own, but none of it worked. I lost. We lost, and a lot of it is because of my own inability to move the ball forward in the manner I was entrusted by so many people to do. I fucked up and failed.


chartreuselader t1_j873oke wrote

It is possible to make no mistakes and still lose. Even moreso when the game is rigged.


leenpaws t1_j88w68o wrote

in poker, it’s called a “bad beat”


PCChipsM922U t1_j8cyu24 wrote

You mean bad bet 🤔?


Bigkillian t1_j8dzj0e wrote

No, it’s bad beat. Like having four jacks in hold ‘em and being beat by a straight flush. Often casino poker rooms have a pot for the best “non-winning” hand of the day.


73577357 t1_j87prpj wrote

It's an incremental change that was made. This is the beginning and not the end. The framework is setup now and the interference by industry lobbyists is a great story to build the movement. It's not about one bill or one person. Everyone needs to become a repair advocate. It's a movement of people creating change and it has to keep growing.


EbNinja t1_j888n6h wrote

Maybe Lost this round. More fights, more battles, more wars, more time; The battle for progress is eternal, and little lights in the dark are sometimes all you can do. Just holding the torch against the tide is enough to inspire more action, sometimes. Keep holding on, we still can go on, too.


CosmicCreeperz t1_j8eq3qj wrote

The best way to make the NY law irrelevant is to pass a decent Federal law.

Second best is probably just to pass a decent law in California so the tech companies all have to follow it anyway. If Apple is forced to do something with brief hardware/software for CA customers they aren’t going to do it differently for other states.


DingDong_Dongguan t1_j88gaz9 wrote

You've raised awareness so others can continue the battle. Law is a game of small incremental gains. I've noticed more YouTubers discuss and address these issues and that in turn informs the audience. We just need the politicos to do their job.


MrAbodi t1_j8730kn wrote

I’m sure you did your best against a juggernaut. Don’t lose hope


Aegior t1_j87nizn wrote

I appreciate all the work you do for the movement.


Digital_loop t1_j89t8ce wrote

u/larossmann Buddy, you did one million percent more than I did. You didn't fail at all. We failed you.

Thank you for all of your hard work.


Zacpod t1_j89elai wrote

You didn't fuck up, dude. The game is rigged, and the gov no longer works for the people. We all appreciate the huge effort you put in, and I don't think any of us hold you responsible. Much love.


Zipperburn t1_j8cmq3i wrote

Hey man, you by no means fucked up nor failed. You did what you could with the resources you have at your disposal. Your efforts are on a level that most of us wouldn't even be able to consider. You have and always will have my support Louis. You've earned it through what you've already done.

The battle right now may be lost, but it will continue. It's simply a numbers game, and we currently do not have enough on our side that actually understand/care about the issue. Most people I know couldn't care less about learning between HDMI or display port cables. Sometimes I wonder if it'll take Atlas to shrug before people notice we're all gone and finally care.

I learnt how to repair electronics by self learning, and when I found your videos it was like striking gold. I aspire to get to your level of knowledge and skill.

I feel like you're currently looking at the recent failed goal you set up for yourself, and are failing to see just how much of a good force you have been to the industry and the public already.

Keep your head up, remember your journey that got you here. I won't forget it.


[deleted] t1_j88g8uq wrote



larossmann t1_j89f3ej wrote

I moved because it took a year and a half of arguing back and forth to convince a tax collector I did not owe them twice my entire net worth and wasted almost 50k on a CPA and tax attorney to do so. I prefer living places that understand their own laws. Don't know where you got disagreeing with liberals or libertarianism or any of that braindead nonsense from.


Zacpod t1_j89nz16 wrote

Though i generally agree that libertarians are just asshole anarchists with money, I think Louis's stance is fairly moderate and fairly well considered. I don't fully agree with him, but he's not far enough away that i wouldn't enjoy sitting down for a beer with him. You're getting down voted because none of that has anything to do with right to repair nor the kleptocract takeover that's been happening in the US.


axvc t1_j85dg8t wrote

Replace "revised" with "ruined", then the title will be correct.


Blaz3 t1_j86rk3o wrote

At what point can we acknowledge that "lobbying" has just turned into legal bribery? This is anti-consumer behaviour. The EU has been the only thing that's keeping big tech at bay with good laws for the consumer


[deleted] t1_j87d8v5 wrote

Campaign contributions are bribery.

Lobbying is a corporatocracy. We elect politicians but it turns out the unelected corporations make the actual decisions.

Stock buybacks are a tax dodge to funnel billions to billionaires.

The US government is no longer a functioning entity.


MrPineApples420 t1_j87jz0f wrote

The experiment has failed, time to just give the land back to England.


master_sauce t1_j88p7bp wrote

You mean the indigenous people who were here first…


Nacho_Dan677 t1_j8911a5 wrote

Trump was right, we do need a wall. Just not in the present time and not for the purpose he intended.

Keep out the colonizers and see what the country could have developed into.


MrPineApples420 t1_j8953xw wrote

So the chiefs can just keep foreign aid payments instead of government grants while their people go without food and water…


OneWingedA t1_j88jlq8 wrote

What about the bits that came from Spain, France, and Russia?


MrPineApples420 t1_j895c4p wrote

What about them ? England has the strongest claim to the land..


OneWingedA t1_j897c78 wrote

England has a stronger claim to the land that was bought/won from and originally claimed by other European powers? They are further removed than their counter parts even with the argument America is a former British colony


MrPineApples420 t1_j898022 wrote

Well when you sell the land, I’d argue you sell any claim to it as well ?


OneWingedA t1_j898ewn wrote

Did England not give up their claim in recognizing America as an independent county then


MrPineApples420 t1_j898lzm wrote

Well it’s not like they gave up Canada ? They still had territory in the region. Arguably they have the strongest claim.


OneWingedA t1_j899ick wrote

But Canada is also an independent country. They defer to the crown but unlike the United Kingdoms they aren't ruled by British law


MrPineApples420 t1_j899st2 wrote

We only became a dominion 100 years after you lot started dumping tea…


Rethious t1_j87lh5s wrote

There’s no bribery involved, Hochul is just a well-documented idiot. There was nothing forcing her to agree to what the lobbyists from the companies said, she was just genuinely swayed and signed their suggested amendments.


owtlowd t1_j88fzps wrote

Tech companies don't care about you, the environment, what rights you think you have, fairness, goodness, anything. They don't even care about making good products. They want one thing: to make money. Period. Full stop. And they'll do anything they can to keep making as much money as possible.

I'm always astounded when people are surprised to find out these companies are assholes. Of course they nerfed the bill. I bet the governor is a lot richer now, too, because of it because hey, guess what, politicians are money-grubbing assholes too, and they don't care about you, the environment, what rights you think you have, fairness, goodness, or anything else, either.


Dave5876 t1_j85myxn wrote

So shocked that this happened in America.


sharksnut t1_j8690ni wrote

In blue states with one-party rule, lobbyists rule all.


KKing650 t1_j86fhu0 wrote

In the USA, lobbyists rule it all.

Fixed it for you.


abrandis t1_j86ktux wrote

Explain to me how America is a democracy when a small group can usurp the laws that benefit the majority citizens?


Neo_Techni t1_j87yrln wrote

it's a constitutional republic, not a democracy


giabollc t1_j888ha7 wrote

We can vote for change we are just too stupid. Dems scream “vote for me,abortion”, and gop of screams “vote for me, guns” and the people are like “hurr-durr, okay but we probably should do something about housing and economic inequality and healthcare and college costs, but nope, I’ll vote for someone with no plan to fix the country but they will “protect” abortion/guns”


GreatAndPowerfulNixy t1_j88gg1b wrote

You know the democratic party has direct actionable bills for all of the things you listed and that the republican party is the one blocking them....... right?

Or are you just too enlightened to notice?


giabollc t1_j88uawh wrote

And what are they doing to get that passed? How are they drumming up support from the country to pressure their moderates in congress to support it or at a minimum put them on record for not supporting it.

It’s not like they are doing anything anyways. Wtf they need 50 staffers for if nothing ever gets passed. It’s amazing how closing the carried interest loophole was just dropped with no debate, no pressure put on any one, just “oh darn we can tax our rich donors, guess we will leave it alone”


Dave5876 t1_j87tkgy wrote

Corporatism is bipartisan. The sooner people realise that the better.


kushtiannn t1_j88j1no wrote

Hochul knew she only had to be slightly less garbage than Cuomo; it was an unbelievably low bar to clear.


MsFrecklesSpots t1_j88lczw wrote

Also in NY corporations gutted the movement to provide affordable internet access to low income people.

We live in a Corporate Fascist world.


Kinreeve_Naku t1_j892929 wrote

Louis Rossman has effectively given up on New York after this BS


VoltronicEnergy t1_j89ewbm wrote

Louis Rossman predicted that revision was written by big tech. I think they should investigate the governor for corruption (and I am a liberal). One of her very first acts on taking office was to have revise the bill. Which considering most governors want to take big swings on their first days in office, screams of her having debts to pay for her victory.


knockatize t1_j890hhv wrote

New York State government is both legendarily incompetent and irredeemably corrupt. It is to politics what Mos Eisley is to Tatooine.

Do not trust anything uttered or authored by anyone with “-NY” after their names, including “Good morning” and “the.”


TheMasterGenius t1_j89bt4h wrote

Hochul is a conservative corporate pawn claiming to be a democrat. Just look at what she did to get the new Buffalo Bills stadium built. She completely screwed the Seneca Nation and fortified her Husband’s company’s exclusive contract while selling out the fans and forcing NY into debt to spare her millionaire friends a few bucks. When are the NY Dems going to pull their heads from their asses and put up a viable candidate that actually cares about the citizens instead of corporations? And don’t even try to advocate for Zeldin.


knockatize t1_j8hq378 wrote

It took 20 years and Preet Bharara to get rid of Sheldon Silver.

Andrew Cuomo’s career lasted 44 years.

In other words, somebody other than a sacrificial lamb has to primary her, because the GOP isn’t willing or able.


Enschede2 t1_j89bjrw wrote

Lobbying, or as other countries usually call it "corruption and bribery"


ChaosKodiak t1_j89obb1 wrote

Lobbyists are scum. Throw money at politics to get control over them.


sagesneezes t1_j8snpyv wrote

Capitalism = monopolistic