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sharksnut t1_j8690ni wrote


KKing650 t1_j86fhu0 wrote

In the USA, lobbyists rule it all.

Fixed it for you.


abrandis t1_j86ktux wrote

Explain to me how America is a democracy when a small group can usurp the laws that benefit the majority citizens?


Neo_Techni t1_j87yrln wrote

it's a constitutional republic, not a democracy


giabollc t1_j888ha7 wrote

We can vote for change we are just too stupid. Dems scream “vote for me,abortion”, and gop of screams “vote for me, guns” and the people are like “hurr-durr, okay but we probably should do something about housing and economic inequality and healthcare and college costs, but nope, I’ll vote for someone with no plan to fix the country but they will “protect” abortion/guns”


GreatAndPowerfulNixy t1_j88gg1b wrote

You know the democratic party has direct actionable bills for all of the things you listed and that the republican party is the one blocking them....... right?

Or are you just too enlightened to notice?


giabollc t1_j88uawh wrote

And what are they doing to get that passed? How are they drumming up support from the country to pressure their moderates in congress to support it or at a minimum put them on record for not supporting it.

It’s not like they are doing anything anyways. Wtf they need 50 staffers for if nothing ever gets passed. It’s amazing how closing the carried interest loophole was just dropped with no debate, no pressure put on any one, just “oh darn we can tax our rich donors, guess we will leave it alone”


Dave5876 t1_j87tkgy wrote

Corporatism is bipartisan. The sooner people realise that the better.