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OmgOgan t1_j8agr0e wrote

Wait a minute, where are the second thumbs?


samtherat6 t1_j8ap0ez wrote

I have one on each of my 2 hands. I believe the third one would be the plastic one.


speculatrix t1_j8apcnq wrote

But what about a fourth thumb? Why stop there. I could make good use of a third arm!


weaselmaster t1_j8awlqg wrote

Or a prehensile tail!


pressNjustthen t1_j8az9zs wrote

I grew out of my collection of plush monkeys, but I never grew out of wanting a prehensile tail. Oh and hands for feet. And a tree house lol


AsianSteampunk t1_j8coqjc wrote

a few years ago i was thinking about what if mecha hand got really good would i be tempted to chop off one hand and replace it.

then a few days later it dawned on me that i can just have 3-4 arms instead of just 2.


Emu1981 t1_j8dgz5a wrote

>a few years ago i was thinking about what if mecha hand got really good would i be tempted to chop off one hand and replace it.

I am hoping that biomechanical stuff really takes off before my natural body starts to give up. Cancer and heart failure are the leading causes of natural death so it would be nice to have "cures" for both.


speculatrix t1_j8cycw0 wrote

Specialist limbs with tools would be useful, like Inspector Gadget.


magicMikeeee95 t1_j8ayhb1 wrote

Oh... oh man, buddy... let's sit down for a minute and talk. Are you looking around at everybody's hands? See how they have two thumbs? And here your hands are and only one thumb. You're... you're missing a thumb, man. Most people have two. It's pretty normal, actually. It's not really a big deal, but I feel like you should know. I hear they make prosthetics with spikes and stuff now, so it could really be more of an upgrade. /s


[deleted] t1_j8azl1b wrote



magicMikeeee95 t1_j8b1anc wrote

It was a joke we did with our amputee friend, but okay...

Does angrily typing away on the internet make you feel good or something? That's really not good for your heart rate and I'm sure you can do more constructive things


pressNjustthen t1_j8b225g wrote

Haha I would’ve thought the same about you! I’m fine, thanks for the concern though. I simply failed to see the joke.


magicMikeeee95 t1_j8b277r wrote

Fair enough. I'll add the "/s" lol. Safe internet travels


pressNjustthen t1_j8b2r7c wrote

To you as well.

P.S. I’m on mobile, so no kind of typing makes me feel good lol


magicMikeeee95 t1_j8b4j01 wrote

Big hands and a Samsung over here. My autocorrect stays busy for sure


Pacothetaco69 t1_j8ak0me wrote

I wondered that too, I guess they include the thumb on the other hand?


Dafish55 t1_j8dk2ty wrote

We have one thumb, yes, but what about second thumb?


TwoWheelAddict t1_j8bjsqk wrote

My cousin was electrocuted and lost both his thumbs and several fingers. I wonder how close this is to production ready.

He’d be thrilled to have a single thumb right now.


MaxamillionGrey t1_j8c3nbw wrote

cousin gets an email "You are eligible for our half thumb program."


Sunny906 t1_j8dy9db wrote

Buy the first thumb get the second thumb free?


who_you_are t1_j8d6vj9 wrote

FYI peoples have design and instructions to build it yourself with a 3d printer - for free.

And if you loose a finger as well., I won't even be surprised for US folk if it is cheaper to buy a 3d printer and do it yourself. (I mean, a 300$ resin printer or 3d printer + 20-30$ of "filament" is cheap AF. You won't have to pay for employees time and stupid greedy fee)

Warning: resin printers print *** nice details, unfortunately it is also toxic (use glove! Some ventilation! And need to be cured (by sun or UV lamp (warning dangerous for your eye :p))


User1539 t1_j8dant5 wrote

Most of these seem to be self-made, or made with the help of a single technical person.

Your cousin just needs to hit up his nerdy friend with a 3D printer, apparently.


LTareyouserious t1_j8dh1d7 wrote

Most of us with 3d printers LOVE to help friends with stuff like this. For larger prints I ask for material cost only, or recommend they find a baller filament (glow in the dark, marble, wood, color changing, etc) and ask they buy what they want and I'll print.


siprus t1_j8dja7m wrote

Thumb prosthetics already exist. No need to wait for this invention.


TwoWheelAddict t1_j8dm2xn wrote

Oh nice, maybe he can get some one day. It's already been a couple years, but will probably take a while since he lives in rural Mississippi with no health insurance.


aCleverGroupofAnts t1_j8dbak1 wrote

Sorry for being a bit pedantic, but "electrocuted" means "killed by electricity". It's a combo of "electric" and "execute".


jebailey t1_j8ddi07 wrote

I apologize for doubling down on being pedantic. Although your etymology is correct, electrocute is to kill or injure by electricity. Therefore their usage was correct.


Ok-Camp-7285 t1_j8dczpt wrote

What would be the correct verb to use in this case?


aCleverGroupofAnts t1_j8ddci4 wrote

Technically "electrified", but that doesn't sound quite right to me, so I say "electric shocked"


more_walls t1_j8dfm95 wrote

Electrocute is just a fun word.

For killed by electric shock, you can specify "heart attack" or "lightly cooked/extra rare."


Aonswitch t1_j8ddc7t wrote

So dumb that people mess this up every day all the damn time


Tulkash_Atomic t1_j8dcyzr wrote

I think I first saw it a year ago sometime. This isn’t brand new.

Edit: Paper published in 2021


jenapii t1_j8d9ezz wrote

Tell him to check out the i-Digit prosthetic


AirborneRunaway t1_j8ejvil wrote

Who’s got got two thumbs and the world at their fingertips? Not this guy’s cousin…


Aonswitch t1_j8dda2x wrote

If he was electrocuted your brother would have died. If he didn’t die he was shocked


Rusty_Shakalford t1_j8bpb4o wrote

Reminds me of an interview I once read with an amputee who’d been gifted a prosthetic hand that cost tens of thousands of dollars. The prosthetic was made to be as much like a human hand as possible, with tiny motors inside that could be used to mimic any kind of pose and grip.

She used it for a few weeks before going back to her old system of several different prosthetics she could swap out. She found it more efficient to use assistive devices that, while cruder than the robot hand, were specific to each task she was attempting to do.


HuckleSmothered t1_j8c2cep wrote

It was also a hassle to reconfigure. Easier to just switch out.


Zahille7 t1_j8chgy1 wrote

I'll stand by the fact that John Silver's (Treasure Planet) arm/hand is one of the coolest and most versatile prosthetics I've ever seen.


Youfokinwatm8 t1_j8c59px wrote

Shinobi prosthetics


uremog t1_j8cbj8o wrote

Yes, this one has firecrackers in it for when I need to scare horses and ghost warriors. And this one has a spear for immortal demon centipedes.


Pandaryan t1_j8cc5p3 wrote

Which hand was it?


Rusty_Shakalford t1_j8cs3dt wrote

Honestly can’t remember. Been years since I read it and can on recall the general idea of the article.


Spinningwoman t1_j8d7fey wrote

I remember back in the early 60’s an aunt who lost a hand in a bus accident had a variety of hands, including one specifically for knitting!


Reep1611 t1_j8d6ett wrote

It’s also interesting that to many people who lost a hand or a leg, a more robotic prosthetic is more agreeable than a lifelike one.


hexalm t1_j8ebebg wrote

I watched a video with interviews of some amputees. It featured Angel Giuffria. I can't remember if she was the one saying this or if it was another interviewee, but she basically said the best use of a prosthetic was for socializing, as it made gestures look more natural and smoothed over the sometimes jarring reaction people have to the unexpectedly ending limb.


maxcorrice t1_j8b65fl wrote

We need to figure out how to integrate these into our current nervous system, the apparent lack of connections to existing nerves in amputees is ridiculous, we should be able to hook prosthetics in that move like the original and then some

what we really need right now is a transhumanist billionaire


jetstobrazil t1_j8bdptx wrote

Rather, we should just fund medical research and enact universal healthcare, and give the billionaires some free time to pay and file their full taxes.


maxcorrice t1_j8bepzc wrote

In order to get true advancements you need someone who is incredibly rich and incredibly interested

both of those are great, but even if we did those right now we’d still be looking at the same tech for decades at our rate of advancement, it takes one (1) billionaire who wants a robo arm to get nerve mapping going


jetstobrazil t1_j8bfkkc wrote

Billionaires are leeches and thieves and they don’t get to just decide when society advances.

Pretty sure a couple of random dudes who fixed bikes made the airplane, and nasa invented a ton of “true advancements” using our tax dollars, without some dumb billionaire turning the rocket into a penis analogue.

We don’t need to wait for a thieving boss to decide to help so they can commodify their premium limbs to those worthy, we extract the help from them in the form of owed taxes, and move society forward together.


maxcorrice t1_j8bk215 wrote

And now a trashy dumbass billionaire who’s obsessed with mars one upped nasa through funding his own rocket company, we both clearly don’t like it, but things don’t get done fast unless those with lots of money want them to, i mean fuck it required two dictators who are two of the worst people in history to get us to the moon (albeit indirectly from the first and competition with the second)


jetstobrazil t1_j8bol6l wrote

Yea he didn’t fund it, he bought it, and then we subsidized it as tax payers.

They didn’t one up NASA, who has been underfunded for decades, and has landed humans on the moon, they outspent them.

Collecting taxes which are owed anyway, and funding important programs is a good way to be one of those with “lots of money” and can get things done fast.

The dictators didn’t get us to the moon, funding NASA and recruiting scientists and engineers through funding got us to the moon.


pimpmayor t1_j8chf6b wrote

I vibe with your point, but the tax breaks that companies like spacex/tesla and Amazon get are specifically to fund research, that's how they get the tax breaks.


maxcorrice t1_j8bsk9y wrote

Buying something is funding it, he then used his money to get that taxpayer money

the end result is what matters here, NASA should have way more control over their operations and much more funding but that’s not how it is sadly, and if we did prosthetics the same way the shuttle program went we’d still be stuck on hooks

anything government funded has so much excess bureaucracy that it’ll never be fast, best we can hope for is the lowest level being fast so the common person doesn’t experience delays on current stuff, but R&D is only going to go fast if there’s some big incentive, and again, without someone powerful or some nutcase cutting off thousands of arms overnight, the incentive won’t be there

Von Braun, critical to the apollo program, would never have been hired if not for his work on the V2 rocket, and NASA would never have been funded enough for the apollo program if not for the soviets and the space race

kiddo you’re living in a fantasy world, social programs are amazing for stuff that’s here and now, but they don’t push development without immense pressure


-1KingKRool- t1_j8cnp0e wrote

Buying is not funding it.

He gave money to people no longer associated with it (they took the money with them) in exchange for ownership of the company. No additional funds were injected into the company by the transaction, only the person at the top of the chain changed.


gee_gra t1_j8duf5x wrote

>he then used his money to get that taxpayer money

What a funny little sentence


maxcorrice t1_j8duqpn wrote

That’s how lobbying for government contracts works


gee_gra t1_j8dz7ds wrote

Okay? Still a funny little sentence, though apparently fairly normal for somewhere utterly corrupt like America lol


maxcorrice t1_j8dzxbz wrote

Yep, didn’t say it wasn’t, it’s the reason the saying “gotta spend money to make money” exists


mw19078 t1_j8bzqfs wrote

Almost every single major tech advancement in our lifetimes came from government funding and government agencies. You're delusional if you actually believe this shit.


maxcorrice t1_j8c1ytz wrote

Name one that wasn’t either pushed by or done in reaction to someone with either great wealth or great power and not a great person


MrLeBAMF t1_j8cd12i wrote

Name one that has.


maxcorrice t1_j8cf3ol wrote

The first “modern” computers were designed to decipher nazi codes, the internet was built for military and espionage purposes (which is a collective of rich folks when you break it down), pretty much everything coming out of the space race can be pinned on american oligarchs and soviet dictators, air conditioning was created to de-humidify factories, and that’s just a few, give me specifics and i can identify them easier rather than trying to think of random things


toasterdogg t1_j8ctll5 wrote

> nazi codes

Government program

> internet

Government program

> space race

I don’t get it, how can you be this dumb? These are all points against rich people being the driving force behind advancement instead of government initiatives funded by taxes.

Government program


maxcorrice t1_j8d6uxy wrote

> done in reaction to

i mean if you want some rich or powerful person to start cutting peoples limbs off instead go for it


MrLeBAMF t1_j8d8k20 wrote

All of those you listed were specifically done by the government and not rich people.


maxcorrice t1_j8dacap wrote

In reaction to rich and powerful

also since when is AC a government program?


gee_gra t1_j8dvn1c wrote

>which is a collective of rich folks when you break it down

Hahahahaahahahahah "even when it was the government, I knew it was our benevolent rich overlords" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


maxcorrice t1_j8dygnh wrote

I see you have never heard of the military industrial complex


HuckleSmothered t1_j8c250h wrote

If you figure out a non degrading, non-scar or plaque generating nerve to computer interface. And the decoding systematics to feed back into nerves. You’ll definitely win a Nobel or some other big prize.

The body hates having foreign stuff stuck in it.


maxcorrice t1_j8c2wn6 wrote

Definitely, but we aren’t super far off, things like cochlear implants and the many many things we’ve done for the heart are the first steps, definitely not the direct building blocks, but not unrelated


HuckleSmothered t1_j8c3aoo wrote

Do Cochlear feed straight to the nerve? Or do they interface with the tissue connected to the nerve?


maxcorrice t1_j8c3tt3 wrote

seems like nerve? i can’t tell exactly, everywhere i look it is designed for the extreme laymen


dameprimus t1_j8d4s6v wrote

Look at this diagram:

That’s the cochlea in cross section. Easiest way to think about it is that the cochlea is a bundle of 3 hollow tubes. The nerve runs through one tube and the cochlear implant is placed in a different tube (the scala tympani).


Illustrious-Yard-871 t1_j8bibnp wrote

What the hell kinda precursor is that? No we don’t need any billionaires


maxcorrice t1_j8bkja2 wrote

Wish we didn’t but that’s how the world goes, if you don’t have someone with lots of money or power pushing something, and most importantly funding it, it crawls at a snails pace, we didn’t get to the moon without one dictator pushing for long range ballistic missiles and one trying to use space exploration for propaganda


legalthrowaway565656 t1_j8bgrdq wrote

I also wonder how close we are to custom making new genitals for pleasure increasing.

Like when will someone make a hyper sensitive plumbus out of someone’s junk?


chamunks t1_j8c00z5 wrote

Where are the STL files?!


[deleted] t1_j8cn8t4 wrote

One step closer to Cyberpunk Edgerunners


Ori_the_SG t1_j8df3m2 wrote

Third thumbs?

No thanks. I don’t want my corporate overlords in Night City make me do more work because I’ve got more digits


MAD_ELMO t1_j8dm3hj wrote

AI really wants us to have more than 5 fingers per hand huh


breigns2 t1_j8c9iun wrote

I’ve always felt that I had an opposable digit missing on each of my feet. Now I can finally be complete!


pauldr0n t1_j8cdr1g wrote

This is awesome too, but I definitely read that as "prostitutes" at first and I was here for it


Shadows802 t1_j8cqg0e wrote

So two thunbs up would be a medicore review then?


preemcuz t1_j8bf4ha wrote

What if I wanted to add thumbs to my feet?


HuckleSmothered t1_j8c2f4m wrote

What if I wanted to add thumbs other places than hands and feet?


jagermain177 t1_j8cast7 wrote

Who has one hand and two thumbs? This guy!


HimForHer t1_j8ct84c wrote

Transhumanism here we come. Can't wait to get my Sandevistan installed.


BottasHeimfe t1_j8d9zr9 wrote

Seriously dudes, we’re well on our way to a cyberpunk dystopia.


YuriBarashnikov t1_j8e2ag9 wrote

I thought it said prostitutes at first and thought that's some kinky stuff


Semi_Uninteresting t1_j8chwjd wrote

At first I read this as prostitutes not prosthetics and was like “oh my”


Nine_Eye_Ron t1_j8cnkux wrote

Better make a new mould quick as these will be quite useful


Tarkcanis t1_j8cos3i wrote

So... cosmetics for your prosthetics?


fardough t1_j8cvoww wrote

I have always thought this but someday the special Olympics will have the better athletes as prosthetics go from replace to enhance.


arrow_runner t1_j8cxd3h wrote

Anyone have any details on the sensors used in the shoes?


User1539 t1_j8dajs9 wrote

It seems like every time I see a 'cool prosthetic' it's something the person has created at home, or with the help of a university professor.

I just find it really interesting that, of all things, it's prosthetics that are home made more than anything else I see. 3D printing, along with the need from something completely custom, seems to be creating a culture of DIY for replacing your own limbs.

It's very strange if you think about it.


Nrdman t1_j8fywp5 wrote

Additionally, health care problems


euphgod t1_j8dfmvm wrote

I’m missing an index finger can I have one


Far-Cockroach-8057 t1_j8ds71k wrote

I would totally use to prop my phone on instead of my pinky which is starting to hurt


thenotanurse t1_j8eocx8 wrote

Get a pop socket- holding your phone that way causes actual vascular and neurological changes to your pinky and people are starting to need hand surgery for ut


AltForNews t1_j8e0zk7 wrote

Literally 0 all star jokes in the comments? Come on guys.


Wonderful_Tour_7228 t1_j8e1s7f wrote

My dreams of winning in TypeRacer have never felt so close.


mundotaku t1_j8ehrzx wrote

Trying to mimic real human is too hard and usually gets you in the uncanny valley. Creating fantasy arms helps with inclusion.


Uranium-Sandwich657 t1_j8emzlz wrote

I've always wondered how double opposable thumbs would work.


Rhyseh1 t1_j8c6y94 wrote

Read the title as "Prostates" initially. Decidedly less interesting as someone with a "Thor" skin on their prostate.


natenedlog t1_j8bw4qz wrote

”She hopes that one day the thumb (and devices like it) might help everyone from factory workers to surgeons perform tasks more efficiently, with less strain on their own bodies.”

Yes, because I want to so badly augment my anatomy for the profit of a company. Gtfo.


PapaSmurf1502 t1_j8cmmkj wrote

It'd be nice to make surgeons less stressed.


natenedlog t1_j8ijdg4 wrote

It would be nice to not be stressed at the surgeons knowing the surgeons aren’t stressed.