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foege t1_j8cxrsx wrote

I've been considering upgrading with a new motherboard, RAM and CPU. But with current gen DDR5 having mixed reviews for my usecase, and PCEi 5.0 M.2 SSDs not hitting the market yet, and both Intel and AMD feel pretty lackluster in current gen CPU, and the upgrade to a 4090 blew my entire budget, it just does not feel like the right time to do so.


Avieshek OP t1_j8czs46 wrote

Pair that with Windows 11 as well and overall, nothing’s encouraging but discouraging.


mikerfx t1_j8d0du1 wrote

Also, where is DirectStorage for Windows 10??


Cynyr36 t1_j8dlx6y wrote

My entire budget is like 1/3 of a 4090...


HiCanIPetYourCat t1_j8d9neb wrote

My frames and every benchmarknscore went up 30% on my 4090 when I upgraded from the 5600x based system I had it in at first.

You’re massively bottlenecking yourself most likely. My cinebench is 40k now, Timespy 30k on a 13900 and ddr5


dI-_-I t1_j8d9wrz wrote

Was it more of a RAM or a CPU bottleneck you think?


HiCanIPetYourCat t1_j8dcytw wrote

I had fast DDR4 in the old rig so I’m pretty sure it was CPU related. I don’t even have XMP on in this new rig, it runs everything maxed out in 4k at 120 fps so I haven’t bothered.


YouJustSaidButFuck t1_j8dfen1 wrote

Was the PCIE gen the same?

Gen 5 has 2x the bandwidth as gen 4. Rather than memory latency, bandwidth is usually the chokepoint for most memory related things.


CoderDevo t1_j8dkgha wrote

This is it. The 4090 can use those faster PCIe lanes.

Edit: I concede that this is not it. Looked at others' demos and none showed more that a 5% improvement with a 4090 on PCIE 3 vs. 4.


Backlit_keys t1_j8edtrs wrote

The 4090 actually only supports PCIE Gen 4.0, so those getting fancy PCIE 5.0 motherboards will not gain any performance over the GPU. That, and I believe (really not sure on this) 4090 is not capable of saturating the 4.0 bandwidth. OP could’ve had his 5600X in a PCIE 3.0 build, though.