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Cynical_Cyanide t1_j8d4z4t wrote

No mention of the skyrocketing price of the boards themselves? Seriously?


FUTURE10S t1_j8dl2gk wrote

Remember when cheap boards were like $50 and the more expensive overclocker boards were $130? I remember the Z97 Anniversary, great board, $99.

Now, let's say I want to build a computer with the new 13th gen CPUs...


Stone-Baked t1_j8dm5po wrote

Throughout my entire child good I was able to scrap together a decent build for cheap . Now it’s insane for new stuff


jesbiil t1_j8dmjzu wrote

Back in MY DAY I could build an entire desktop for...awww fuck we're old :).


Cynical_Cyanide t1_j8dmzfy wrote

Mate, it wasn't even that long ago! When the intel 8000 series and Nvidia 10 series was fresh, prices were sane. That was only 2017-18, man.


Ok-disaster2022 t1_j8dqavk wrote

Yep. And there was promise that prices would start to come down with AMD getting competitive on CPUs again. What ended up happening was Intel and AMD started increasing power consumption on CPUs to get even more clocks, and higher power draw means higher quality components. Then with the supply issues (even motherboards have on board chips) due to Pandemic price gouging became the norm, and Everyone was okay with it


PancAshAsh t1_j8du5oi wrote

What makes you think the supply chain issues plaguing us since the start of the pandemic have gone away?


BigDigger324 t1_j8e49bk wrote

They definitely haven’t gone away BUT they have lessened to a significant degree yet prices haven’t bothered to come back down….crazy who could have seen this coming?!


MakingItElsewhere t1_j8gmdng wrote

And when people ask "Why is random thing high priced!?!" all you get is "Have you been living under a rock for 3 years!?!"

Like, dude, shit shouldn't STAY doubled in price just because companies want to keep their stock price up.


Adam_is_Nutz t1_j8dwttw wrote

I built in 2019 right before the pandemic. Whole setup including mouse, keyboard, and monitor for just under $1200. My gpu was like $550 and my motherboard was $65.


Cynical_Cyanide t1_j8gxmzm wrote

With respect, that doesn't mean much without context. It's possible to build a PC for that amount right now - it'll just suck at gaming.


Adam_is_Nutz t1_j8gxsb9 wrote

Thats fair. It was basically top of the line amd right before Nvidia dropped the 3000s


sad_asian_noodle t1_j8hqv6t wrote

That's a cheap mobo.


Adam_is_Nutz t1_j8hv0qc wrote

Its PCIe 4. I bought the cheapest one I could find with that spec cuz it was my first build. No cool lights or anything.


FUTURE10S t1_j8e110v wrote

10 series? Try 9 or 7, the 970, outside of being 3.5GB+0.5GB, was exceptionally good performance for $329.


Cynical_Cyanide t1_j8gxksr wrote

I mean you're not wrong, but I'm just talking about acceptable value, not even great value.


lordytoo t1_j8fgiqk wrote

Blame eth.


Darth-Flan t1_j8ge3s2 wrote

Seriously I blame all this on crypto mining, then the pandemic then supply chain. In that order. Now manufacturers are not decreasing prices as demand and supply chain issues have lessened.


lordytoo t1_j8how2n wrote

Yea ppl are too caught up on gpu prices the pasy 2 years. I remember the last bull run in 2017 when 1000 series cards got jacked because eth hit 1400$. Good times lol


TheAmorphous t1_j8dporb wrote

I'm older. Back in the 90s building PCs was expensive. It's almost like we're going back to that.


FUTURE10S t1_j8e1c2p wrote

At least unlike the 90s, our PC hardware doesn't become irrelevant in 2 years. I'm only now starting to see problems using a Ryzen 3600, but I knew it was going to happen sooner or later, and it's only in specific scenarios. Waiting for the 7950X3D's benchmark before I upgrade and stick with a platform for a few years, but if the 14th gen Intel chips are the power efficiency powerhouse rumours say, I might just skip AMD altogether.


SoWereDoingThis t1_j8e3s6f wrote

Why not the ryzen 5800x3d for a lot less initial investment by staying with AM4?


FUTURE10S t1_j8fdjyl wrote

8 physical cores isn't enough, I need at least 12.


Stone-Baked t1_j8fqdqj wrote

Exactly what I did . Went from a 3600x to 5800x3d and it’s amazing!


TheAmorphous t1_j8e42ma wrote

I'm on an old Broadwell machine and was thinking the same. Then MicroCenter kept emailing me about that $600 7900x bundle and wore me down. Can't beat that price really.


Ok_Marionberry_9932 t1_j8ef020 wrote

If you recycled everything from you old computer a few hundred bucks and you’re top notch again


ButterflyAttack t1_j8h44m1 wrote

Shit, about twenty years ago people used to leave old computers out on the street. I'd pick them up and swap out faulty components with working bits from other machines I'd found. Eventually set up a free internet cafe thingie in a local kind of community squat. Only had half a dozen machines working at any time and there was constant maintenance but it was an inner city area where everyone except the drug dealers was broke and it was somewhere people could get online for free. It's been years since I've seen old computers dumped like that. People seem to hang onto them as long as they can, which is great - too much e-waste anyway. Plus everyone has tablets now I guess.


Cynical_Cyanide t1_j8dmsmo wrote

Right? And yet the 'news' here is that they're mysteriously shipping less parts? No shit they're shipping less parts, they can't sell them as quickly when they're charging 2x as much ...


rodclutcher101 t1_j8ejg4j wrote

And no decent graphics card available why would you bother upgrading you motherboard


PancAshAsh t1_j8duknj wrote

With how fucked the supply chain still is they probably wouldn't be able to produce all that many more. Like graphics cards, motherboards are complex products made of hundreds of components, and if there's a supply issue with any one of them it has to be worked around.


froggz01 t1_j8dy4y2 wrote

Ok I thought it was just me. The last time I upgraded my motherboard was 5 years ago and I payed $180 for top of the line one. I recently was building a new build and just gave up because of the prices of motherboards are straight up ridiculous now.


JohnnyAK907 t1_j8ev93s wrote

Keep in mind motherboards these days have a lot built in compared to older boards. 150-200 bucks for a well equipped board isn't that much of an ask, and it's been 8 years since I built my own rig.
Anyway, other than the SSD I would buy everything used anyway. Why pay bleeding edge prices when everything is going to be "obsolete" in a couple months?


Excludos t1_j8fnzrt wrote

Things are going "not obsolete" at record pace. Meaning a computer has never held itself better than it does today. You can buy a high end gaming og today and still expect to be able to be able to play AAA games on decent graphics in 6-7 years. There was a time when your high end gaming pc could barely survive 2.

On the flip side, there's not a huge amount of money to be saved by buying used any more. Back in the LTT Scrapyard war days you could get entire computers capable of playing very decent games for almost nothing, people where practically throwing them away. Now, as computers hold up better, so does their value


FUTURE10S t1_j8fdgoe wrote

> Why pay bleeding edge prices when everything is going to be "obsolete" in a couple months?

Warranty and to get the best performance now. I don't buy drives or storage used, already been burnt on storage by buying off Reddit. Like, this is why I'm waiting, I really do need the extra cores.


[deleted] t1_j8dkscp wrote



BigDigger324 t1_j8e4jzr wrote

No one wants to admit or talk about it but we’ve caused this. Not passing judgement but we all use the ever living fuck out of ad blockers, which was their only source of income…not even journalists want to work for free….


syn4pt1c83 t1_j8e99q9 wrote

Were we really the ones, that caused it to begin with? Not overly greedy ad placements, so you had to click away floaty overlays, try to click on moving close buttons, flashy disturbing ads, animated ads, video ads on autoplay, ads with sound, scripts that would reopen the content in another window while the original window kept loading a ton of (often dubious) ads, opening multiple ad windows (later tabs), ad distributers neglecting due diligence regarding the potential malicious nature of their ads,… should I continue?

Imho the use of ad blockers started because of corporate greed to begin with. They, for the most part, went way to far, so ad blockers were readily accepted as a solution to an existing problem.


DeceiverX t1_j8emot8 wrote

This is really what it comes down to.

There's a sweet spot of ads - just an uninvasive sidebar jpeg image that doesn't move or flash or scroll or actually invade the content space - that while sometimes weird, isn't actually invasive enough to justify using adblockers.

Adblock for me became a godsend because of bullshit pop-ups and scrolling menu ads, strobe effects/non-ADA compliance, jarring sounds, and crippling browser speeds with long embedded videos back in the day when computational resources were way more important when doing basic multitasking.

I'll usually turn them off on small community websites if they're not placed grossly, because I want those communities to keep existing. But that's really on the community and site owner to make sure they're not being dicks about them.


MyTagforHalo2 t1_j8mpkcl wrote

Honestly I've used ad blockers for so long that I forgot when most of those crazy dumb ads for the most part disappeared from my general browsing experience.

Its kind of ironic now that there are sites that generate a pop up asking fo you to disable your ad blocker. Which don't get my sympathy because they're doing the exact thing I don't like. I actually really find sites amusing that have hidden messages on the background of the website , so they can ask nicely or write a message where an ad would normally cover it up.

Nowadays when I fresh install I forget about my blocker for a small amount of time. Usually right up until I search something on YouTube and get smacked with a couple unskippable ads.


zgoku t1_j8dwox6 wrote

Seriously. Hardly anyone can afford to build computers these days. I built a (really great) entire rig for $1600 in 2013 and now that’s the cost of a GPU. It’s stupid.


Nightchade t1_j8dok3c wrote

This was literally my first thought upon seeing this.


DarkKitarist t1_j8ckepx wrote

Oh nooooo... So basically infinite increase in demand and infinite increase in revenue increase is impossible... Won't someone think of the massive multi-billion dollar companies!


Xtasy0178 t1_j8crh3k wrote

For real… I am always amazed that this idea of infinite growth is possible and everyone being upset when a company has to admit… it isn’t.


alc4pwned t1_j8de1ul wrote

Sure. But idk why people think headlines like these are evidence of that. A product selling less than the year before happens all the time. In fact, it's expected to happen periodically during recessions (not that we're in one now).


[deleted] t1_j8dkyv7 wrote



alc4pwned t1_j8dlg8s wrote

The accepted defition of a recession is pretty clear. We have not seen two consecutive quarters of GDP decline, so it's not a recession.

And while the layoffs are concerning, the economy added 500k net jobs in January. We may well be in a recession soon, but we're really not right now.


Imkindaalrightiguess t1_j8dper9 wrote

Because it's just price gouging bullshit. We've experienced gdp growth while getting robbed.

The avian flu was used as a cover to double the price of eggs.


plummbob t1_j8fqs0l wrote

Price gouging would indicate the economy is not in recession


[deleted] t1_j8g368f wrote



plummbob t1_j8g3e0e wrote

A fall in demand would mean that firms would loose money by raising prices


[deleted] t1_j8g60az wrote



plummbob t1_j8g69hi wrote

Same demand + reduced short term supply = higher prices

If there was a looming recession, we would expect a fall in demand


alc4pwned t1_j8dsued wrote

I think you’ve got a really really long way to go from the egg situation to making the case that GDP growth as a whole is solely the result of price gouging lol


Imkindaalrightiguess t1_j8e3gi2 wrote

Death by a thousand cuts, not slippery slope.

I'm saying every industry is finding new ways to squeeze their user base.

Attempting infinite growth is a function of capitalism. If you have no market to grow into you wring out what you can from existing customers.

Have you not noticed the rise in cost of necessities, fast food, and housing against stagnant wages?


alc4pwned t1_j8e4mwn wrote

Sure. But pointing out that price gouging exists does not make the case that current GDP growth is the result of price gouging. That’s what I’m saying.


Informal-Soil9475 t1_j8dpofy wrote

Recessions are really declared after they happen. And even so, the official statistics that determine a recession dont really help quantify the state of the economy.

Price gouging for example is not even a factor.


Puzzled_Plate_3464 t1_j8dq760 wrote

> because the execs are panicked about the outlook of the next few years.

yea old self fulfilling prophecy.

so your execs are world class economists in addition to being lawyers?

or they are a bunch of scared old guys who want to protect their share of the firm, so they can keep on buying their houses and cars and watches?

Ask them why they are laying off and freezing hiring before the event occurs? Isn't that sort of assuring they'll lose business, have less revenue, make less money right now (ummm, tell me again, how do we get into a recession - oh yeah, by shrinking). They can always lay off when it actually happens (cause they don't care about people - just $$$$)

I put zero confidence into the ability of your execs to be economists (I give only a little more to actual economists). However, it is that blind groupthink that will become a self fulfilling prophecy and get us there.


GSPilot t1_j8dnbpt wrote

It’s almost as if people worrying about and preparing as if a recession is imminent, are causing the prophecy to become reality.


docbauies t1_j8e4ejy wrote

Is it expecting infinite growth? Or is it thinking that the total addressable market may grow (due to opening new markets for a product, or finding new customers within a market due to interest growth) or that a given company is looking to increase their market share. Companies can grow and expect growth without thinking it is infinite.


wastedkarma t1_j8d5jtk wrote

The SSD basically made upgrading obsolete for me. I used to be a gamer but I’m not anymore. Quick boot plus SSDs mean I’m up and running in under 10 seconds now. On a computer that’s 9 years old.


DarkKitarist t1_j8d61jr wrote

I'm still into gaming, but it's become less and less viable to upgrade on a 2 year basis, since the prices keep rising and rising, especially in the GPU market. And if anything I wanted to regularly update my GPU since I also use it for 3D modeling and working in Unreal Engine. I wanted to upgrade to a 4090 this year, but there is no way in hell I'm paying over 2k€ for it. Also most higher end stuff is more expensive in EU so it's a bummer to be an PC enthusiasts these days...


RickySpanish1272 t1_j8dlbri wrote

I’ve found the last generation GPUs fairly reasonably priced recently if you don’t have to have the latest and greatest.


richardawkings t1_j8dm9fe wrote

I upgraded from a 960 to 3080. My graphics card this time around was the price of my entire computer before. I use my rig for gaming and work but if things keep going the way they are going, my next rig would be a console and ill just keeo my computer for work. I could have probably bought a PS5, Switch, Xbox, TV and surround sound system for the price I paid for my current setup. I'm convinced that PC part manufacturers hate PC gamers.


[deleted] t1_j8d8p2o wrote



Lord_Shisui t1_j8dcig6 wrote

Meh I'm not so sure about mechanical keyboards. Most of them are so obnoxiously loud I can't stand them.


DarkKitarist t1_j8ddby0 wrote

I switched to a mechanical Razer keyboard with their orange switches and it's quiet enough to type and has that mecha feeling which made my typing much faster and accurate.


MRaholan t1_j8ddlq9 wrote

A cheap desktop PC isn't going to rub you that much. And honestly for the firepower you get it's typically worth it since you can upgrade as you go for years


Roro_Yurboat t1_j8dv470 wrote

Every time I've planned "upgrade as you go", there has been a pin change or chipset update or something that makes upgrading not worth the effort or expense.


GenderBender3000 t1_j8dandi wrote

I still game. But my steam deck has been great. Plus my Nintendo switch. Between the two I don’t do much actual desktop gaming anymore. And when I do, it’s for some of my older titles that my system can weather. There’s too many new games and not enough time in my late 30s now. So my library just keep building. I’m not sure if I will continue upgrading anymore. Or just sort of freeze my computer and stop updating. Will essentially last forever (until the parts themselves burn out) without getting slow or laggy or not being able to keep up. But with cards nowadays costing as much as my whole gaming pc did when I built it, it’s not very enticing. Plus no more EVGA for GCs means I’m stumped there.


DarkKitarist t1_j8de7uh wrote

EVGA leaving the GC space kinda broke my heart too... I have all GPUs from the 480 up until 1080ti from them, they were just soo good (damn nVidia for basically chasing them away with their practices...)


StyleChuds42069 t1_j8dbq5r wrote

if you aren't ever going to game on it you can pick up a very nice refurbished ex-office desktop tower with an SSD for $150 that will do everything you need for years


CAFunked t1_j8dwkfc wrote

I'm sure they'll find a way to raise the prices to make up for it, they always do.


rapapoop t1_j8d6cma wrote

Modern motherboards are like...more than double the price of decent mobo's a few months/years back.

Was planning to upgrade from my a320...but getting a new cpu, new ram (ddr5) and an even more expensive mobo...uhhhh, i guess i'll sit this one out :/


Tattorack t1_j8diblr wrote

Here's the fun thing:

In Denmark, at around 2016, when I built my first PC, motherboards were dirt cheap, but RAM was nearly the same price as my CPU (an i5 at around 2000 Danish kroner).

Today CPU prices are largely the same. But now motherboards are nearly the same price as the CPU, and I can buy 32GB of DDR 4 RAM for half the price of buying a full price game from Steam (300 Danish kroner for RAM).


Abba_Fiskbullar t1_j8df22c wrote

I was looking to upgrade my CPU and mobo, but it turns out ASUS updated my b350 to run everything AM4, so I picked up a 5700x on sale. That should last another 4 years.


MrPisster t1_j8dklph wrote

By the time I started making enough income to consider using a chunk of it to update my old ass computer I realize that I’ve been priced out of the game completely.

I’m too reasonable to spend this much on a modern PC. I will just use an old laptop and game on consoles if this is how it’s going to be from now on.


Mace_Windu- t1_j8doyrp wrote

If you don't want to game at 4k, you'll be able to put together a pretty moderately priced rig that can max out games at 1440p.

Stick to 1080p, and you'll be able to cruise at max settings (non-rtx) in most games for relatively cheap.

The prices hit these staggering amounts because of the ever more diminishing returns for gaming at 4k and ray tracing.


MegatonDoge t1_j8o74a4 wrote

If they're sticking to 1080p-1440p, why not just go for a console instead?


Mace_Windu- t1_j8obxzd wrote

Because a pc is 1000x more versatile, configurable, upgradable, and future-proofable than any single console that has ever existed.

Also because the dude said he wanted one


MegatonDoge t1_j8q0jay wrote

What's the benefit of being configurable and upgradeable. Doesn't that mean that you end up spend more money in the long run? That argument used to make sense where parts were cheaper and you could always change one in the future.

I still think that consoles tend to be more future proof than a pc. Especially if you build one for a similar price to a pc.

All of your arguments only make sense with cheaper parts.


Mace_Windu- t1_j8t1l9v wrote

I never said that it was cheaper.

Just better.


MegatonDoge t1_j8t4dmq wrote

It's better in what sense? Get a Xbox series S/X with gamepass and you'll be set for the next 7-8 years. Or Ps5 and ps plus extra. You'll get a pc upgrade now to compete with the cost, then find out to upgrade your cpu, you'll also have to upgrade your motherboard, ram, power supply etc. I don't understand how it is better if money is a concern.


h0tpotamus t1_j8dm38g wrote

Consoles are definitely an option. I was always a build my own PC kind of gamer, but when GPUs got crazy but OEMs were still getting regular pricing it made it so a pre-built was more cost effective. That might still be the case. I've also seen gaming laptops (not the crazy high-end types) as a reasonable option. I'd say just evaluate all the alternatives.

Also in the last decade my Steam library has grown to the point where I'm pretty sure I wont finish it in what remains of my life (barring some serious advances in medicine), so I don' think I'll need to spend money on new games and new hardware to play those new games much anyway.


hey_there_kitty_cat t1_j8dnarx wrote

I have a prebuilt with Ryzen 5 3600, 16 GB ddr5, rtx 2060 for like $1100... It does everything and more on new games, and not that I multiscreen but I do have a 3 screen setup, so graphics is working those 2 others too. At one point in my youth I wanted cutting edge graphics, now I'm amazed at what I can do on a budget, screw the ones that are a grand or more for a graphics card, who are you people buying that stuff?


hikingsticks t1_j8funui wrote

I'd get a bigger improvement spending an extra chunk of money at the optician rather than going from 1440p to 4k. The pixels are already too damn small to see, I don't need them smaller!


John_Appalling t1_j8ddc49 wrote

LOL! The article fails to mention that almost no one is willing to fork over $500-1000 for a new motherboard (just the mobo here!), which is just an insane thought. Geez, my ASUS Crosshair VII x470 cost me around 300€ some four years ago, and I thought that was expensive at the time.


DarkKitarist t1_j8ddx0e wrote

I remember the days when a good mobo cost less than a mid range cpu... And a time when the top of the line GPU cost less than 8 months of my rent... Those are now but fleeting memories of a bygone era.


foege t1_j8cxrsx wrote

I've been considering upgrading with a new motherboard, RAM and CPU. But with current gen DDR5 having mixed reviews for my usecase, and PCEi 5.0 M.2 SSDs not hitting the market yet, and both Intel and AMD feel pretty lackluster in current gen CPU, and the upgrade to a 4090 blew my entire budget, it just does not feel like the right time to do so.


Avieshek OP t1_j8czs46 wrote

Pair that with Windows 11 as well and overall, nothing’s encouraging but discouraging.


mikerfx t1_j8d0du1 wrote

Also, where is DirectStorage for Windows 10??


Cynyr36 t1_j8dlx6y wrote

My entire budget is like 1/3 of a 4090...


HiCanIPetYourCat t1_j8d9neb wrote

My frames and every benchmarknscore went up 30% on my 4090 when I upgraded from the 5600x based system I had it in at first.

You’re massively bottlenecking yourself most likely. My cinebench is 40k now, Timespy 30k on a 13900 and ddr5


dI-_-I t1_j8d9wrz wrote

Was it more of a RAM or a CPU bottleneck you think?


HiCanIPetYourCat t1_j8dcytw wrote

I had fast DDR4 in the old rig so I’m pretty sure it was CPU related. I don’t even have XMP on in this new rig, it runs everything maxed out in 4k at 120 fps so I haven’t bothered.


YouJustSaidButFuck t1_j8dfen1 wrote

Was the PCIE gen the same?

Gen 5 has 2x the bandwidth as gen 4. Rather than memory latency, bandwidth is usually the chokepoint for most memory related things.


CoderDevo t1_j8dkgha wrote

This is it. The 4090 can use those faster PCIe lanes.

Edit: I concede that this is not it. Looked at others' demos and none showed more that a 5% improvement with a 4090 on PCIE 3 vs. 4.


Backlit_keys t1_j8edtrs wrote

The 4090 actually only supports PCIE Gen 4.0, so those getting fancy PCIE 5.0 motherboards will not gain any performance over the GPU. That, and I believe (really not sure on this) 4090 is not capable of saturating the 4.0 bandwidth. OP could’ve had his 5600X in a PCIE 3.0 build, though.


WurminatorZA t1_j8dc4v1 wrote

I mean have you seen the prices of motherboards... Have manufacturers seen the economy?


Yeti1987 t1_j8ebwdt wrote

PC parts went stupid expensive and games are not made to their maximum potential to stay compatible with consoles. So why bother upgrading or buying new?

So tired of being price gouged at every opportunity.


Mad_ad1996 t1_j8ddam4 wrote

give me a good AM5 ITX motherboard for <200€ and i'll consider buying


Cynyr36 t1_j8dm2g1 wrote

Am5 itx board are priced like they are made of rare earths. It's crazy.


ballpoint169 t1_j8egv7d wrote

they are though, right? plenty of weird metals in them like palladium


override367 t1_j8e1lux wrote

Companies: Get demand surge during lockdowns

Also Companies when they don't get the same sales after lockdown: Suprisedpikachu

Capitalism is so fucking stupid, every corporation is like one of those people with no long term memory


aubiecat t1_j8due9j wrote

Good. I hope they have to eat those overpriced motherboards.


yugo989 t1_j8dvok6 wrote

Price of DDR 5 motherboard and ram 👎


7Sans t1_j8diw1b wrote

Intel basically forces you to buy new mb every 2 generation of cpus so for everyone that wants to use intel cpu are guarantee to buy new mb.

Amd atleast can last 4 years with same mb so i can kind of take the hit with their price. Cause i will most likely be able to upgrade 2 cpus without switching board out


MHWGamer t1_j8dqmfn wrote

how are they still so expensive? now almost half a year since the new platform launch and there are barely any boards below 200. It is completely insane to buy a 200 mobo for a 240 r5 chip with mobo features that basically don't improve gaming performance or most other enterprise software performance.

Even ddr5 is nowadays alright with the price


dirtycopgangsta t1_j8easjp wrote

> how are they still so expensive?

Too much useless shit. There are very few utilitarian mobos with little to no frills.


fordfan919 t1_j8es0hk wrote

But you need 25 power phases and wifi 6e+



PancAshAsh t1_j8dvwik wrote

There's a few possible reasons.

First, the supply chain is still fucked for some electronic components, and complex modules like motherboards and graphics cards require hundreds of components to work so the stock my simply not be there.

Second, newer motherboards are a lot higher quality than older ones as new communications specifications come out. Every time there's a new USB spec, 802.11 spec, Bluetooth spec, PCI spec, etc. the components to work with those get more complex, sensitive, and therefore more expensive.

Finally, it's possible that despite sales dropping the market is just in such a place that keeping the price of the components high is the best way to make profit. Eventually the prices will come down, but if the market for new motherboards is currently saturated there's not enough volume to justify dropping the price yet.


MHWGamer t1_j8ec8ja wrote

the questiin remains: why do they put on all those pci stuff for a simple r5 processor. Fair enough is the stuff is expensive and x670 are expensive but a normal bare basic b650 without wlan and all that crap should really be around max 150. Otherwise it just makes no sense to upgrade to a 240 dollar cpu. And the old stuff is also sold out so there is no way I can justify upgrading right no... I am just pissed that after the gpu crap, this crap exists (and you won't even gain performance from it= ddr5, wifi6, pcie5, speaking as 'most user')


lordMaroza t1_j8dyfg5 wrote

Time to make several new sockets!


H0vis t1_j8eltxe wrote

This is what it looks like when the GPU manufacturers fuck over the entire industry.


Arbitrarily increasing the price of a PC build by several hundred dollars/euros/pounds whatever has meant that untold thousands of planned PC builds will have been shelved worldwide. Especially in this economy.


Moses-the-Ryder t1_j8dnpx2 wrote

Demand has dropped but the prices haven’t


PastaBob t1_j8dshsx wrote

I got my Steamdeck for the price of a good current mobo. And I can sit in the hammock playing it outside, or in the livingroom, or take it to my kids room, steal the 2 switch cables, and load up Goat Simulator 3.

Between portable hardware and streaming I just don't see the current prices holding, and honestly expect demand to continue downward.


Nmanga90 t1_j8enw5m wrote

Heeeey you guys should try bringing down the price of a mid tier mobo from $270


piscian19 t1_j8dnvo0 wrote

Microcenter is selling Ryzen 3600 & B450 combos for $100 which in any other world would be a smoking deal you'd be insane not to jump on considering the 3600 is a great budget gaming & compute cpu, but weirdly unless you really need it there's not much point. CPU & motherboards are about to plummet in price for anything not absolute current gen.


MrTopHatMan90 t1_j8e37h4 wrote

I was thinking of buying one as I was looking for a new CPU. Then I saw the price. Sod that, I can wait.


GrinningPariah t1_j8dzzuo wrote

It's not about the price, at least not primarily. This will be the same trend as Microsoft pointed out during their earnings call:

During the pandemic lockdown, everyone who needed new hardware bought it. It was this massive global event where millions of home computers and consoles that were kinda alright because they didn't get used much suddenly got an upgrade.

This is just the opposite side of that trend. Machines that were slowing down in 2020 and early 2021 got replaced, and those are the machines that *would have" died in 2022.


Nagu360 t1_j8fgg1w wrote

Everyone knows raising prices to compensate for falling revenue is the best business decision any company can make.


MorgrainX t1_j8fmzbh wrote

Meanwhile Motherboard prices: have doubled

DDR5: too expensive

New processors: too expensive

Industry: why wouldn't anyone buy our products? Sad smiley


phillyguy60 t1_j8g95m2 wrote

Not surprised. I spent a couple months playing the games to maybe have a shot at forking a couple grand over for parts. Got tired of competing for parts and got away from gaming. Now I’m like don’t really need a desktop. Same with cars, was told all the hoops I’d need to go through to buy what I wanted and was like nope not worth it.


lesangpro007 t1_j8dikzo wrote

I been looking for a MB B550 from Gigabyte and MSI for an entire month , but couldn't , because all of the retailers in my country somehow don't want to stock them up anymore because they're too expensive , no one want to buy it or the manufacturers end the most popular line already ( wtf ?) , only cheap stuff like ASUS and Asrock were left , and the overpriced B650 is chock full on their shelves . I just don't get it , is it true that they won't make B550 anymore ?


Gistix t1_j8e3eec wrote

I ended up buying a 5900X + B550 Aorus Elite kit from Aliexpress since I couldn't find it in stores


TumblingFox t1_j8f9c3y wrote

Companies do what companies do best, INCREASE REVENUE AND PROFITS ABOVE ALL!! all praise the profit gods!!


Brewdad69 t1_j8g295y wrote

Awe….. I’m so sorry.

Anyway…. Lol. Want to increase prices. Shot yourself in the foot situation


RageQuitPanda69 t1_j8px2qd wrote

Hey maybe not charge 300-700 bucks for enthusiasts grade boards yeah?


tomu- t1_j8fi0qn wrote

I just won’t build a computer for non-professional use 🫠


Car-face t1_j8ghop9 wrote

I'm running a mongrel pc at home, made from a bunch of random builds over a 2 year period, built about 6 years ago now - basically at the end of a now extinct upgrade path, and planning to do a full ground up build with am5 or 13th gen.

First was planning to do it at the end of last year, then baulked at the prices.

Figured I'd wait a couple of months for the edge to come off the prices, but that didn't happen.

I figure it'll be at least another 6 months before I consider building now.

Prices are just ridiculous, and whilst it was always going to be pricey at the beginning of a new gen, new socket, new ram, etc. It just feels like they're taking the piss.

I'm not desperate to build, so it's no big deal, but I can't help but feel they're playing by covid rules at a time when cost of living is skyrocketing, interest rates are skyrocketing, covid support is ending and people are starting to tighten purse strings - it just feels like a huge mismatch, and they're nowhere near close to even acknowledging it. Like if they just oretent everything it fine, they can keep flogging everything for idiotic prices.


Vegasmarine88 t1_j8igftl wrote

Supply and demand. If there is no demand, supply will have to make that demand. It will only be a matter of time until prices drop to offload stock. That's all assuming this article is true can never really tell anymore.


allonzeeLV t1_j8kgjm6 wrote

I'm overdue for an upgrade and rebuild. Stop jacking the prices so high and this artificial problem goes away.


D3ADSONGS t1_j8mvhlg wrote

I see the board prices and then how I need to get new ram as well and I just feel I'm gonna ride my 5800x3D and AM4 until it dies


isimplycantdothis t1_j8rchet wrote

I used to build a new PC every two years and sell my old one to a friend for cheap. I can’t justify that anymore. I build absolute top of the line HEDTs and it used to cost a few thousand bucks. Now it’s nearing 10k. No thanks.


Old_Fart_on_pogie t1_j8xyrtm wrote

Something to do with a big ‘Effin’ boat stuck in the Suez Canal maybe?


chantsnone t1_j8d81p1 wrote

I’ve bought 2 in the last year but they were for my 3D printers


DarkKitarist t1_j8ddknh wrote

Aha! So you're playing 4D chess with the Mobo Conglomerates... You bought their mobos for your printers so now you can print mobos yourself... Genius!