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LazySko t1_j8dpog0 wrote

Do you think having it in a laptop form factor is going to open up new spaces or will it even enable the existing ones to develop faster?

I am thinking of the embedded systems space, is this going to be better/cheaper to use than a JTAG? I would think not, since you would need to emulate the device instead of just using one, but curious to see what people here think.


Avieshek OP t1_j8emir6 wrote

  1. Laptop/Tablet (mobile) form factor.
  2. Ubuntu/Windows (software) accessibility.
  3. Low-price (affordability) that allows penetration into mass deployments first like schools or enterprise.

It checks two of the boxes out of three, not holding breath for Windows support but System76's Pop!_OS is a fork of Ubuntu and from someone that sells hardware - if we can all come together and focus on one distro like Asahi Linux on macOS systems then this would be a go like the growth of Chromebooks which is lesser than the adoption of Ubuntu based devices outside of US (like India) because when a central body buy for others (Institutions, Governments…) they want the most viable (or cheapest) price-to-performance ratio without the marketing shenanigans.

Tl;dr – OS would determine the state of its success, support can quickly build up wherever the numbers are if it gradually builds up its userbase. Enough numbers, then Microsoft wouldn't be too far away too in the future of Cloud systems.