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the47X t1_j8gmtol wrote



GatoradeNipples t1_j8hjpty wrote

MSRP is always bonkers for phones. You're not supposed to actually pay the MSRP, you're supposed to get it with a subsidized phone plan that knocks hundreds of dollars off the cost and itemizes the remainder throughout your contract time.


PlutoniumChemist t1_j8jzacg wrote

Isn't that usually more expensive than buying it unlocked?


GatoradeNipples t1_j8k7vm3 wrote

Depends on how much the carrier's subsidizing; sometimes, even with interest you come out ahead of an upfront purchase because of the amount knocked off the top, sometimes it's more expensive over the long term. You have to look at the specific deal you're being offered and decide for yourself if it's a good one or not.


nohumanape t1_j8nr94u wrote

Unfortunately Verizon doesn't sell them directly. Only way to use them on Verizon is to buy them unlocked.


defaultgameer1 t1_j8ieg21 wrote

But how many companies offer tgese phones? I don't remember seeing Sony phones as an option. Last time I was shopping for a phone.


nohumanape t1_j8nr4xu wrote

Well I love the design of these phones. I'd be happy if they kept this same design for the next 5 years (including headphone jack and removable storage). And maybe by doing so they could manage to bring the price down below $1,000?


Doggleganger t1_j8k4712 wrote

I feel like there would be a huge market for Sony phones if they pump out quality hardware (as Sony often does) while using clean, bloatware-free Android.


sleauxmo t1_j8mqdfg wrote

If they returned the fingerprint scanner to the back of the phone I'd be sold. This side scanner on my 1III is dookie.