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not-on-a-boat t1_j8qlb0u wrote

No, it's mostly land.

You can't put more people into San Francisco. It's not because SF can't get building materials or construction costs are too much. It's because there's no land where you can build more housing, so people live further and further from the city center to find affordable housing.

You can make land more efficient by increasing the number of housing units built on the land. That's a great solution. But it has nothing to do with the labor cost of home construction.


doogiejonez t1_j9fer15 wrote

As the need to commute to work on a daily basis falls and universal basic income becomes a thing I think less and less people will want to live in the bigger cities.

High speed rails will help this tremendously.


not-on-a-boat t1_j9fmp70 wrote

The economics of high speed rail rely on density, though.