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davepete t1_j8grqll wrote

To be precise, market leader iPad sales were way up, #2 Samsung tablet sales were up slightly, and everyone else's tablets declined. To me, it sounds like low end tablets tanked, but not the market leaders.


EViLTeW t1_j8il123 wrote

The consumer tablet market is stupid right now.

The Galaxy A-series are the only reasonably priced quality tablets.

Everything else is either too expensive for a toy, or shit quality.


AkirIkasu t1_j8ob3ke wrote

Yeah, that's basically the market right now. You can either buy an iPad or one of Samsung's higher-end Android tablets if you want a decent experience, and the rest of the market seems to mainly be chasing the lower end of the market.

Google likes to pretend that Chromebooks can be nice by releasing things like the Pixelbook, but everyone knows that the main reason why they sell is because they are cheap.


diacewrb t1_j8hneyw wrote

That was pretty much the one bright spot from apple's latest financials. Their cash cow, the iphone, took a real hit.


mei740 t1_j8lc6es wrote

My 14 year old does 90% of her school work on an iPad and iPhone. Has a school issued Chromebook. Has access to a MacBook and pc but it’s easier on the iPad with keyboard.


Marvelman1788 t1_j8ibud2 wrote

I fucking hate apple and finally caved and bought an iPad. My 5yr old Chromebook crapped out and every other device on the market is absolute junk.


Majestic-Praline-696 OP t1_j8im38s wrote

Everyone sees the light eventually.


mei740 t1_j8lbnoz wrote

I hate buying a brand but if you fully embrace the Apple echo system it’s amazing. My last MacBook lasted five years and is still working as the house hand me down.


StarksFTW t1_j8o423r wrote

The products are just well built and last a long time. Had several android phones and none lasted as long as my current iPhone, damn thing still runs like I just bought it.


monox60 t1_j8lqam5 wrote

The galaxy tab is good from what I heard


strangebutalsogood t1_j8gieq5 wrote

Everyone suddenly remembered that proper laptops are better at just about everything.


w2tpmf t1_j8gitn2 wrote

Also a proper laptop can be had for the same price range as a iPad or a Galaxy S Tab.


gropethegoat t1_j8hm7ft wrote

iPad sales are increasing a lot according to IDC tracker


BigCommieMachine t1_j8ig2xm wrote

If iPad sales increase, it is probably because Apple is ending support for the iPod Touch which was used by a TON of companies for mobile PoS, inventory management/bar code scanners…etc.

Companies could use really reliable Apple hardware and use their own software rather than being forced to use 3rd party software and linking it in to their own internal system which many companies didn’t allow. If you used their hardware, you HAD to use their software.


poemmys t1_j8k3054 wrote

I don't know of any companies that use iPod Touches for that, they all use cheap chinese knockoffs that barely work lmao. I worked many retail jobs as a young person and never once saw any brand name devices, much less Apple products. Didn't stop them from taking $500 out of your paycheck if you broke/misplaced one though, even though it likely cost them ~$150.


nukey111 t1_j8l06e7 wrote

Healthcare. Dozens and dozens of ipads that they HAVE to have and are barely used.


poemmys t1_j8l9cy7 wrote

Oh for sure, the guy I responded to was talking about companies using iPod Touches which I've never seen


davepete t1_j8gs77h wrote

I doubt my mom could make heads or tails of a laptop, but she does fine with her iPad. iPads start at $300, and their sales are up for the quarter, according to IDC Tracker.


Laumser t1_j8hm4gl wrote

That's the beauty with iPads, you can hand them to almost any member of your family and they'll be fine


app4that t1_j8gk7hw wrote

I don’t know… for connecting to a work VPN, browsing, email, Zoom, streaming, etc, a ChromeBook at the $200 level seems to do everything quite well. For that price you get a machine that takes care of itself with virus and security updates for the next 7 years and is a great every day machine. It is not meant for high intensity compute tasks or gaming though.

Plus, if you for some crazy reason ever decide to loan it out and the person trashes it or loses it, it’s not a major wallop on your budget.


Laumser t1_j8hm707 wrote

I look at Chromebooks as modern day word processors, and for that theyre quite decent.


AkirIkasu t1_j8od153 wrote

The thing I hate about that 7 year figure for support is that it comes with so many hidden catches. First and foremost is that it starts from when the device first came out, so in order to get anywhere near that figure you have to buy a brand new device which may or may not have any trustworthy reviews at that point. And even after that they may not get new features added to ChromeOS. I had an early chromebook that Google had explicitly promised would be getting an update to run Android apps and the Google Play Store. Years passed, it ran out of it's support period, and it never happened.


techieman33 t1_j8z29yh wrote

They work for streaming video, but it’s a pretty painful experience. They’re just to slow to do it well and without lots of lag.


Majestic-Praline-696 OP t1_j8hw232 wrote

Chromebooks are the netbooks of today. Had a day in the sun, and now everyone has forgotten about them.


Orangeb0lt t1_j8ibtfl wrote

Not true, they are mainly used is school settings now. And my company uses them for temps who's work requires only online available applications like word, or excel.


BigCommieMachine t1_j8iel52 wrote

No, Schools had to buy them during COVID because they HAD to provide every kid a laptop for at-home-learning. Now every school has a Chromebook for every kid. Chromebooks in theory don’t really go “obsolete” quickly barring major changes to ChromeOS. So now IT departments just have to deal with churn for replacements, but they aren’t going to buy new. They are going to ship their broken units out and get refurbished units back in a cycle.


JohnGillnitz t1_j8jwt5y wrote

My new work laptop is ridiculous. i9, 4k UHD screen, big honking battery. Especially since it's primary function is just to remote into my office desktop.


firestar268 t1_j8ifyv1 wrote

ipads are a great notebook replacement. Saves weight too.


moonbunnychan t1_j8h3lwf wrote

I remember like 10 years ago I kept seeing all these stories about how the PC and laptops in particular were dead and tablets were the future since they were outselling them. Not that, like, tablets were new and people were buying one for the first time.
I love my tablet, but for me it's really more of a toy. Scrolling through something sitting on the sofa or watching a movie on a plane. It's not something I replace until my old one won't function anymore and even then if I found myself in a tough financial situation, like, say the current state of inflation, it's not something I NEED.


CivilFisher t1_j8ib0ty wrote

Tablet to a laptop is what a laptop is to a PC.

Sacrifice performance and capabilities for portability. Just depends on where your needs/wants fall in that balance.


whitepawn23 t1_j8ifvii wrote

Exactly. A tablet is a disposable income extra.


JohnGillnitz t1_j8jw898 wrote

Let me introduce you to a nine year old kid.


Mentendo64 t1_j8kzvjb wrote

Let me introduce you to how depressing that is.


JohnGillnitz t1_j8l0kg6 wrote

It's depressing that a kid plays on a tablet?


Mentendo64 t1_j8l0vqe wrote

I'm not directly attacking you. It depresses me that, and its undeniable, there are some literal toddlers that are glued to the damn things.


AkirIkasu t1_j8oc8lp wrote

I have put a lot of thinking about what I would do about technology if I were a parent. I think I settled on allowing them to have a phone or tablet and heavily restricting them to limit the addictiveness.


Mentendo64 t1_j8ocmsv wrote

I'm 29.

Im well aware that tv was used on us for the exact same thing, and don't get me wrong I bet that moment of silence as a parent is bliss.

I dunno...the tablets seem far more addictive though.


Upset_Form_5258 t1_j8imyz1 wrote

They’ve become very popular amongst university students for note taking and doing assignments. Since you have to submit everything online now, they’re pretty handy to have around.


doodersrage123 t1_j8ij6uo wrote

When phones started to become phablet sized tiles I just kind of gave up on tablets all together. I do miss my small smartphone though.


CryoAurora t1_j8ggg2m wrote

People died, and the rest are out of money from the profiteering..........


doodersrage123 t1_j8iiwx0 wrote

I cannot really suggest for someone to buy a Chromebook anymore after Google end of lifed a stack of them I had collected for my family. We're just switching to Linux for everyone instead of the Google provided Chromebook option from now on.


NO_SPACE_B4_COMMA t1_j8h80r1 wrote

Oh no, is google going to cancel chromeos now? :O


essaitchthrowaway3 t1_j8jgpui wrote

Are you telling me that sales don't ONLY go up, up, up?!?!


I love how sales of PCs and tablets and similar devices were hitting record numbers over the last couple of years and business executives acted like that could possibly continue forever. Now that the market is coming back down to more normal levels, immediately everyone is overhyping the decline.


techieman33 t1_j8z34pa wrote

Yeah, I saw this coming in mid 2020. Everyone was stuck at home so they either needed a computer for work or school from home, and even if they didn’t they were suddenly finding themselves spending a lot more time on their devices at home. So it made sense to buy a new personal computer, tablet, etc. Now a lot of the market has a 1-2 year old computer and has no reason to upgrade. And with all the power the modern systems have it’s going to be another 3-4 years before sales start to get back to pre lockdown numbers.


TheNuclearMind t1_j8hxc9g wrote

I can't download any software that isn't owned by Google on a chrome book. Biggest waste of money I've ever had, and I let other students know not to get one.


Orangeb0lt t1_j8ic4ts wrote

If you didn't know that going in, it's on you, it'svery clearly advertised as basically a chrome browser with hardware but around it. Also if you just need it for email, making word docs, excel, youtube. A chromebook works great and can be cheaper than a high end tablet like an iPad.


TheNuclearMind t1_j8jd646 wrote

I didn't really need to download anything except a locked browser so I could take tests. I ended up getting a new laptop.


Orangeb0lt t1_j8js7su wrote

Again, if you knew you needed to download something for a test, KNEW THE CHROMEBOOK CANNOT DOWNLOAD APPS FROM THE WEB, and still chose to use a chromebook, that's a problem on you, not on the chromebook.


MrPineApples420 t1_j8iem9v wrote

You can’t download software that isn’t owned by google, that’s the whole point of a chrome book. It’s like their own little MacBook.


TheNuclearMind t1_j8jcvkj wrote

I understand, but my point was that it was advertised as if it was a laptop that would work for students. This was false. Something as simple as a testing browser shouldn't be blocked


Llama-Lamp- t1_j8jcmeb wrote

Except you can download and use loads of software on a MacBook that isn’t owned by Apple, MacOS isn’t a closed system.


5pr173_ t1_j8itni1 wrote

Good. ChromeOS is shit and the sooner it dies the better.


epantha t1_j8hpnyx wrote

My 9-year-old MacBook Pro still works fine after the battery was replaced a few years ago.


ethanlegrand33 t1_j8iem5s wrote

I’ve spent about 2 years with a Microsoft Surface Go 2. I’ve loved it and it was great for note taking in college and doing my Spanish lessons that I’m currently taking.

My Go 2 has the intel pentium chip with eMMC storage. And at $400, the performance just isn’t great. It’s fine for surfing the web and watching movies, but it isn’t fast by any means. It is slow to open webpages, slow on Microsoft office, and drawboard PDF is so poorly optimized. And upgrading to the i3 chip kills battery life.

From this, I’ve come to realize that basically you need to buy an iPad or the high end Surface or Samsung to get any decent performance and good storage and those aren’t exactly cheap. (I’m a windows PC guy, but iOS is far superior for tablets)

That just isn’t feasible for most people, let alone when inflation is what it is right now. I’ll probably be switching to an iPad Air in 2 years or so and don’t see myself purchasing another “budget” tablet.


marvelous_much t1_j8i4mcs wrote

When the pandemic kicked it schools ordered millions of chromebooks for distance learning.


BipedalWurm t1_j8i9yz8 wrote

well people can do more outside now, pretty easy to predict after having lockdowns.


mathaiser t1_j8jo3mz wrote

$2000 Facebook machines


endoire t1_j8k6k25 wrote

Low end tablets tanked or supply issues?


OhGawDuhhh t1_j8klusr wrote

I must say, I adore my Lenovo Duet 5 w/ 8GB of RAM. I enjoyed Stadia on it, thank goodness for Xbox Game Pass cloud 😅


ndoty_sa t1_j8knnoy wrote

I have an iPhone, an iPad, an HP work laptop, a cheap Asus laptop for the few times I need to print or download something, and a Samsung Chromebook. Aside from my iPhone, I love my Chromebook.


Captain_Comic t1_j8przjz wrote

Schools went crazy buying Chromebooks for 1:1 devices when COVID hit, a drop was expected if not inevitable


Efficient-Ad-3302 t1_j8hm2x4 wrote

The price for one of those products is practically unaffordable in today’s economy.


skittlebog t1_j8iktt4 wrote

This should be expected. There was a surge when the Covid lockdowns hit, and now people don't feel the need to replace those relatively new tools.


lagerea t1_j8ilscm wrote

Tablets and Chromebooks suck, it just took people a while to figure out they don't have too many use cases.


Bastuhingst t1_j8h7589 wrote

Maybe it has something to do with companies bleeding everyone, besides the rich, dry?


FLINTMurdaMitn t1_j8hpfj2 wrote

Turns out capitalism is eating itself and infinite growth and profits aren't a real thing, rising prices are causing more people to be unable to afford the basics let alone stupid gadgets year after year and the whole system is probably going to collapse in the next 10-20 years, if not sooner.