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strangebutalsogood t1_j8gieq5 wrote

Everyone suddenly remembered that proper laptops are better at just about everything.


w2tpmf t1_j8gitn2 wrote

Also a proper laptop can be had for the same price range as a iPad or a Galaxy S Tab.


gropethegoat t1_j8hm7ft wrote

iPad sales are increasing a lot according to IDC tracker


BigCommieMachine t1_j8ig2xm wrote

If iPad sales increase, it is probably because Apple is ending support for the iPod Touch which was used by a TON of companies for mobile PoS, inventory management/bar code scanners…etc.

Companies could use really reliable Apple hardware and use their own software rather than being forced to use 3rd party software and linking it in to their own internal system which many companies didn’t allow. If you used their hardware, you HAD to use their software.


poemmys t1_j8k3054 wrote

I don't know of any companies that use iPod Touches for that, they all use cheap chinese knockoffs that barely work lmao. I worked many retail jobs as a young person and never once saw any brand name devices, much less Apple products. Didn't stop them from taking $500 out of your paycheck if you broke/misplaced one though, even though it likely cost them ~$150.


nukey111 t1_j8l06e7 wrote

Healthcare. Dozens and dozens of ipads that they HAVE to have and are barely used.


poemmys t1_j8l9cy7 wrote

Oh for sure, the guy I responded to was talking about companies using iPod Touches which I've never seen


davepete t1_j8gs77h wrote

I doubt my mom could make heads or tails of a laptop, but she does fine with her iPad. iPads start at $300, and their sales are up for the quarter, according to IDC Tracker.


Laumser t1_j8hm4gl wrote

That's the beauty with iPads, you can hand them to almost any member of your family and they'll be fine


app4that t1_j8gk7hw wrote

I don’t know… for connecting to a work VPN, browsing, email, Zoom, streaming, etc, a ChromeBook at the $200 level seems to do everything quite well. For that price you get a machine that takes care of itself with virus and security updates for the next 7 years and is a great every day machine. It is not meant for high intensity compute tasks or gaming though.

Plus, if you for some crazy reason ever decide to loan it out and the person trashes it or loses it, it’s not a major wallop on your budget.


Laumser t1_j8hm707 wrote

I look at Chromebooks as modern day word processors, and for that theyre quite decent.


AkirIkasu t1_j8od153 wrote

The thing I hate about that 7 year figure for support is that it comes with so many hidden catches. First and foremost is that it starts from when the device first came out, so in order to get anywhere near that figure you have to buy a brand new device which may or may not have any trustworthy reviews at that point. And even after that they may not get new features added to ChromeOS. I had an early chromebook that Google had explicitly promised would be getting an update to run Android apps and the Google Play Store. Years passed, it ran out of it's support period, and it never happened.


techieman33 t1_j8z29yh wrote

They work for streaming video, but it’s a pretty painful experience. They’re just to slow to do it well and without lots of lag.


Majestic-Praline-696 OP t1_j8hw232 wrote

Chromebooks are the netbooks of today. Had a day in the sun, and now everyone has forgotten about them.


Orangeb0lt t1_j8ibtfl wrote

Not true, they are mainly used is school settings now. And my company uses them for temps who's work requires only online available applications like word, or excel.


BigCommieMachine t1_j8iel52 wrote

No, Schools had to buy them during COVID because they HAD to provide every kid a laptop for at-home-learning. Now every school has a Chromebook for every kid. Chromebooks in theory don’t really go “obsolete” quickly barring major changes to ChromeOS. So now IT departments just have to deal with churn for replacements, but they aren’t going to buy new. They are going to ship their broken units out and get refurbished units back in a cycle.


JohnGillnitz t1_j8jwt5y wrote

My new work laptop is ridiculous. i9, 4k UHD screen, big honking battery. Especially since it's primary function is just to remote into my office desktop.


firestar268 t1_j8ifyv1 wrote

ipads are a great notebook replacement. Saves weight too.