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davepete t1_j8grqll wrote

To be precise, market leader iPad sales were way up, #2 Samsung tablet sales were up slightly, and everyone else's tablets declined. To me, it sounds like low end tablets tanked, but not the market leaders.


EViLTeW t1_j8il123 wrote

The consumer tablet market is stupid right now.

The Galaxy A-series are the only reasonably priced quality tablets.

Everything else is either too expensive for a toy, or shit quality.


AkirIkasu t1_j8ob3ke wrote

Yeah, that's basically the market right now. You can either buy an iPad or one of Samsung's higher-end Android tablets if you want a decent experience, and the rest of the market seems to mainly be chasing the lower end of the market.

Google likes to pretend that Chromebooks can be nice by releasing things like the Pixelbook, but everyone knows that the main reason why they sell is because they are cheap.


diacewrb t1_j8hneyw wrote

That was pretty much the one bright spot from apple's latest financials. Their cash cow, the iphone, took a real hit.


mei740 t1_j8lc6es wrote

My 14 year old does 90% of her school work on an iPad and iPhone. Has a school issued Chromebook. Has access to a MacBook and pc but it’s easier on the iPad with keyboard.


Marvelman1788 t1_j8ibud2 wrote

I fucking hate apple and finally caved and bought an iPad. My 5yr old Chromebook crapped out and every other device on the market is absolute junk.


Majestic-Praline-696 OP t1_j8im38s wrote

Everyone sees the light eventually.


mei740 t1_j8lbnoz wrote

I hate buying a brand but if you fully embrace the Apple echo system it’s amazing. My last MacBook lasted five years and is still working as the house hand me down.


StarksFTW t1_j8o423r wrote

The products are just well built and last a long time. Had several android phones and none lasted as long as my current iPhone, damn thing still runs like I just bought it.


monox60 t1_j8lqam5 wrote

The galaxy tab is good from what I heard