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diacewrb t1_j8s36fz wrote

A full colour e-paper photo frame would be great.

No need for power cables or constantly recharge a battery.


Stanley--Nickels t1_j8s40o7 wrote

I think an actual photo would do that job a lot better. Until color e-ink comes a looong way.


yogopig t1_j8sdj0v wrote

Man just invented the printed phot


general_3d t1_j8t2i0y wrote

But then I need to pay someone to stand there and swap photos every 10 seconds for me...


CinnamonSniffer t1_j8toitx wrote

I think colored e ink is good enough rn to be honest. It looks like slightly faded newsprint which I’m plenty pleased with


Stanley--Nickels t1_j8tv5an wrote

I've only seen it in videos, so I'll take your word for it. It seemed pretty dull without either a lot of light on it or some kind of front light.


CinnamonSniffer t1_j8x0ebi wrote

Yeah I don’t buy ereaders without front lights anymore. Even in direct sun it makes a big difference