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Kosco97 t1_j8srmzc wrote

Just get a digital photo frame, what’s the point of this?


[deleted] t1_j8swvju wrote



Beznia t1_j8vbvnq wrote

It's just someone's fun personal project... This isn't something going to market, someone just had an idea and wanted to document their process to completion meanwhile sharing all of the resources in case someone else wanted to make one of their own.


BumderFromDownUnder t1_j8ugz4w wrote

It’s a tech demonstration if nothing else. E-ink badly needs to renewed interest. It’s difficult technology to work with - but I long for a future where they are commonplace in screens. They’re awesome.


Kosco97 t1_j8urgci wrote

I don't think they're gonna get interest outside of niche commercial applications


shouldbebabysitting t1_j8wijr6 wrote

Full color is coming out. It will be a game changer when price comes down.

Everything that doesn't need video will move to eink because it is so much lower power and better daylight readability than LCD.


Redeem123 t1_j8t3opi wrote

They literally just said - no need to worry about battery.

Might not be a great use case for everyone, but I feel like the comment was pretty clear what the point was.


Kosco97 t1_j8t4enh wrote

Print the photo, it'll look infinitely better than this and last longer


Redeem123 t1_j8t8sup wrote

Sure, I don't disagree. It's what I would do too.

But if your goal is a screen that could change pictures when you want at no additional cost, that's something that a printed photo can't do.