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xocolatefoot t1_j8sam86 wrote

A solution looking for a problem.


CantPassReCAPTCHA t1_j8siyn5 wrote

That’s kind of the point of R&D though. “Hey, we can do this” “why would you need to do that?” “Idk but we can do it now” then it sits on the shelf until an appropriate problem comes along


Afexodus t1_j8tizr6 wrote

That’s the point of pure research. R&D is both research and development and it generally aims to solve a problem. Research is done by universities more often while R&D is done by industry. That’s not to say that university research can’t look to solve a problem.

I am an R&D engineer and the number of companies that fund research that doesn’t solve a problem is very very few.

A foldable phone tried to solve the problem of allowing for a larger screen while fitting in a pocket. There was a problem to solve. Studying butterfly migration for the sake of understanding them better is research that doesn’t solve a problem directly.


xocolatefoot t1_j8thlar wrote

Fair. I guess that’s the viability they’re exploring, unlike everyone else who got excited and released them and now has to warranty them and try to retain unhappy customers because the durability vs. utility does not compute.


User9705 t1_j8tlgda wrote

Do it to counter Microsoft duo phone… oh wait… they didn’t release a duo 3? .. ok.. hey everyone go home and have a beer. We are about to send a text with pizza coupons. You’ll need it.


SpecialNose9325 t1_j8vpyr2 wrote

And to add to that, Innovation in one field doesnt necessarily mean innovation in another field that relies on the other.

Bluetooth has gone on all the way upto v5.3 with a shit tonne of features. Meanwhile the average equipment manufacturer barely even needs v4.0 to get all their intended tasks to work. And the implementation nightmare of hardware limitation vs software/protocol limitation is absurd. Bluetooth Audio is straight up trash and the only way to get good audio is to design your own proprietary profile and not share it with anyone, which is what every major device manufacturer does.


Parafault t1_j8u2rzz wrote

I think it would be useful. Phones are getting so big that they no longer fit into pockets, but a foldable phone would solve that by allowing you to fold a much larger phone in half, and fit more processing power/disk space in it.


m_willberg t1_j8w0mnu wrote

So, companies are creating a problem that they will "fix" with pricier product.

There are bunch of people who would buy smaller phones, me included. But I had to buy an older used model as the new models are just too expensive (s10e vs s22)


spudddly t1_j8zxzu3 wrote

Samsung's Fold phones are fantastic - ~2/3 the size of a tablet when unfolded so great for browsing, reading etc... but folds up into a (thick) phone size that fits into a pocket easily.


Mrhappytrigers t1_j8v4alt wrote

Bro, it's 2023. I want my God damn holograms and augmented/virtual reality, not foldable glass screens that'll fuck up because of planned obsolescence.


qaasi95 t1_j8uatv7 wrote

I could've sworn Samsung literally made this exact device and presented it at CES 2022. Is lining the chassis with haptic-sensors that big of a leap?


spudddly t1_j8zy9zx wrote

That's what Apple does - wait 2 years after a good new design is released then produces their own claiming they invented it in the first place.


Willinton06 t1_j8sec4y wrote

It’s just not worth it


TypicalJeepDriver t1_j8s94c9 wrote

I hope they can make improvements over the massive turd that is the Galaxy Z flip 4.

My buddy bought the flip 4 as his first “nice phone” in awhile. He’s warranties it 4 times in 4 months due to hinge issues, screen delamination, screen just randomly not working etc. He said if it breaks again he’s throwing in the towel and going to an iPhone.


Strange-Luck-5773 t1_j8td32n wrote

That sounds like Bullshit, I had the original z flip for a year and a half and never had an issue. Caseless and didn't baby it at all,it was covered in scratches and dents on the outside from being rough with it.

I did have one issue with my z fold,but Samsung had a courier collect it from my house and repair it at no cost.

They're not for everyone, but the benefits of a tablet in my pocket are amazing, but if you want a normal phone just buy anything else,they're all practically the same these days.


TypicalJeepDriver t1_j8tgr2g wrote

I’ve heard the Z Folds are a lot sturdier than the z flips, but I have no experience with them.


Tokishi7 t1_j8uqhaz wrote

Damn. We ran out of warranty a month or two and they charged $400 to replace the fold Z. 😂 wish they were they kind in Korea


catswingnoodle t1_j8smf6b wrote

Some other companies already have foldables that are considerably better than the Samsung flip. Oppo find n2 flip for example, better fold mechanics, bigger battery, costs less but IMHO still too costly for what it does.


CoyerCo t1_j8vd26l wrote

Weird. My wife and I both have the flip 4 and have had no problems. Even got some sand in the hinge abd just grinded it by folding. Still works fine


el-gato-volador t1_j9agi3r wrote

That's weird is he doing something special to it. I have had the fold for months with zero issues and my friend has the flip and also has had no issues with it.


Nytonial t1_j8slmok wrote

That's pretty ridiculous to bin off the entire android platform because he brought an obvious experimental product from the "worst" manufacturer android has to offer...


MrWrock t1_j8t1om4 wrote

Funny they are considered the worst manufacturer, don't they make the screens used in iPhones and many android phones as well?


Nytonial t1_j8t2nsl wrote

Oh, hardware wise Samsung make some of the best electronics (screens, cameras, processors and flash storage), white goods(fridges and washers), tanks you name it...

But they are super restrictive on their own assembled phones, forcing you to install bloatwear (over 50gb on the s22 is unremovable apps/system. It's 4GB on the pixel series) and they do all in their power to prevent repair.


PeteZaPower t1_j8tc0ci wrote

I disagree about the appliances. We bought everything Samsung, fridge, dishwasher, oven, washer, dryer. We have had major problems with each of them and they are only a few years old. Never again


elMurpherino t1_j8u3mos wrote

My Samsung fridge had problems almost immediately. I explained it further but replied to the person who replied to your comment and I’m lazy and don’t feel like copying it again.


Nytonial t1_j8tc9km wrote

Fair, my parents have a Samsung fridge/ice maker that's still going after 10 years and never repaired to my knowledge


elMurpherino t1_j8u3hxd wrote

Mine is shit. Ice machine never worked properly and we had to fucking defrost it three times a year bc Samsung refused to issue recalls on the one I have. But the techs that came out and the internet said they didn’t design the defrosting portion properly and nothing the techs are allowed to do will ever fix it. We fuckin modded it based on a YouTube video lol, which helped but still have to defrost it twice a year. At least for me personally I will never buy another Samsung appliance based on this experience alone.


Nytonial t1_j8u3rh9 wrote

Damn, guess I'm alone in this one then with the golden fridge/freezer 😅

Never had an SSD fail either


elMurpherino t1_j8u4e1m wrote

Lol consider yourself lucky. It may just be certain models but I don’t care to find out. Ours is a French door style with freezer on the bottom and water ice on the outside of the left door.

Edit: to add I’d have no problem buying Samsung ssds. Those are good in my book. Just Samsung tvs and appliances I have sworn off lol


TouchofRed t1_j8tfkbp wrote

While most of what you said is true. That 50GB on the S22 is the difference between GiB and GB. Samsung counts this difference between GB and GiB as part of the storage used by the system. labeling these conversion losses under 'system' is a strange practice and causes confusion.

For example, a device advertised with 512 GB of storage actually has closer to 476 GB (GiB) of usable space. Likewise, a 128 GB model has approximately 119 GB of storage, with 256 GB yielding 238 GB of space.


CheckMateFluff t1_j8t4z8r wrote

I find Samsung is harder to repair because of its complexity while apple is hard to repair because of artificial stop gates.


Nytonial t1_j8t5nkq wrote

They've recently started serialising their cameras, storage and batteries so at this stage, with apples (very not perfect btw) repair program it looks like it may actually switch round in the near future 😬😬😬 with apple being repair friendly and Samsung becoming purely disposable tech.


CheckMateFluff t1_j8tmi2c wrote

Apple is never going to be repair-friendly by itself, it hurts device sales and shareholders' bottom line. and Samsung is going to get slapped with the same thing as Apple with its anti-consumer practices.

In best case scenario both are forced to be repair friendly

In the worst-case scenario, Apple shakes the repair law and Samsung follows suit.


mcraw506 t1_j8xyq1i wrote

You should see the repair process on the S23’s. All I can say is good luck to anyone trying to repair it on their own


Ryfhoff t1_j8v201f wrote

Prevent repair ? That’s simply not true. I run a shop on the side. Apple is the one who tries to prevent repairs in more than one way. Samsungs are actually the easiest to work on, all the same size screws, mostly modular and no encrypted / paired hardware to the phone. There may be like one exception where they tried some shit.


Nytonial t1_j8v2v2w wrote

I'm quite sure the camera at least is paired in the s22, and I thought it was more. Maybe they got pushback and are behaving?

Most repair parts on their store page are permanently out of stock

They are also petitioning the government to ban all oled screen imports except direct from themselves, which will stop most sources for screen repairs


[deleted] t1_j8t43ec wrote



MrWrock t1_j8t7av6 wrote

Oh, interesting. Any idea if they share anything other than a name?


Headytexel t1_j8tqt8b wrote

After looking deeper into it, I was actually incorrect. I assumed both companies were independent companies under the Samsung chaebol, but SD is actually owned by SE.


skalpelis t1_j8w2t4n wrote

Samsung Mobile and Samsung Electronics (or whatever their names are) are technically different companies under the same chaebol.


Runaround46 t1_j8tsmth wrote

First company to make a glass on glass foldable where the only folding screen is the center covering the hinge wins.

Glass foldable glass


skalpelis t1_j8w31jo wrote

I’m sticking out for a Westworld phone - the screen itself doesn’t have to bend, it’s just multiple displays that line up just right.

I have a feeling that the whole bending display material thing is a red herring, something that will be discarded 5-10 years from now when an obviosly better and less failure-prone approach appears


SpecialNose9325 t1_j8vq3a9 wrote

Dont forget durability of that folding bit. I recon it has to be a separate panel array over the curve so if it does break, it can simply be disabled at the curve and continue as a 2 screen device.


CheckMateFluff t1_j8t4nsd wrote

Oh man, I can't wait for people to get it and immediately pretend as if apple invented it.


ComradeJohnS t1_j8tugsr wrote

Nobody will think that. But if Apple puts it out, maybe their tech would be reliable enough to make them last? Who knows, I’m still not getting one.


LLouG t1_j8t6hxz wrote

Shhh you'll make the fanboys madge.


InterscholasticPea t1_j8w9fz9 wrote

Apple does this all the time. Prototypes of all sorts. They don’t always make it but sometimes the features does.

Apple was never really at the forefront of bleeding edge tech but they make it better than anyone else


KilgoretheTrout55 t1_j95xzgc wrote

That's very subjective. Certainly don't have the best keyboard, certainly don't have the best audio codec. Certainly don't have the best point and shoot cameras (see MHKBD blind test with 22 million votes sample size where it finished in seventh place. Losing to the Pixel 6a, the Pixel 7, the ZenFone 9, the s22 ultra, oppo, etc...).

Americans just really don't bother trying any other phones, 90% iPhone mostly because they'll be socially isolated if they don't. Apple massive marketing budget has done a good job creating the illusion that their products are superior.

Don't get me wrong on some ways their products are superior, they have the brightest screens, most powerful silicon usually, often loudest speakers. They have a reputation for having the best video although we haven't seen a proper test the way we have point and shoot photography.

But the operating system is so deeply limited it's almost like a toy. Can't download any apps you want but you could get any laptop or any Android phone.

Hell, you can't even use landscape mode on the home screen.

But this is unique to the United States, in every other part of the world, there is a lot more competition and Apple is just another brand.


Irrelevantitis t1_j8urvwd wrote

Know what? I’m good with keeping the touch-sensitive areas on just one side of the device. I butt-dial enough as is.


berkeleyjake t1_j8uzrk0 wrote

Sooooo innovative. I must have one. I will pay any price!



DamNamesTaken11 t1_j8w1ivh wrote

If you like them then I won’t try to convene you otherwise but I’m still not sold on foldable devices.

I’d much rather be able to have my glasses function as AR lenses or holograms that don’t require special glasses.


1052098 t1_j8vdm8t wrote

Can they figure out a way to remove the notch first? Also, add back Touch ID pls…


[deleted] t1_j8vxijl wrote

I want a decent clamshell not a phablet and I want part of it to be thin.


therealpigman t1_j8w3s6c wrote

I personally have no interest in a foldable smartphone, but I guess it will make someone happy to have


Hansonguy t1_j8w62r5 wrote

That type of phone is already out. So lame.


ktElwood t1_j9eox3f wrote

Do you want foldable screens?

No. made it and we spent money on it and now you have to want one.

Remember the "Touchbar" ?



Ryastor t1_j9ewmxs wrote

Just why?


ctzo t1_j8vjwt9 wrote

Samsung is already at FOLD 5. 🤣