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LSeww t1_j8sppru wrote

That's what I thought. Arm SOC have no place for an upgrade / modularity, while mac pro is marketed as an upgradable system. I'd bet you won't even be able to add unified ram.


magicMikeeee95 t1_j8t65mo wrote

Apple still thinks "upgradable" means that you're able to carry it into a store every two years and buy another one


anatomized t1_j8uvd4y wrote

That's right. Apple think "upgradable" means that they upgrade it, not you.


seweso t1_j8vub8u wrote

If enough people buy the machines, they really don't care what the people say who do not buy the machines ;)


magicMikeeee95 t1_j8yyr2w wrote

That's completely true, but I don't think any company is too big they can afford to alienate the commercial sector, and that's the direction they've been running in for a while now. I didn't use to dislike Macs. They were all we used for a while, lol. Gradually, it was cheaper to buy workstation PCs that could do all the same things. So we did, and they ran somewhat alongside. But as they start to age and wear out, do you replace them for something a year or two better in hardware performance, or do you build out a PC workstation which can either cost less or, for the same money, put out much higher performance? We don't give a shit what color the computer case is, our clients don't care what logo is on the machine, and one of them I can just slap better parts in for years instead of constantly having to buy the latest and greatest.


seweso t1_j936x12 wrote

Total cost of ownership is lower for a mac than a pc. If your business can run on macs.... i'm not sure why you would choose pc. Maybe because people love the sound of fans?


magicMikeeee95 t1_j937ohy wrote

>Total cost of ownership is lower for a mac than a pc

Where are the numbers on that?


thecanadiansniper1-2 t1_j9crshi wrote

Source? How easy is it to get the IT department to change CPUs? Company wide on a Mac and a PC? IT can literally go to an OEM and buy in bulk new motherboards and choose either Intel or AMD for CPUs or Nvidia and AMD for new GPUs.


stiegosaurus t1_j8tcwfx wrote

Lol so true. Apple is terrible.


MrGeekman t1_j8tfadk wrote

Tim Cook's Apple is terrible. He's taking the Sculley approach.


pseudocultist t1_j8uup0s wrote

Jobs knew who Tim Cook was, very well. He had competing visions for Apple in front of him, and he chose the beancounter. He wanted it to be successful, not artistic, in the end.


MrGeekman t1_j8v4m9t wrote

There's a difference between bean-counting and taking advantage of customers. I don't think Jobs knew Tim Cook would be like Sculley 2.0.


Seedeh t1_j8uxmje wrote

part of it is a technology limitation


Kopextacy t1_j8u9xyk wrote

I hope they adhere to that concept for that machine. I gotta give Tim Apple some credit though, since the introduction of M1 and beyond a lot of the changes in the computer world of apple have been the right ones. Still thrilled with my m1 Macbook pro and love that SD card slot and actual io


LSeww t1_j8uchmx wrote

Yes I love how they brought back mpb design, magsafe and threw out butterfly keyboard.


synthjunkie t1_j8tjhw4 wrote

Couldn’t they split the ARM soc so it’s like x86 pcs? Separate GPU and CPU (Apple silicon) for desktops? Then they could offer future upgrades up to a certain point in time


seweso t1_j8vu96y wrote

That would reduce the bandwidth between the CPU and RAM. Makes more sense to be able to plug in more/new cpus


muffdivemcgruff t1_j8w3v2d wrote

This, is exactly what I suspect they’re gonna bring to the table. 8x PCI-E x16, pluggable SOC’s. If they’re like M1/M2 you could make the whole board just a backplane.


DrMacintosh01 t1_j8u4q1x wrote

I am eagerly awaiting to see what the new Mac Pro ends up being.


Hattix t1_j8vtjjw wrote

I can't wait for Apple to invent Hybrid Crossfire.


ballsoutofthebathtub t1_j8wd2sx wrote

Sort of like an MPX 2.0. This would make sense if they can't just keep scaling the whole SOC up. GPU is the thing you always need more of in video editing... not so much with RAM and CPU past a certain point.

At this point they just need to announce the thing... the natives are getting restless. Although the loudest group seem to be people who essentially want a slotbox they can stick PC parts in... and run Windows. I'm sure they're in for a fun time.


MarcusOrlyius t1_j90v4w7 wrote

Looks like a cheese grater. Was that thing designed by Jony Chives?


MadOrange64 t1_j91xcxa wrote

I thought it was a cheese grater at a glance.


ntack9933 t1_j8udm8u wrote



22Sharpe t1_j8w0nq0 wrote

The people who actually need the power of a Mac pro can easily afford a mac pro and it’ll pay for itself over its lifespan. These aren’t consumer machines, neither is the Mac Studio.

At the end of the day your average user is unlikely to even scratch the surface of what a Mac Mini with an M2 Pro can do (if that). The Pro line is for workstation grade hardware that’s designed for stuff like high end video editing / compositing and such.

If anything Apple has watered down the “Pro” name by slapping it on literally everything but the fact remains that a true Mac Pro isn’t meant for everyone and it hasn’t been since at least the low end 2010 models.


skatecrimes t1_j8xap3q wrote

I bought $3k mac pro in 2010 (im a designer and musician). That thing was a beast and its still my music machine 13 years later. Money well spent.


skyeyemx t1_j91r1wn wrote

Mac Pros are commercial machines meant for heavy rendering tasks. Computers of this class can cost upwards of $200k. In fact, the most powerful computer Dell will let you spec costs $400,000 and comes with 7.5 TB of RAM.


ntack9933 t1_j91taep wrote

cool r/eattherich


rakehellion t1_j932ips wrote

"The world would be a better place without computers."


skyeyemx t1_j91tzuk wrote

A computer like this rendered every animated movie you've ever seen. A computer more expensive than this runs every website you've ever logged in to. A computer a hundred times more expensive than this has processed every bank payment you've ever made.

You're not achieving what you think you are.


Ya-Dikobraz t1_j95m8eb wrote

Bought a Mac Pro in 2008. That thing is still a workhorse to this day. I have two now. And I'm not even some professional designer or musician.


Shavethatmonkey t1_j8tvwk3 wrote

They didn't make any consideration for adding video cards to their architecture?

Classic Apple.

Didn't the last Mac Pro have zero upgrades in like six years?


ledow t1_j8tvw2a wrote

So they reinvented nVidia Optimus?

Keep buying into the cult, Sheapple.


leonardodapinchy t1_j8x8cqb wrote

As someone who uses Apple products, sheapple is a hilarious term that I’m surprised I haven’t seen before.