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Ambitious5uppository t1_j92ivjo wrote

I had a Coca-Cola phone around 99-2000 ish.

It was an Ericsson (a few years prior to them becoming Sony-Ericsson) with a Coca-Cola fascia and splash-screen.

You got it by collecting tickets on the side of bottles, and paying a little extra.

I drank a LOT of Coke back then.


reallywhoelse t1_j934050 wrote

How many Coca-Cola phones = 1 Harrier Jet?


DandyGalaxy t1_j93ccwk wrote

But 10,000,000 looks way to large! Make it 1,000,000. It looks better that way!


Bobbyore t1_j95ohcv wrote

Fuck pepsi and the judge for that case. Great documentary though, highly recommend for the nostalgia if ur old enough for it


hearnia_2k t1_j9a0j40 wrote

It was likely the A1018s, I got mine for £30, and 60 tokens from Coke bottle labels, or packaging from cans. I asked everyone at school for labels, and had my 60 tokens in 3 days.

It was my first phone, and was a great device, though texting was a little annoying due to limied screen.

Had a unique ringtone only on that version of the phone, and the clip on frnt was chromed with coca cola written across it.

I wish I still had that old relic.


Ambitious5uppository t1_j9cvuma wrote

That's the one. I collected my own tokens, but still had enough in about two weeks. I think it was 3 tokens for a 2L bottle. (I hadn't drunk them all, but we bought in bulk because I did drink an awful lot).

It was my 4th mobile, and a major step down in terms of screen size,

But I quickly moved to the Motorola V66, then the Ericsson T68m, then the Samsung T108 japanese import.

Phones in those days were just better, so fucking interesting every one of them with their little quirks.

The T108 had a built in voicemail, and voice ringtones, though they W were in Japanese. 'Whey Yodiohala' (is what it sounded like).


hearnia_2k t1_j9ef47a wrote

Yep, for sure. Phones are all very samey and boring these days. I remember back then everyones phone was so different, and they all had different features, and different games, etc. The power consumption was lower so lasted days, and if you wanted then carrying extra batteries was possible too!

I wish that it was possible to run some of thsoe old phones, but it's hard to get well prices 2G SIM cards, and they likely won't work at all much longer.