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TalkativeVoyeur t1_j9a8m85 wrote

And after watch 4 I would not be surprised if it only works in the US and south Korea with no intention of ever expanding... I'm still waiting for Samsung to activate BP on my watch 4


Draevon t1_j9abhuj wrote

Garmin released a stand-alone blood pressure monitor for the USA and the option in some countries to add manual readings too from regular devices, it's been months and for some reason even that hasn't been rolled out globally, must be a hassle


KN_Knoxxius t1_j9aw8xa wrote

BP works fine for me in Denmark (Europe), where are you located since you think only US and Korea gets it?


TalkativeVoyeur t1_j9b3qx6 wrote

BP works in other regions now, but initially it was those two and it took like a year to expand and only to a few countries.


Tambani t1_j9d4g0y wrote

BP works great on Watch5 in Australia. I calibrate it every two weeks and it's reliable enough my cardiologist has asked me to send my reading trends.