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JeffMorse2016 t1_j99tshs wrote

Game changer for diabetics if true and accurate. May be enough to move me from Apple if it works.


GonnaNeedMoreSpit t1_j99wa9z wrote

I bet it comes with disclaimer saying its not meant to be used as a medical device and readings are not to be considered accurate. But it might help some people realise they need to seek medical advice so better than not having the feature.


TalkativeVoyeur t1_j9a8m85 wrote

And after watch 4 I would not be surprised if it only works in the US and south Korea with no intention of ever expanding... I'm still waiting for Samsung to activate BP on my watch 4


Draevon t1_j9abhuj wrote

Garmin released a stand-alone blood pressure monitor for the USA and the option in some countries to add manual readings too from regular devices, it's been months and for some reason even that hasn't been rolled out globally, must be a hassle


KN_Knoxxius t1_j9aw8xa wrote

BP works fine for me in Denmark (Europe), where are you located since you think only US and Korea gets it?


TalkativeVoyeur t1_j9b3qx6 wrote

BP works in other regions now, but initially it was those two and it took like a year to expand and only to a few countries.


Tambani t1_j9d4g0y wrote

BP works great on Watch5 in Australia. I calibrate it every two weeks and it's reliable enough my cardiologist has asked me to send my reading trends.


EntMe t1_j9akpko wrote

Absolutely. Diagnostic measurements require regulatory approval. Without accuracy and reliability, the 'benenfit' you mention could just as well swing the other way.


Bodhgaya t1_j9cpf4u wrote

It's good enough for most people to just know the direction and magnitude of blood sugar response.


watduhdamhell t1_j9e4087 wrote

Sure. But all that matters is does it actually do the job? If the general reviews/consensus is yes, then that's good enough imo.


Uporabik t1_j9a8g1q wrote

Rockley has put out a dev wristband with newest sensors which include glucose, pressure, alcohol. If they are reliable enough I am sure Apple will include them


TalkativeVoyeur t1_j9bcej0 wrote

Just Googled rockley photonics and it seems they went bust :(. Hopefully the tech is already out here and someone will continue to develop it


Uporabik t1_j9e6pdb wrote

I heard some rumors that apple will probably buy them out to have patents under the roof


SlowThePath t1_j9d52fz wrote

Techs simply not there yet. We have other cool solutions though. Between my pump and my dexcom that talk to eachother and give me insulin or stop it when needed I'm cyborged out over here. I think it's cool.


Bfrank_ t1_j9byuop wrote

I’m in the same boat. I would switch to Samsung immediately if they released a non-invasive blood sugar reader that was accurate/reliable


Say_no_to_doritos t1_j9al8zp wrote

I'm pretty sure there are real time monitoring equipment that administers directly so you don't need to worry.


LastStar007 t1_j9av0m2 wrote

I have one of those, and it's great, but it's still not quite "there yet". The corrective algorithm takes extreme precautions against dropping your blood sugar below normal levels, which is understandable, but it means that it's sluggish at dealing with high blood sugar.

But that's the "administering directly" part. The tech for "real-time monitoring" is pretty mature at this point, but it still requires you to inject something under your skin and wear a patch with a Bluetooth transmitter on it. It expires every 10 days and has a 2-hour warmup period where you also can't get readings. In terms of benefit vs. inconvenience, it's still well worth it, but a noninvasive means of measuring blood sugar would still be an improvement.


Young_warthogg t1_j9be5kn wrote

Being able to calibrate my CGM when I’m not near my glucose monitor would be very convenient. It doesn’t even need to be that accurate CGMs are often off +/- 20


LastStar007 t1_j9bj07u wrote

Which CGM are you on? The Dexcom G6 not needing calibration has been a dream.


Young_warthogg t1_j9bk6ti wrote

I’m on the Medtronic guardian sensor, I asked my endo about switching over given all the positive things I’ve heard. Her reaction was “your a1c is under 7, why are you going to change what works” so I’ll stick with it for now.

Does the Dexcom automatically adjust basal rate based on bgl? Right now the guardian does and with the next version can auto bolus correction doses.


___Dan___ t1_j9c70ry wrote

Medtronic has been one of the worst systems out there for several years running. And what your endo said is hardly a reason not to change. Push back if you want the dexcom, you have to own the results and live with it everyday not your endo. I’d even fire the endo and move on if you have to


LastStar007 t1_j9cpnnl wrote

Dexcom only makes CGMs, not pumps, so they've partnered with Tandem.

Dexcom and Tandem delivered the auto bolus correction doses years ago. Surprised Medtronic hasn't caught up yet.

Edit: also, the fact that you're so successful with Medtronic makes me think that you'd handle the switch better than most. If you're a good shot with iron sights, you'll be an even better shot with a scope.


No-Carry-7886 t1_j9a6txc wrote

It’s almost guaranteed to just be a shitty watch app that integrates with actual glucose monitors oh which only two or three work otherwise you have to manually log it.


Rrraou t1_j9aoupa wrote

I'd probably get one out of curiosity if it actually works.


DeusSpaghetti t1_j9cn3t6 wrote

Their fall detection system is fantastic as well. Wife has POTS and haven't had a false negative ever in a few years use. Does pick up seizures as well.


onyxium t1_j9h2zqt wrote

I might be misunderstanding but based on the language of the article and it’s source, it’s talking about basically a knockoff add on to the Freestyle Libre 2, which itself is an arguably inferior tech to the Dexcom which has been around for years - and already synced with Apple Watch and some fitbits.

So while it has definitely been a game changer for a lot of us, Samsung’s several years late to that party.


MajorKoopa t1_j9amzpf wrote

Samsung is usually trailing apple in features. I’d bet they know something we don’t know.


makesyoudownvote t1_j9at6g8 wrote

Are they?

I feel like this is definitely not the case. Apple trails pretty much the entire industry in features. They just dominate by holding off until the features actually work well enough to be worth it.

Samsung generally is at the forefront of new features, but they aren't always well known or advertised because Samsung doesn't always have full confidence in their reliability.


MajorKoopa t1_j9atpf6 wrote

Ehhh…you ever see what Samsung phones looked like before the iPhone? When they got rid of the headphone jack? Overall form factor and style? If your talking about foldable shit sure, but even their watch is a look back at apple’s.


makesyoudownvote t1_j9b3ruk wrote

Are you really trying to argue that getting rid of the phone jack counts as adding a feature?


MajorKoopa t1_j9bgqta wrote

No. It’s a trailing indicator of Samsung following Apple’s mobile device direction.


makesyoudownvote t1_j9cudky wrote

Ok, but you said features not trends or standards.

Apple does not lead in features at all. They are probably among the least innovative in terms of the phone manufacturers. They don't have to because they are the gold standard. They dictate the market.

When they adopt a new feature, it's almost always a feature another phone manufacturer has already created and had some degree of success with. What Apple does is refine and perfect. They will often use different nomenclature and subtly different protocols to make it appear like they innovated, but really it's just a refined and more specialized version of something someone else has already done.

Other manufacturers innovate because they are competing with each other and Apple. Apple gets to sit back and learn from their successes and mistakes. Then they get to issue their stamp of approval on the features and release a finished and polished version of the feature themselves that is more stable, more intuitive and more simplified. That's what they do.

Apple is much more likely to remove features (like the phone jack) and convince customers that they don't need it or it's obsolete. Other manufacturers can then choose to retain the feature, to try to distinguish themselves from Apple, or not. But because Apple has a reputation for being the gold standard and industry leader, this is often a losing game because any attempt to make their phones seem different from Apple makes them only feel cheaper or inferior to average consumers even if it's objectively a better feature.

Also, I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about with the Samsung phones before the iPhone. Do you mean pre-2007? This is first off so long ago that it has no place in the current conversation, and secondly you are talking about two different types of devices. The smartphone space was extremely limited until the iPhone popularized it in 2007 and Androids weren't commercially available until almost a year and a half later. Samsung was not making smartphones at all until 2009 *Edit: I forgot about the Samsung Blackjack. I had the first iPhone, and got it on the first day of it's release. Up to that point the only remotely popular smart phones were blackberries, palm pilots, and then the sidekick and chocolate JUST before the iPhone came out. IPhone's principle innovation was being first to market with a full color touchscreen interface that was designed not to require a stylus for precision and integrating the features of their iPod into it. The original iPhone didn't even use apps until it had been out for almost a full year.

In terms of the smart watch, Apple hardly innovated either. There were several smart watch companies that predate the Apple watch, and when Apple introduced the Apple watch the biggest difference between that and the other options was that it integrated better with the phone's OS. Microsoft, Seiko, Fitbit, Suunto, Fossil, and I think Pebble all had smartwatches before Apple and Apple's really didn't add any especially new features. They did better integration with the proprietary OS that they own and have exclusive access to, but that's about it.

I'm not hating on Apple here just so you understand. There is a good reason they are in the position they are in. Their products are the most well polished and reliable. Their mobile chips are the most powerful and their software is extremely optimized in ways no one else can match. But if you think they do that much in terms of feature innovation, you've been drinking the Kool-Aid my friend. They fall behind even small blip companies in that regard specifically.


IceBreak t1_j9a62x1 wrote

Apple’s been working on it awhile. Tech isn’t there for them yet but maybe soon. Then again they’ve been trying to get touch id reworking for half a decade.


MrTurkle t1_j9acaj9 wrote

Touch ID doesn’t work? It’s flawless on my Macbook


WhenKittensATK t1_j9apurn wrote

Referring to blood glucose monitor and not fingerprint reader


MrTurkle t1_j9aq0ca wrote

He said they’ve been trying to get touchID reworking for half a decade. It’s literally the last sentence of his post.


IceBreak t1_j9aw34s wrote

Not since they used a home button.


bcjgreen t1_j9a4953 wrote

How does a watch measure blood pressure?


jordanManfrey t1_j9a7o3h wrote

They already have this in the last few galaxy watches, you calibrate it by using a real blood pressure monitor and telling it the reading a few times while it measures the intensity of your pulse (I think) and uses that as a baseline to guess (fairly accurately) what your blood pressure is the next time you ask the watch to "measure" it. It makes you re- calibrate every 30 days, and it isn't currently allowed in the US (along with ECG), though there are ways to make it work if you look around...

edit: i misremembered why I had to work around the lack of the app needed to take those measurements - they're locked to samsung's own phones I guess (again, despite it being trivial to circumvent, which really makes me wonder if samsung's marketing and leadership are in tune with, well, anything consumer-desire-related lately.)


alabastergrim t1_j9ajxo2 wrote

(along with ECG)

This is incorrect. ECG is on US watches


jordanManfrey t1_j9am51w wrote

idk I'm in the US and it wouldn't even let me download the "health connect" or whatever app. Maybe it's an ATT thing


Nerdlinger-Thrillho t1_j9auf7z wrote

It's a US thing. They couldn't get approval from the FDA or something. It's on there. People were using some workaround.


sillyhatsonlyflc t1_j9aybj7 wrote

Hmm. I never did any sort of workaround. My 4 Classic just came with ECG out of the box. I live in and purchased it in California.


Ralliman320 t1_j9b1wnv wrote

Same, my 4 Classic has it as well (NC). The first time I used it I thought it was a heart rate monitor 🤡. It's definitely an ECG.


Crintor t1_j9ber90 wrote

Had ecg on my watch 4 and 5 pro in the US.

Only BP is restricted.


huzernayme t1_j9bxwpq wrote

No workaround. There is a disclaimer about not using it to diagnose blahblahblah, but other then that nothing our of the ordinary to use it.


Nerdlinger-Thrillho t1_j9ca0h2 wrote

There isn't a workaround, but there was before. I think it was a side load kind of thing, but by the time I got to it it was out of date.


MarginalLlama t1_j9avx8j wrote

Do you by chance know the work around? I've been trying but couldn't figure it out.


mazzimar7 t1_j9d6fer wrote

I have att and it works on my 3 series. But it came preloaded with the health trackers and apps.


Trouthunter65 t1_j9b1ak2 wrote

Yup, set this up last week in Canada. Pretty accurate


PunchingEskimos t1_j9b9qq1 wrote

What is it if yiu don't mind me asking? Also from Canada. Got the 5 Pro.


BadManPro t1_j9bpzvk wrote

Blood pressure and ECG.

On my watch 4 it was just swiping till i got the blood pressure and ecg tiles, clicking it and then just setting it up as instructed.


PunchingEskimos t1_j9c2cso wrote

Oh weird. My 5 doesn't let me set up anything because I can't download the health monitor app for some reason.


BadManPro t1_j9c4d0r wrote

I read on this thread elsewhere if your in the US you cant.Might wanna check if its like that in your country. Regardless there should be a workaround on google.


Trouthunter65 t1_j9c97v6 wrote

Hey no problem, my father in law is wearing a galaxy watch 4 classic paired with a galaxy S7. You need to install Samsung health monitor app, Samsung health app and for good measure galaxy wearable app (don't know if necessary but why not). I specifically bought this for him for fall detection and tracking, hence, all in on Samsung. You will need a blood pressure monitor to calibrate the watch. Add blood pressure monitor to your tiles and it will walk you through the process. It takes about 20 minutes. My FIL is able to use it (he's 87 and not even remotely techie), it also transfers the info to his phone and keeps a record for him to show doctor. The ECG also works (couldn't tell you what it does). Good luck


dustofdeath t1_j9cjbhj wrote

The calibration part is why I never use it.

If I had a real monitor, I would use that instead anyways.


Time-Button4999 t1_j9adh59 wrote

>It makes you re- calibrate every 30 days

Having purchased and returned a blood pressure monitor from Amazon last week for mine and the wife's new watches, this makes me sad.

Have to increment them every 2 weeks and calibrate off eachother :D


Reeybehn t1_j9aft5w wrote

Great so you saved a few bucks and there’s now a device that can no longer be sold and was made dirty by you going to a landfill. Top job man 😒 excellent use of resources


scirc t1_j9ajats wrote

Pretty sure Amazon takes all returns, pallets then up, and sells them in bulk regardless of what they are. Maybe for like, sex toys, they'd throw stuff away instead.


Reeybehn t1_j9ajv05 wrote

Some things get resold in bulk, many others like wearables, medical devices you use on skin etc might well be thrown away. Either way it’s just a scummy thing to do still.


[deleted] t1_j9al9pd wrote



Reeybehn t1_j9alh23 wrote

It’s the blood pressure sensor he’s talking about not the watch l. Either way it’s still a dick thing to do. Buying products you plan to use once to then return. Wastes resources nonetheless. Product needs to be checked again, repacked etc and is only probably sold again in a bulk


Not_as_witty_as_u t1_j9aom1h wrote

No, even if it costs less to clean, refurbish, repackage etc the profit margins are so small that it’s not worth the time so it goes in the trash. There’s plenty of articles about it, the waste is gross.


UsecMyNuts t1_j9apsf8 wrote

And they’re carried over to the supplier, not amazon.

Why even bother talk if you clearly don’t know what you’re talking about?


Reeybehn t1_j9bwbly wrote

It’s not about money man. Unused stuff ending up in the trash is bad for all of us for multiple reasons. It’s a waste of money, sure. It’s also a waste of resources packing and shipping. Waste of resources used to make the product.

Then when enough people do this the price of shipping and returns (not generally as relevant for Amazon but definitely for other retailers) goes up and everyone complains. Price of products goes up (definitely also relevant for Amazon) to compensate for the money they spend on this waste and guess what, everyone complains again. Its a net loss for everyone involved: produced, retailer, consumer, and our planet.


DoritoAssassin t1_j9anvls wrote

Remember that you have to also must have a Samsung phone for this work. Caveat Emptor

Sent from my Google Pixel 7 Pro


AbaloneLopsided7992 t1_j9bsqob wrote

Pretty neat how it works. The watch will use the same technology that the ECG will use (electrical signal) and the same technology for PulesOX (blood flow). It looks at the difference between the electrical pulse and the subsequent flow of blood to determine the pressure. This is why it needs to be calibrated- everyone will have slightly different arm lengths or other irregularities. The calibration tells the watch how to calculate the differences, and then spits out and amazingly accurate blood pressure number.


flyingh1 t1_j99s3l9 wrote

So they beat Apple to sugar monitoring to the mass market? Nobel Peace Prize level type of breakthrough


jbdi6984 t1_j9a0wwv wrote

As a type-1 diabetic, I’d buy the watch and keep the cgm to see how they compare at times. The cgm I know captures the broader strokes.


blankasfword t1_j9aahfm wrote

Not yet. The article says it “may arrive in 2025”.

Apple has been rumored to be working on this for ages too. Sounds like we’ve still got to wait a couple of years to see if it will become a reality.


Sueti_Bartox t1_j9cg4xn wrote

Approval for medical devices takes years in OECD countries. So even when they have the tech ready, add years for the approval process, even if it goes smoothly.


Fredasa t1_j9aj4x9 wrote

One of them is going to carry medical legitimacy in the US. And probably not necessarily both. I hope there are some strong patents tied to this.


Not_TheMenInBlack t1_j99zd3i wrote

Not for medical purposes though, so there’s still room for a breakthrough after this major advancement.

I expect that Apple has been researching and developing a medical-grade glucose monitor since Apple Watch Series 3. A non-invasive glucose monitor would make smart watches a part of an insulin prescription


EnigmaHSV t1_j9a9c3y wrote

Yeah, if you, as a company, could get your smart watch to be part of a prescription you would have a TON of money on the table.


Not_TheMenInBlack t1_j9brtne wrote

I could see companies making budget versions that collect health data and do nothing else.

Whoever patents it could very well make billions from it, but here’s to hoping that the winner shares the breakthrough.


rosesandtherest t1_j9agcyh wrote

Yes they beat it the same way Apple beat everyone by inventing time travel, aka it doesn’t exist in the market and people can’t buy it


eMouse2k t1_j9b95wg wrote

Nof yet. Read the article. The new OLEDs they’re talking about aren’t out until 2025, and the only seemingly confirmed features are fingerprint scanning and blood pressure, though it’s probably more like pulse monitoring. Anything else is a statement about what it could “possibly do”


Turkeydunk t1_j9bfzce wrote

Neither will get it to work, this has been the holy grail of the field since at least the 90s so they’ve almost tried everything by now


EbagI t1_j9cgepu wrote

>Nobel Peace Prize

Nobel prize* ☺️


MomDoesntGetMe t1_j9ai9dp wrote

Let’s see it’s effectiveness first before making such calls. The blood oxygen sensors on all smartwatches are currently a joke despite it being advertised as revolutionary.


corgis_are_awesome t1_j9d0ee1 wrote

What we ACTUALLY need isn’t a glucose monitor. What we NEED is an insulin monitor.

When we measure diabetes by the glucose, we are measuring it indirectly.

The problem with this is that you can eat a bunch of sugar, and if your pancreas is working fine, it will produce a bunch of insulin to balance your sugar levels. This causes insulin resistance to build up in your body over time, even if your glucose levels look fine.

The more sugar you eat, the more insulin you produce to balance the sugar. The more insulin you produce, the more your body gets used to it, and the less effective it becomes.


lukeskywalker008 t1_j99y1eh wrote

The glucose testing is a farce. If it can do anything in that regard it will not be accurate and will be unreliable. My bet is that just like when Apple seeded rumors they would have that feature on their watch, then didn’t just didn’t do it. It’s impossible without a blood sample.


JohnnyRyallsDentist t1_j9a2w2d wrote

I'm wondering if it will simply give a reading by linking wirelessly with a (3rd party) continuous glucose monitor device, like a phone app might do.


lukeskywalker008 t1_j9a33y6 wrote

Could be. But then ya gotta wonder why they would claim the watch can do it. Glucose monitor readings are already available on smartphones, but they don’t claim smartphones can monitor glucose levels…


revto9000 t1_j9ayvwm wrote

That's already a thing. There are Samsung gear apps that link to a continuous glucose monitor


cujobob t1_j9a9euf wrote

Apple acquired a company that solved this, I believe. Whether it can be done accurately (consistently) and affordably is another issue.

I’ve been waiting for this feature since I’d heard about it. I’m not diabetic, but everyone benefits from having that information. I’d buy one for everyone in my family.


[deleted] t1_j9alpt0 wrote



wilyo70 t1_j9aujti wrote

If this can accurately monitor my blood sugar, my medical costs would go from $1,000+ every single year to a single watch payment. That’s pretty beneficial to me.

That doesn’t even include that it would take away the process of inserting and removing the thing every few days like I have to with my current device.


SoUpInYa t1_j9b8m3t wrote

>process of inserting and removing the thing every few days

How difficult/painful is that?


WhyTry32121 t1_j9bbtpg wrote

it is as difficult/painful as inserting and removing a small needle every few days. i'm sorry if this doesn't help, but i don't know how else to describe it.


[deleted] t1_j9bb8x7 wrote



wilyo70 t1_j9bbst9 wrote

Looking at this from strictly a numbers perspective:

Diabetics are fucking expensive for insurance companies to cover. If this helps diabetics control things better, that leads to diabetics being less expensive to cover, which leads to lower premium pricing for everyone.


[deleted] t1_j9bg3yr wrote



wilyo70 t1_j9bgfjn wrote

It is related to the cost of medical care which is medically related.


[deleted] t1_j9bk0hk wrote



wilyo70 t1_j9bl6h0 wrote

See, just because YOU don’t see an immediate functionality improvement doesn’t mean that they were wrong.

If these features are able to help out medical costs for a lot of people, they will help out others, who don’t care about the feature, with the cost of their medical care.

I am also basing these benefits on people living in countries where you have to pay for healthcare.


[deleted] t1_j9bn1r7 wrote



wilyo70 t1_j9bnea4 wrote

I don’t pretend to know about healthcare for every country in the world; I just know about where I live and how it could effect people here.


[deleted] t1_j9bqd09 wrote



wilyo70 t1_j9bqni7 wrote

There is nothing natural that people can do to fix Type 1 diabetes. It is due to a genetic mutation. We’re pretty much the shitty X-Men.


alihassan9193 t1_j99zhrm wrote

Well, it's not impossible per say, since there's tech already present in some form which allows blood sugar testing without blood, but Samsung's smart watch doing it is kinda improbable.


lukeskywalker008 t1_j9a29ca wrote

What already present tech can reliably read blood glucose levels with out blood?


BillZeBurg t1_j9a2cqu wrote

You get a little patch on your upper arm that reads your sugar levels and then just scan that patch with your reader.


Absolutax t1_j9a2l2n wrote

This Patch has a small piece of “string” inside you arm and is reading your blood by being in direct contact with your blood.


the_archaius t1_j9aezq4 wrote

It actually inserts a small electrode into the subcutaneous layer under your skin and runs the test on a schedule by passing an electrical current through the electrode and measuring the resistance.

Similar to a glucose monitor test strip, but with the fluid still in the body.

If they can do this without the poke, would be a game changer.

Btw, you still get the “not intended for medical decisions” warning with the dexcom and libre cgm’s


BillZeBurg t1_j9a2u3m wrote

Yea exactly. Not sure if this watch gizmo does that, but was just replying to the other dude. I suppose I misconstrued needing blood flowing out your finger to “blood present”


lukeskywalker008 t1_j9a2n4p wrote

You mean the patch that has a subcutaneous filament, testing your blood?


BillZeBurg t1_j9a30t8 wrote

Yea, sorry if my post seems like an “acktually”, I just thought you didn’t know of the tech. As I just replied to the other guy, I misrepresented it obviously by thinking you were meaning picking your finger to get a drop of blood.


CaseyBF t1_j9a96cf wrote

Not impossible. Look up glucowise. Still in development obviously but the goal there is to shrink the tech to a wearable size like in a smart watch


PIWIprotein t1_j9a5rlf wrote

Impossible, i dk, but the tech sure isnt even close yet.


Madholm t1_j9d2xdv wrote

We already have continuous monitoring and pumps. They will eventually uncover a somewhat accurate bloodless system to track blood glucose.


zomirp96 t1_j9eql50 wrote

There is already a company that makes this device, it was at CES this year.


manwhorunlikebear t1_j9ama01 wrote

I use a Libre2 chip that has a plastic sensor going through my skin into the underlying tissue to measure the blood sugar, but it is not accurate compared to a blood sample from the finger plus there is a delay when you measure the bloodsugar in the muscle tissue compared to the finger, so I highly doubt someting sitting on the outside of the skin on the wrist can do it even closely precise, but I have a small hope - exciting technology at least. If it works just slightly reliable it is a complete game changer for all people with T1D or T2D.


JAYKEBAB t1_j9aa6j0 wrote


It's literally embedded in a display. So I assume it could be anything from a fridge display, tablet, phone etc.


Northern23 t1_j9b9s96 wrote

Was so confused why is the article is showing the back of a smartwatch while referring to the front of a screen.


xcalibre OP t1_j9dncbq wrote

the back of the watch would be made of the stuff the screens are made of


eMouse2k t1_j9b9sx0 wrote

Read the article. Samsung is developing OLED sensors that will allow displays to be more sensitive, including the ability to detect finger prints and pulse. Anything else is a statement of what it “could possibly do.” The displays aren’t expected to be available until 2025.


Smitty8054 t1_j9bcpq7 wrote

As usual I’m asking where the data goes.

I’m assuming everywhere.


phrendo t1_j9a6y39 wrote

Can it tell me when is the ideal time to poo?


Hitch_Medberger t1_j9a8pp5 wrote

Yes. You just need the additional butt plug accessory.


phrendo t1_j9a9o23 wrote

I’m in 🤜


Ohjay83 t1_j9as4gj wrote

Is the voice line to confirm the correct placement of the accessory!


Richard1864 t1_j9agsaf wrote

Tech is there, accuracy still years away. And Samsung has an extremely poor privacy record, so I would never trust them with any of medical or health information. Their watches still don’t use encrypted Bluetooth to transfer data between watch phone for example, the only smartwatches that don’t use encrypted Bluetooth, per Consumer Reports and health regulators.


R0GERTHEALIEN t1_j9ap8fq wrote

Absolutely zero chance Samsung has that in their watch in the next five years. And even then, I'm sure it'll have a disclosure that it shouldn't be used for medical treatment purposes. They've been talking about putting a blood glucose monitor into a watch forever now. Galaxy watch 4 was supposed to have it and it didn't.


Sylvurphlame t1_j9b61r9 wrote

> Absolutely zero chance Samsung has that in their watch in the next five years.

I’d tend to agree.

> And even then, I’m sure it’ll have a disclosure that it shouldn’t be used for medical treatment purposes.

Apple has the same disclosures now. That’s just a liability boilerplate they’d put on there regardless of how accurate a given sensor is.


_bigbubba_ t1_j9auk9z wrote

If watches don’t measure blood pressure what have I been seeing on watches out already? Ex. iHealth? Doesn’t Garmin make one with a BP monitor as well?


Cyberpunk_Delayer t1_j9cstdf wrote

These are the two things I dream about being able to monitor on smart watches, especially for my parents.


techwolfe t1_j9d82xz wrote

How on earth does it do blood sugar without a blood sample?


Zarxon t1_j9fdw4l wrote

I have never worn a watch, but if it had blood sugar monitoring . I’m buying one.


6363tagoshi t1_j9all9j wrote

I'll wait until it comes to light and slim band watches and battery doesn't require to be charged every 1-2 days.


bk27465 t1_j9bl9fk wrote

Next we will have sperm count and bowl movements


Madholm t1_j9d29pk wrote

I really wish governments would step in to regulate health related technologies so that patents are shared between tech companies. Improving the health of humanity should be an area of cooperation.


TeamADW t1_j9d4ldw wrote

Should be update version 1.2 that removes the blood sugar monitoring once everyone in the US gets tired of it pinging after every soft drink.


xikubuek t1_j9dc9lh wrote

Can apple trade blue texts for this?


quesadilla79 t1_j9e5ubx wrote

so apple bragging of innovation in 3, 2, 1


robolab-io t1_j9afson wrote

I will never buy a Samsung product, if I do, they would probably add advertisements to it


ouruniverse06131986 t1_j9apiw3 wrote

They’re all doing it in a hurry to beat Apple. We all know deep inside Apple takes its time to do it right. $am$sung 🤣🤣🤣.


NeverPostsGold t1_j9a7klu wrote

How can a display sense anything? It's a fucking display!


ardiento t1_j99sgmd wrote

Yayaya sure I need those.But how about focus on bringing back SD card slot and audio jack for now?


Starold t1_j9aekk1 wrote

that ship has sailed for mainstream phones