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nullrecord t1_j9kx0fs wrote

Proof of concept is VERY early in a possible product’s lifecycle.


AkirIkasu t1_j9lb432 wrote

True (and this is probably the wrong sub for this kind of news), but this kind of development could be very good news for a great number of people. Right now the most 'non-invasive' glucose meter is a probe that goes through your skin into your bloodstream with a puck that sticks outside of your body that you have to tape on, and you have to replace that every week or two. Reducing that to just wearing a watch is like a paradigm shift.


Gugelizer t1_j9njhz5 wrote

Little correction, the probe measures glucose in interstitial fluid not blood


fzammetti t1_j9n45cf wrote

I'm an avowed Apple hater. Can't stand the company, don't think their products are anything special by and large, and while I do own a Mac and an iPad for development purposes, I never use them outside that purpose and never would. I'm simply not a fan.

But, I'm also diabetic, and that will all change the day they release this. I'll buy an iPhone and an Apple Watch day one. Most especially if, as I assume, it would be continuous monitoring (and assuming it's accurate, obviously).

Paradigm shift is exactly right.

If they can pull this off, it'll be a real game changer for a lot (and a growing number) of people. They will have earned my money, if not my adoration, for sure.


LadyLibertea t1_j9n5tgt wrote

Other companies are working on it too! I can use freestyle libre with my Samsung now tho, but more info can't hurt...


fzammetti t1_j9n756b wrote

Yeah, for sure, and I'd love to see Samsung beat them to the punch so I don't NEED to go Apple. But this would be such a big deal that I'd be willing to jump ship. Hope I don't have to though.


MisunderstoodTurnip t1_j9ndzuf wrote

If you never had to spend more money on cgms at some point these watches would pay for themselves's


professorDissociate t1_j9my3n1 wrote

The fact that’s it’s possible is great. Even if Apple doesn’t take it further for some reason, I’d hope that their POC would have incentivized some medical tech companies to give it a shot.


[deleted] t1_j9n2bj7 wrote



pacifistrebel t1_j9n6j9r wrote

I'm pretty sure your citation says nothing about blood glucose and I love it because that's the most reddit thing someone could do.


ackermann t1_j9lbtk3 wrote

Yeah, a large portion of projects at the proof-of-concept stage never make it to launch. Probably more than 80%


thebigbabushka t1_j9lhbj4 wrote

I’m type one diabetic. Even the Dexcom and other continuous glucose monitoring technology released today to the public aren’t working perfectly. Far from it, since they don’t work on me hardly at all. Completely different technology all together, but worth noting as it’s something I’ve heard would happen for over a decade.


Frisky_Potato42nite t1_j9nzm4f wrote

Yep. At the very least, it’ll be 3 years before a commercial product launches with the tech. But more than likely about 5 years away.


chalk_in_boots t1_j9or6rr wrote

I remember reading about this maybe 4 years ago? A university in Boston had developed a method with LIDAR to successfully monitor glucose levels in a beaker of water. Assuming they're using tech from that study I wouldn't be surprised if it's closer than we think


Iccyblu3 t1_j9mimjo wrote

Doesn’t matter what brand, if i dont have to poke my finger daily then thats a life changer.


batman42a t1_j9mok8n wrote

When I switched to dexcom sensors that was a life changer. Not having even that would be great.


Iccyblu3 t1_j9pliwd wrote

Yeah i have heard about dexcom- thinking about mentioning to my primary care.


tmac1997 t1_j9nle6g wrote

Freestyle Libre 3 is amazing. Size of a dime


g0ndsman t1_j9nz725 wrote

I am somewhat involved in the development of this device and I kind of feel proud reading this comment 😁


DismalButtPirate t1_j9olvgd wrote

My younger sister (mid 20s) LOVES hers too. She strongly dislikes dexcom products. Practically saved her life one night - around 3am while sleeping her blood sugar was rapidly dropping, triggering her emergency text message alarms to family members.

She was so deeply out of it that her incoming phone calls/app alarms weren’t waking her. Eventually we got her boyfriend to her and he ended up sort of force feeding her. If he had been later in arriving we would’ve had to call 911. He said she was catatonic.


g0ndsman t1_j9on89r wrote

Happy to read that it helps people so much. I don't directly work on medical devices, but my company makes stuff which is used for the production of this device (can't get more specific than that, there are NDAs) and it's always a good feeling when I realize that my work has real impact on people's lives.


grissenko t1_j9nt11q wrote

If you can get one 😑


eiscego t1_j9ntb30 wrote

I use the Libre 2 and it's not really that big and it's pretty cheap relatively!


grissenko t1_j9ntnyv wrote

There isn't anything wrong with the Libre 2. I wanted to switch from the Dexcom G6 to the Libre 3, but no one could get them in (my scrip is still waiting on availability). Got the Libre 2, instead, though for some reason even that is a bit spotty with availability between my local pharmacies and my mail order prescription service.


eiscego t1_j9nus7v wrote

Ahh I see! Well good luck! It's always stressful!


bipolarchickennugget t1_j9lgy9m wrote

If this works out, it'll be life changing for newly diagnosed diabetics and pediatric patients (as well as the entire diabetic population as a whole). Hoping this won't end up like scammy theranos!


i_max2k2 t1_j9lv6dj wrote

There is definitely a small difference between Theranos and Apple. It will come down to, if it’s actually feasible and it makes $ sense to build / mass produce and make profits. If all those boxes are checked, very likely Apple will release it. Theranos was horse poop.


Pingryada t1_j9o3ey6 wrote

Legitimately Apple would crush the market if they are first to market with this and its reliability accrue and FFA approved. As a T1D I can tell you most people would buy one since it would eliminate the large cost of having a CGM currently. Almost unlimited press and a couple million watches. Throw in a couple fitness gurus and such and you have a cash cow. People will upgrade for a 5% boost in accuracy or whatever they will claim. It would be BIG


wallflower7522 t1_j9odygc wrote

I have hypoglycemia that is mostly just a mild inconvenience but sometimes very scary. This would legit be the best thing ever. I imagine it would also help a lot of people who don’t realize they are pre diabetic or having unusual blood sugar swings tackle it early.


RideOrDieRN t1_j9mfzfq wrote



TomatoMasterRace t1_j9log79 wrote

As someone with T1D, this would actually make me buy an apple watch lol...


shmi t1_j9ls2kd wrote

T1 here too and as an Android guy this would make me entirely switch to iPhone/watch, no question.


Torance39 t1_j9nay7b wrote

Samsung is well on its way to this. I can't wait, as I really love the Watch Pro 5.


shmi t1_j9nbcoy wrote

Oh good.. I really like my galaxy active 2. Then I wouldn't have to switch :D


Torance39 t1_j9nfc5g wrote

Finally, Samsung is doing something right in the smartwatch game.

I think Apple put this out to make people think they're on track. But they're really behind (again). They are just good at advertising little things.

I can't do the Apple ecosystem. Have been into computers since '82 - I like my open systems.


sulyeiro t1_j9nliie wrote

“Behind again”?


SRVisGod24 t1_j9nvzqr wrote

Apple has their faults, but the Watch is definitely not one of them. Samsung continues to get closer and hopefully Google keeps making the Pixel Watch, but the Apple Watch is still miles ahead


Avia53 t1_j9nhtxd wrote

There are currently 30 companies working on CGM, I do hope Apple is not stealing and crushing one of those companies. Like destroying AliveCor.


Laumser t1_j9nw8hk wrote

If it means actually getting a working product to market I'd be fine with it tbh


Avia53 t1_j9nxioo wrote

I hear you and sadly so would we. Husband tried one of the sensors for a month and it is awesome.


WillDill94 t1_j9mc5ip wrote

I had been holding out on upgrading my Series 1 watch since the 4 was announced, waiting for this feature, and of course this gets announced right after I finally upgraded it lmao

Yes I know it’s just proof of concept, but it’s still another step closer lol 😂


Dukxing t1_j9o4r98 wrote

yeah, don't feel bad about upgrading, this is great news and a step towards that, but it's a long way to go. if u need an upgrade and it's not coming next year or even the year after next, u still would've got ur money's worth. don't sweat it L:)


LightningVole t1_j9lyivs wrote

I already wear a smartwatch. If I could do that and avoid having to manually check my blood glucose levels, I’d be on board.


SJeoffS t1_j9msqd2 wrote

I wonder if it will announce loudly: “WARNING LOW SUGAR ALERT” about 4x - like I’ve heard coming from a person or persons one time in a doctor’s office?


SJeoffS t1_j9mss83 wrote

Still it’s a great breakthrough


Ana987655321 t1_j9ngop2 wrote

Rumors of the glucose monitor watch have been around for many years. It would be really nice if this technology were possible, reliable, and commercially available. Yes, please.


Robo287 t1_j9m969m wrote

I'd cave and buy the apple watch if this came to market


suid t1_j9mv1ux wrote

I'm just waiting for the Better Off Ted references when this turns out to not work so well on dark-skinned people. (sort of like those cheapo oxygen sensor finger doodads.)


spellbookwanda t1_j9mcrh2 wrote

So how does this work with the Apple Watch ban I just read about a few posts back?


perilouspixie t1_j9mutq2 wrote

It seems like there's a flood of posts about Apple Watch to try and leverage public opinion to pressure Biden into reversing the ban. Look forward to more 'wow this is so revolutionary, if only we could have it...' kinds of posts.


cluesthecat t1_j9ncu6k wrote

Just give me the blood pressure monitor and I’m sold


mgd09292007 t1_j9m90y6 wrote

Awesome I just bought an Ultra and was worried that such a feature might be right around the corner….now I don’t mind waiting a couple years


esp211 t1_j9mf1ua wrote

How big is the market for diabetics who need to regularly check their glucose levels?


SymbioticTransmitter t1_j9miwk2 wrote

I think it’s about 1/10 in the US and in Canada with the rates continuing to climb each year.


esp211 t1_j9mpumh wrote

I wonder if this is something where you can constantly monitor your glucose level regardless of whether you are diabetic or not. Sort of like the heart rate monitor to let you know if your levels are off and you need to take action. Or you are consuming too much and need to slow down.


COLDIRON t1_j9mtrsz wrote

Yeah the article mentions they are going after type 2 and “pre diabetics” so I think that’s the plan


RIOTS_R_US t1_jaammu1 wrote

Non diabetics really shouldn't worry about their blood sugar at all.


medulaoblongata69 t1_j9nupjg wrote

The diabetes tech market is valued at well over 50billion USD, and hundreds of millions more will develop type 2 in the coming years.


Badideanumber t1_j9mkpdn wrote

It would be a day 1 purchase for my mom and dad. Can’t wait. We need healthy tech to advance quickly. 🙏


GooglyEyedMoose t1_j9nfqaj wrote

Meta Materials Inc. is working on something called "glucose wise" and they've already done human trials. Same concept.


Avia53 t1_j9nljj0 wrote

I saved the names of the companies and their progress on CGM, can’t post the picture here. Sad.


findingmike t1_j9nmsf4 wrote

Not many details and it sounds like existing tech. They all tend to suffer from the same issue, environmental factors cause too many variations in the results.


Tight_Association575 t1_j9opla3 wrote

It won’t make it through proof of concept. Photonics don’t like dark things like dark skin. The melanin concentration distorts the “laser” and desensitize the reading.


TangoEchoChuck t1_j9mm0qz wrote

I’m excited to see this in action!

I’ve loved my Apple Watch since the first pre-order. And I’m wearing a CGM right now because I’m trying to avoid the T2D diagnosis.


deffjay t1_j9n2g06 wrote

The applications of this outside of diabetics is massive. Think of all the apps that could use this information


[deleted] t1_j9lkxfg wrote



JangoDarkSaber t1_j9ls85g wrote

No we don’t. There’s multiple startups working on getting this tech approved however there’s no widely available monitors that are being sold at a commercial level.

The technology is still in it’s infancy and to claim it’s already in use is just plain false.