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brokenshells t1_j9m3zqn wrote

I have the inside scoop on the iPhone 20. Rumor is that it will have a display, the ability to make and receive phone calls, as well as having a camera on BOTH the front and back.


eskimobruv t1_j9mciqp wrote

Truly groundbreaking! What next? Speakers to play music and watch YouTube with?


thephaw1 t1_j9q0j32 wrote

I dunno man.

At the rate Apple is going, they're going to remove the screen to cut costs. Instead, it will be a touch sensitive phone-sized slab of metal and glass. Users will be expected to buy into their latest Apple Glasses to see the screen in augmented reality.


nekollx t1_j9rnmo5 wrote

You joke but their looking at foldable so....


TwentyLegs t1_j9mjqk1 wrote

I have the same info on the Galaxy s30. It’ll be able to take pictures of Mars.


Priuz7 t1_j9ngwc7 wrote

I heard that they also come with a complimentary charger! Just how generous and thoughtful Apple can be!


045675327 t1_j9mrwtp wrote

Well as long as it has a headphone jack..


theyellowbaboon t1_j9nvbal wrote

I hear you can download mp3 files on that phone and listen to music too.


AutoGeek3000 t1_j9qtjzs wrote

As funny as your comment is, it has more actual information that this article.


Sigmar_Heldenhammer t1_j9m01wt wrote

I’m gonna wager that “everything we know” is nothing because Apple hasn’t announced anything. Everything we know is just rumours and assumptions.


piind t1_j9malma wrote

But you don’t understand, this time its real


7HawksAnd t1_j9npnll wrote

A dribbble designer even made a mock-up! (But real talk the mock-up looks fresh to death)


MrTonyBoloney t1_j9ojdb3 wrote

Point taken but these rumors are real a LOT


rathlord t1_j9qgfx2 wrote

Well, there’s a difference between rumors- which are what they sound like- and leaks, which are often coming from an inside source and are frequently true (or at least, are for that stage of development). People who follow know which leakers are trustworthy sources and which aren’t.


BringMeInfo t1_j9mko7y wrote

Clicked through because I thought maybe there were leaks I had missed. The whole page is basically "we know nothing."


ithinkoutloudtoo t1_j9mz2gt wrote

Yes, don’t believe anything about Apple that they didn’t announce themselves. People who believe all of the rumors are so gullible.


0verlimit t1_j9ng48n wrote

xbox 720 moment with Dreamscape by 009 Sound System playing in the background


Waltuh69420 t1_j9m06po wrote

So the iPhone 15 isn’t even out and we’re already looking at the 16?


rufiogd t1_j9nr1dm wrote

This happens every year and I’m fucking sick of it.


Loose_Koala534 t1_j9q5aoe wrote

The iPhone 15 isn’t even announced yet. We’re at least six months away from a release.


Tsusoup t1_j9m3nuq wrote

Picture of IPhone Ultra

Caption: “This is in no way what Apple's ‌iPhone‌ Ultra will look like as there haven't been design rumors as of yet”


ProbablyBearGrylls t1_j9m9u7h wrote

That’s what really solidified the observation that they actually have nothing to report on about this phone other than they might add a new tier called the “IPhone 16 Ultra”. What a waste of an article.


BeKind_BeTheChange t1_j9mc6up wrote

My iPhone 14 is the last phone I'm buying until it breaks. There is not a single upgrade that I can think of that would benefit me. OK, x-ray camera. If the next phone has an x-ray camera I will upgrade.


GNering t1_j9mv570 wrote

but it will have a unique color! For just $299 more Come on, we NEED it! An orange one


BeKind_BeTheChange t1_j9n1gj2 wrote

Alright, you got me. Orange is my color. If they make one in orange, I'm in.


GileadGuns t1_j9nhjck wrote

I am holding on to my mini… I have big hands, but it’s so damned nose to be able to put it in a front pocket and still be able to sit down comfortably. And one hand operation is still easier with the mini than a standard iPhone.

I know they won’t, but I really wish they’d bring it back…


faladu t1_j9nt051 wrote

My last one was an iphone 11, considering to upgrade with the 15 if they do include the usbc port, otherwise I will probably wait another year and see if it made it into that one


BeKind_BeTheChange t1_j9oj6lt wrote

Honestly, USB-C is an upgrade that would get me to buy the next iPhone. I've had an iPad Pro for several years so it does make wonder sometimes why Apple didn't adopt the obviously superior design for all of their devices.


MistakeMaker1234 t1_j9ntb1p wrote

“Here’s some features people have rumored for the device: a better display, faster chip, and camera improvements.”

Real world class journalism there.


nekollx t1_j9rn6gv wrote

I hear the display will be some kind of primate silicate


synapsebondfire t1_j9mso78 wrote

Who gives a hot fuck honestly? Jesus Christ. Calm down with the never ending dev cycle already. It’s fucking annoying.


Stashmouth t1_j9m2fmy wrote

Does this even count as an article? Lol


hanston209911 t1_j9mzteu wrote

Using the iPhone 7 still does everything it is supposed to do and more Satisfied with it have no reason yet to upgrade


DjentlemanThall3612 t1_j9n43v9 wrote

That battery clinging on for dear life.


hanston209911 t1_j9n4qph wrote

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sweetart1372 t1_j9nuuq3 wrote

The iPhone 7 won’t get iOS 16 (or higher). There’s a lot of functionality/features/apps that the iPhone 7 can’t access now, or won’t be able to access as the apps update.


Rickyy111 t1_j9nw4nw wrote

Everything we know ! Which is literally nothing


-Great-Scott- t1_j9o9mys wrote

All I need to know is if it still makes people look like fools when it makes them say 'ducking'.


BoostedSVO t1_j9p1r3w wrote

Obvious shill is obvious. Piss off, marketing intern


Mindful_Dribble t1_j9mkyi4 wrote

I’ll wait for the iPhone Ultra Instinct


pacwess t1_j9n2zxm wrote

Great, another high cost high tech item for thieves to steal.


Exobian t1_j9n5m6c wrote

Will probably cost more than $2,000


NotFleagle t1_j9n6rf2 wrote

It doesn’t give any details other that that it will probably exist. Wow!


Kindly_Education_517 t1_j9nkksk wrote

another $1400 for the cult followers to spend and only use 10% of the features as usual.


Aristo_Cat t1_j9nppd8 wrote

stupidest fucking thing i've ever read. everything we know about the iphone 16 is literally nothing.


shepanator t1_j9o0xte wrote

The render is really bad, it looks like Apple and JCB collaborated on a construction site phone


bluegreenie99 t1_j9o8tb0 wrote

I thought iphones were already high-end.


proka_ro t1_j9oc3zm wrote

It's expensive, is not worth.


datnodude t1_j9okvqb wrote

phones have plateaued


junkie-xl t1_j9owuuv wrote

I wonder what features the Pro and Max are losing that'll only be available on the Ultra?


themancabbage t1_j9ptw0v wrote

What are the chances it’s just another iPhone that almost no one will be able to differentiate in a meaningful way from the past 5 of them?


nekollx t1_j9rmzxx wrote

I cremental changes are Like 3 generations so 11,12,13 then high change for 14, with increments at 15 and 16 the big change at 17 so if your last iPhone was 14/15 you can skip this but if it was 11-13 this set is a big leap

Tldr: it's 3 generation not 5


rezin44 t1_j9qjeye wrote

I’d like a damn iPhone I don’t have to put in a case for it to be reasonably protected


nekollx t1_j9rmn0b wrote

To be fair the gorilla glass and other things used in even the 11 are far more durable then the first gen it's just still not good enough for a rough environ


ballrus_walsack t1_j9qwo8n wrote

This is the biggest bunch of nothing article I have read today.


JVemon t1_j9roih4 wrote

What a fantastically shit blog post with shit writing.