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Sea_Wedding_159 t1_j9nkkbh wrote

Oh hey a giant rectangle. “Groundbreaking, I’ll preorder 4”


SpreadHDGFX t1_j9o6n04 wrote

USB-C is a big deal to me. I was waiting until they started using it to switch from Android


Jmich96 t1_j9oynj1 wrote

USB-C at USB 2.0 speeds.


bigjamg t1_j9p3p9x wrote

I don’t get why Apple touts ProRes capabilities and then puts usb 2.0 data transfer speeds. Terrible logic


Jmich96 t1_j9p54vt wrote

Could be one of five possible moves, by Apple:

- Spite towards the EU

- Artificially capping speeds to "show" government intervention isn't beneficial to Apple consumers

- To promote the use of current or future iCloud services

- "Innovating" of future portless iPhone

- Apple just continuing to not use anything beyond USB 2.0 speeds


WilsonIsNext t1_j9pa0pz wrote

If it’s any of these, pushing iCloud subscriptions is the true motive, all the rest are ancillary benefits to Apple.


MikeofLA t1_j9qzox1 wrote

I 100% agree with you, but this is so far just a rumor. At least on Pro Models it's expected to be 3.2 or Thunderbolt.


iceleel t1_j9oopyo wrote

Scums at apple will put in older slower version


aleksandersz t1_j9nwquw wrote

I wish they continued the mini series. My 13 mini is the best phone I’ve had since iPhone 5 🥲


nicknick43 t1_j9omyo1 wrote

This. Prefect size and the fact the apple wallet dimensions fit perfectly


SGTBookWorm t1_j9q30a0 wrote

I just got my 12 mini's battery replaced on the weekend

I'll probably hold onto it until they bring back the mini line 🫠


NotAnADC t1_j9om89j wrote

I wish my mini was smaller personally. But it’s a decent phone. I’m happy that Face ID works better than I expected. Leaving the button of the OG SE was hard


merlincycle t1_j9puhoe wrote

se 3rd gen ftw. Yeah i know my camera is old, but it has the A15. :)


CoolioMcCool t1_j9qv7ou wrote

Yeah the mini was the only iphone that has ever really tempted me. Sad it wasn't too successful. I hate the trend of more premium phones all being larger.


nitricx t1_j9mcb8s wrote

So disappointing. I love apple and have their entire ecosystem but damn it’s the same phone every year. Unless you’re a selfie queen/king nothing changes. I used to upgrade every year but stopped like 4 years back. A camera upgrade is not worth the price. Especially when I need a pro max size


ShakataGaNai t1_j9mhsg8 wrote

We've long since passed the high-speed innovation phase in phones. Until there is something drastic that changes in the technology available to mobile devices, we'll continue to see "boring" yearly revisions—slightly better camera, sensors, screen, etc.

There is not reason anyone to upgrade every year, with the exception of a very small minority. Even an every-other year upgrade cycle and probably be pushed to every 3 years, without being too far behind the curve.


VitaminPb t1_j9ng3sg wrote

I’m on an 11 Pro and might upgrade for the 15, mostly for storage.


DaoFerret t1_j9nmdrl wrote

I’m on an X. Just replaced the battery the second time and feeling it get sluggish sometimes.

Definitely thinking about the 15.


Legend4415 t1_j9nmz8o wrote

Fellow x owner! Thinking the same also. Specially if usb-c comes to the 15


[deleted] t1_j9nn8nl wrote



Awes0meApple t1_j9np3f4 wrote

120hz is literally useless. Sure it feels nice but its not very practical or useful for anyone on a phone.


Vindy500 t1_j9ntgzo wrote

How is feeling nice not practical or useful?


Awes0meApple t1_j9o0lwo wrote

Wtf. I‘ve been playing games on 144hz for over 10 years now. You legit only need higher hz for very hectic games otherwise it just won‘t make a difference. In the first 10min you think how amazing this feels and then you just forget about it because it makes 0 difference especially in phones. Movies and videos aren’t higher than 60fps most of the time and games on phones are absolutely not higher so you only notice the difference when scrolling. Very useful and practical indeed. But hey keep spending your money on useless shit none of my business.


[deleted] t1_j9o2hvp wrote



Awes0meApple t1_j9o40rz wrote

Of course you notice. I never said you wont notice. But the nice feeling dies down very quick once you get used to it (which you will extremely fast) and then only when you go back to lower hz you will notice it again. So it practically makes no difference. Even more when the only real purpose is for something as static as scrolling. 120hz won‘t improve your scrolling or add any new features. It‘s literally the same. What an absolutely laughable use case for high fps displays. And on top you get a worse battery life as well because the display drains more power.


_off_piste_ t1_j9nu9qd wrote

My 11 is feeling pretty slow and the memory is too little as apps are constantly refreshing when using the app switcher. These issues have me looking at getting a 15 even though there will be nothing magical about it compared to what I have. It will be a moderate upgrade across the board though.


DaoFerret t1_j9ojwqz wrote

It won’t feel magical to most people, but if you wait 2-3 cycles, enough upgrades accumulate that it becomes worthwhile (especially storage), and the longer useable lifespan helps defray the cost of a more expensive model (pro or more storage).

It’s the pattern of tech maturity we’ve seen in mainframes, desktops, laptops and handhelds since forever: rapid yearly advances at first as the market gets established and then longer periods of slower advancement as the market matures, often punctuated by actual disruptive innovation such as independent Graphics cards until the new technology also matures and the cycle continues.


ShakataGaNai t1_j9pf3xs wrote

I'm on a 12 Pro, I'll probably go to the 15 if it has USB-C. That's a big selling feature for me.

My wife was on the 11 and went to the 14.

Granted both of us do care about improved cameras on the phone because that's a big feature for us.


traveler19395 t1_j9ojzss wrote

11Pro here also, glad I got 256gb, still plenty for me, and a new battery around 2 years was worth it. Maybe I'll get a 16.


bicameral_mind t1_j9os6z9 wrote

I’m still on Xs and it performs very well still, still gets full OS updates. Only camera is missing some features but still very good with most important elements like telephoto and 4K 60fps. Easily 5 years life cycle with modern phones.


junkie-xl t1_j9oxgef wrote

I'll continue to upgrade my Pixel every year because it's only $400 after trade in. Latest soc, wifi, camera, screen and a fresh battery.


ShakataGaNai t1_j9pi38m wrote

Apple gives good trade-in values as well. If you have a 13 Pro Max and upgrade to a 14 Pro Max ($1099 base price), it's only $529 after trade-in. However, that's $45/mo you're paying for a phone. Not unreasonable, but a lot of money.

If you're a techy and want the latest and greatest all the time, then that price is probably worth it to you. But for the average consumer, that just doesn't make sense. The difference in SOC is only about 10% faster (according to geekbench) .


MorgaseTrakand t1_j9p96mc wrote

Yeah I'm curious how much longer it will be profitable to release a new phone every year. The updates are so small it feels like it hardly warrents the R&D and advertising


ShakataGaNai t1_j9ph1hz wrote

With how good Apple is at re-using their technology, quite some time. You see the camera modules re-used in multiple devices, the processors handed down from iPhone to iPad to Apple TV to HomePod. etc.

Plus, they are clearly still selling a lot of units each year. With less physical changes, they don't have to re-tool all of their manufacturing each year.

With less changes comes more efficiency and reduced costs, which means while less units may sell, they probably make more per unit sold.


EverydayTomasz t1_j9mirh0 wrote

I mean, they can only do so much to a rectangle. I'm happy if they would make a longer lasting battery and leave the rest of the phone the same. At this point, the camera, screen, and modem are pretty good. more storage space and better battery please!


Youvebeeneloned t1_j9mvrn0 wrote

Welcome to the modern age.... literally everyone is putting out the same phone with a little better specs...

The most innovative thing in recent years was the horrible not ready for prime time folding phone that has all but officially bombed and have struggled to gain any traction at all despite Samsungs massive amounts of throwing cash at the media to sell them.


nitricx t1_j9n40hr wrote

Dude and they’re crazy expensive. The big fold is like $1800. I won’t lie I thought about switching over but like I said already have the apple ecosystem. Also as shameful as it sounds the green bubble judgment is real.


jmedina94 t1_j9n8q7k wrote

I know somebody who spent tons of money on a fold and the screen cracked. Fortunately, the warranty covered it but he seems to think another defect is occurring.

I am totally into the Apple ecosystem but just bought an Android phone for fun because it was a good deal combined with a year of service. If anything, it can be a backup phone if an iPhone in our house breaks.

My main phone will continue to be my iPhone 13 Pro Max though.


Look_to_the_Stars t1_j9ned40 wrote

All I want is an in-screen fingerprint scanner! Until then I’ll stick with my SE.


nitricx t1_j9nfdk9 wrote

Wouldn’t mind that either. I get very annoyed with the facial recognition. If I’m wearing my glasses or if I’m not looking directly at it it won’t unlock.


Osuno_Eve t1_j9n8rgb wrote

I'd buy a 15 Mini Pro. I don't feel like hauling around a giant phone.


nitricx t1_j9n92hq wrote

Getting older and I’m on my phone all day for work and generally time killing. As much as I hate that massive size it’s easier on my eyes.


appmapper t1_j9nhqhd wrote

Yeah. I had them all since the first iPhone, but stopped at the 11 Pro…

I was worried that once Jobs died that we would never see innovation again, only iteration. Sadly it appears I was right. I might get the 15 if it has USB-C. I’m just kind of sad because I used to look forward to the release every year.


CHANROBI t1_j9nhuob wrote

Heh that's funny

Camera improvements is pretty much the ONLY reason I buy a new iphone


kachol t1_j9o4o2c wrote

I just bought my first iPhone in a while and it felt good going back (had an S21 before, great phone). I think anyone getting a 11-14 will be fine with that phone for a few years. Aside from the cinematic mode there isnt much of a difference to my gfs iPhone 11


dma_pdx t1_j9ot4b2 wrote

Let me sell you this blackberry.


JLGx2 t1_j9oummd wrote

Wait, you're disappointed because you get the save money?


nitricx t1_j9p6sda wrote

No because of the lack of innovation. I’ve been saving money for years. I stopped upgrading yearly somewhere around the iPhone X doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like to see something new from them.


wigglee21_ t1_j9p62mm wrote

This video is from Tom Scott and it’s mostly about AI but he also briefly talks about how smartphone innovation has stalled. That stall is not only expected, it’s inevitable.

We’ve reached a plateau of innovation with smartphones. The next big thing might be AR/VR or it might be A.I. but it won’t be the iPhone 15 or 16


ARoodyPooCandyAss t1_j9qj9in wrote

Same - I will say this. I got the 14 after having the X since its release, 5 years was an eternity for me historically to upgrade. The speed and screen quality amongst the camera quality made it a worthy upgrade. I am set for years to come until that foldable phone patent rumor comes into fruition.


betajool t1_j9ockas wrote

The only design feature I care about is USB C.


SUPRVLLAN t1_j9pbuwk wrote

I'm on the opposite side, what connector it has is completely irrelevant to me.


StrongInteraction594 OP t1_j9r5xvc wrote

why is that? I assume you use wireless charging?


SUPRVLLAN t1_j9r6gl3 wrote

Yep, wireless charging.

For the rare file transfer I just use one of the many cloud services available.


ARoodyPooCandyAss t1_j9qiwsf wrote



robertwilliamsiiimvp t1_j9qwll4 wrote

Cuz everything these days is usb c. Better to have one cord than 5 different for your phone, laptop, smartwatch, headphones, flashlights, game controller, etc.


MadRussian387 t1_j9m48if wrote

Not upgrading for another year it appears.


JR21K20 t1_j9of1ee wrote

I just went from my three year-old iPhone 11 to an iPhone 12


Olbaidon t1_j9n7iu2 wrote

I dunno I might upgrade from my 12 pro max, I might not, I don’t really have any issues with mine currently that warrants an upgrade.

Gone are the days of upgrading phones at every opportunity.

It’s funny know that I had this phone on a 2 year contract and didn’t even notice it was paid off for a few months when I realized our bill dropped drastically.

Previously I would be counting down the days or paying it off early to get in to that next fancy phone.


Murky_Crow t1_j9ocvwd wrote

I was just riding with my iPhone XR, and it was falling apart. It was an amazing phone and lasted a long time, but just well past the time to get a new one.

For a few months, I was holding out trying to decide if I could wait out till the iPhone 15 or if I should just get the 14.

About a week or two ago I bit the bullet and got the 14 pro. Seeing these leaks makes me really happy. I made that decision.

They look basically the same.


theambears t1_j9onerz wrote

Same, just upgraded to a 14, glad I did. I really don’t look forward to changing all our charger cords sometime in the future. (Which, is a good move overall! Don’t get me wrong. Just not fun for people who have accumulated a good stock of lightning cords.)


Murky_Crow t1_j9onuos wrote

I’m in the same exact boat. In the long run, I know it’s good, but I have all of the wires and everything now so I’d rather get a little bit more out of them before I move on.


Heishi-Jager t1_j9ossb4 wrote

Phones no longer excite me, the only thing that can get me and I suspect a lot of people now is lower prices. I can justify 500$ every 2-3 years, not North of 1000$

I'm typing this on my OnePlus 6 that I've had for 4 years and I'm hoping to have it for at least 2 more...


paul_is_on_reddit t1_j9p0e9l wrote

One would think that after all these years of "leaks", apple would have figured out who was leaking this stuff and fired them.


CaptainSnuggs t1_j9q2b9a wrote

I’m still on my XS. And it’s been doing amazing still, this still doesn’t look like enough for me to upgrade


Leevstar1 t1_j9qdn0k wrote

Apple: we care about the environment so much that we’re not going to ship you a brick with your new USB C to lightning cable that no one has a brick for at home. Instead we’ll make you buy one and ship it separately. In a second airplane. A second delivery truck. And more packaging waste.

Apple later: yea all those lightning chargers are garbage now throw them in to the landfill!

Fuck Apple. I’m happy they’re switching to USB C but this should have been done YEARS ago.


orsikbattlehammer t1_j9nycz4 wrote

I know everyone bemoans it but I really want an apple fold. I want the extra screen space.


slobozescy t1_j9qxzg7 wrote

USB-C would be a game changer


boadie t1_j9t4b22 wrote

Where is the headphone Jack?


lordzaior t1_ja4nukw wrote

did the bezels really get any thinner this year?

i’m still on the X


thafeel t1_j9nv0xm wrote

Was hoping for a design change but I’m going to upgrade regardless since I’m really bored with my 8.


Bolshevik-ish t1_j9nc2jx wrote

Usb-C is way more prone to breaking. I like Lightning


Shadow1787 t1_j9ml91o wrote

That type c makes me sad. Hopefully better quality than the Samsung galaxy’s.


meathole t1_j9n72it wrote

I have been using usb-c devices since 2015 and so has most of my family. Nobody in my family nor any of my friends I have asked have ever had a usb-c port fail on any device.


Shadow1787 t1_j9ndwvp wrote

I’ve had almost 6 different friends or family have their specifically Samsung port break. Me myself hav had 4. My Samsung galaxy s 9 plus went through 4 ports in two years, it what made me go to iPhone. But hey maybe I could be wrong.


DaSh4You t1_j9nugjx wrote

Can you stop with this bullshit? It’s also not a Samsung port, usb c wasn’t made by Samsung.


meathole t1_j9nerab wrote

Damn your anecdote is wildly different than mine. That’s a crazy failure rate. Do you use your phone while it’s plugged in a lot, or rest it down in the plug?


User95409 t1_j9o7635 wrote

I'm on an S9+ right now. I've had to clean my usb c port 4 times in 2 years. Perhaps thats your issue.


hawkzors t1_j9mxuex wrote

You mean better quality than every other device that uses USBC? Man, I hope apple really keeps the lighting port going for their only device in their Ecosystem, seems like the right choice to complicate things.