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PM_ME_A_PLANE_TICKET t1_j9pukt5 wrote

So about that superior front panel...?


Mia_Cauliflower t1_j9r15n4 wrote

I’m sure I read they were moving to use their own displays starting late 2023/early 2024?


ptthree420 t1_j9tbilu wrote

And this is news to who? They’ve been using Samsung parts since the beginning.


tnnrk t1_j9wsphn wrote

Oled, not miniLED that they’ve been using so far.


OpossomMyPossom t1_j9u3lcy wrote

I think I'm for the iPad, something that gets more years of use than an iPhone, the mini-led is actually a better choice. OLED has short lifespans


CobraPony67 t1_j9s08v3 wrote

HDR games and movies on the iPad?


hibi_chan t1_j9pry4x wrote

Apple, a trillion dollar company that blocks right to repair, uses 2nd and 3rd world slave labor, isn’t even remotely vertically integrated, uses Samsung displays, but will take Samsung to court over the rounded corners on a design patent.


BungholeSauce t1_j9rrvca wrote

Are you stupid? The phone and PC industry is almost all patent-sharing. LG screens, Sony cameras… every company does this and apple’s foray into their own silicon has been unprecedented


darknight99x t1_j9sjtg5 wrote

Who cares? Still ironic for companies to talk low about each other but still buy each others parts.


ptthree420 t1_j9tbv3w wrote

But they are inherently different products. Just because say a Dell PC has a Samsung SSD doesn’t make it a Samsung device or even close to any of the devices Samsung actually does offer.

Companies like Samsung really rely on selling components rather than selling devices, thats how a lot of the companies actually make their money. Because of this, they aren’t going to turn down a sell in their cash cow when the buyer is going to give competition in their other markets. Thats just a horrible business decision. Competition makes for a healthy market.

This is one of the reasons why apple is a little more expensive than the rest. They use very few of their own parts while other companies can use a lot of their own. This is why most of the other companies can afford the “we accept all trade-ins” campaigns that actually take a decent chunk of cash off.

Also, the division that makes components is an entirely different division than the one that makes devices, so there’s that. They aren’t related. Same parent company, but entirely different entities.


Cracker_Z t1_j9tdqlh wrote

The real reason it's more expensive is because of Apple tax, not parts. $0.10 increase in BOM shouldn't increase the price by $200.


ptthree420 t1_j9tdwpe wrote

True, but I’m sure its a factor, even if only slightly. It can’t be if you have to outsource basically everything.


darknight99x t1_j9thor2 wrote

Who cares? Still ironic for companies to talk low about each other but still buy each others parts.


ptthree420 t1_j9thsyi wrote

I’m lead to believe you read nothing said. It’s an ignorant business decision to deny a buy/sale because the buyer/seller is giving you competition in another market.

You’d be a horrible businessman.