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gregunn t1_j9rlvb3 wrote

Honest question: who cares at this point?

Phones are only getting incrementally better and cost an arm and a leg.

There is no need to upgrade your phone every year. Save your money for the next recession.


rkhbusa t1_j9v34w6 wrote

As the owner on an iPhone max I wouldn’t actually mind a medium ground between the normal size and oversize.


1_21_Jigawatt t1_j9pneh8 wrote

I hope they release a mini. If I want an Ipad, I’ll buy an Ipad.


Denalin t1_j9soxyh wrote

Yeah seriously. Mini is still too big imo lol. Bring back iPhone 4


Timmaigh t1_j9ta7nh wrote

This. Wont buy new iphone until the next mini.


1_21_Jigawatt t1_j9tcoji wrote

My strategy: every four years I buy last years small variant. Worked until this year: no 14 mini available.


warwithcanada t1_j9tlqym wrote

I’m on the 12 mini. Might switch to an android phone next if I have to. I don’t want to carry a giant phone in my pocket 24/7.


JMAN_JUSTICE t1_j9ujigp wrote

Yeah I switched to Android years back because all the iPhones were getting too big. But if they release a new phone that's the size of an iPhone5 I'd switch back immediately. I loved the way the iPhone5 felt in my hand.


zmunky t1_j9rqo3h wrote

Golf clap


Bulminator t1_j9salsh wrote

Feels like I just got the 13 and the tech hasn’t gotten better, it’s gotten buggier. Maybe Apple should take some time and fix the current batch…


stereopticon11 t1_j9st7gh wrote

yep, it's definitely gotten stale. i'm a huge tech lover and used to love upgrading every 3 or so years.. but we've reached a point where even budget phones are excellent and far exceed what anyone could ever possibly need, all while giving a smooth experience. i'm currently on an iphone 12 and haven't felt the need, or even want, to upgrade. I wish everyone would focus more on efficiency and having a phone that could last several days without a charge. that would definitely change my mind and warrant my money for that upgrade


JosePawz t1_j9sljf5 wrote

Ya, I remember when getting a new phone was excited. My last upgrades were 6=>Xs=>13Pro


Urasquirrel t1_j9t5c4k wrote

What if we just make it as large as a briefcase like in the 80's.

> wipes nose


SCUDDEESCOPE t1_j9t9ht7 wrote

OMG can't wait to totally ignore it again!


Kelp4411 t1_j9tjdm1 wrote



Justinaroni t1_j9tr6df wrote

Still not going to buy it, still rocking my refurbed iPhone 8 I bought off Amazon 2 years ago for $300, shieeeeeet.


kdoggie96 t1_j9u0mmi wrote

In other news, water is wet


TheJG_Rubiks64 t1_j9u31kf wrote

New information suggests iPhone 15 will be a phone


broadenandbuild t1_j9uizay wrote

Has anyone else also stopped giving a shit about iPhone leaks?


tylerderped t1_j9td8n3 wrote

Uuuugh, why? If people want a large iPhone, there are max sizes.


RandomZorel t1_j9tmxsc wrote

iPhone Pro Max and iPhone Plus are so much more expensive. A bit larger screen size is good, as long as they don’t raise the price


tylerderped t1_j9tn59w wrote

iPhone plus is only $100 more. The rest of us shouldn’t have to carry phablets just because of that.

The sizes should be small, medium, and large, not large and larger.


RandomZorel t1_j9tnb92 wrote

by 0.1 inch I doubt that you would feel the difference. But yeah Apple should continue their Mini line for people who enjoy small screen