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ihate360 t1_j9st8uv wrote

Where’s the sub where iPhone users talk about Android? Might be the only sub that doesn’t exist.


Athiena t1_j9uesao wrote

iOS users don’t constantly feel a need to shit on Android, just Android users do it for some reason


mb3581 t1_ja4xkz9 wrote

I don’t think about Android at all


ihate360 t1_j9uokb7 wrote

Exactly. Also, they just don’t exist to me until the green bubble 😂


p3dal t1_j9ucda1 wrote

Isn't that what this post is?


casino_r0yale t1_ja4w423 wrote

Why would I spend my time talking about Android? I don’t do Android dev or have an Android phone. It’d be like talking about Burger King when I don’t eat there


jdp111 t1_j9tlbk6 wrote

This sub..

This is an outlier it's mainly an apple circle jerk.


rathlord t1_j9tufm5 wrote

What are you smoking? This sub is incredibly toxicly anti-Apple. Look at like… the last week for 420 examples.


MikeDubbz t1_j9rs1xz wrote

I don't know why anyone would prefer the longer more obtrusive oval that Apple offers for the front facing camera over the smaller circle dot of modern android phones. The dynamic island is just a way to try and market a crappier design choice if you ask me.


Emanemanem t1_j9s1puo wrote

I mean yeah, it’s lipstick on a pig. But literally no one is choosing an iPhone over android because of the dynamic island.


MikeDubbz t1_j9s27ww wrote

I certainly hope not, though someone is trying to convince me that the dynamic island is worth it because it lets you login with your face ID in the dark... like ok, you do you, but that's a ridiculous reason to claim it's worth the loss in screen real-estate.


Emanemanem t1_j9s37qy wrote

They’re trying to convince people to buy an iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max instead of a regular 14 because the 14 Pros are the only ones with dynamic island. It’s a question of which iPhone, not iPhone vs Android


EngineeringNo753 t1_j9snyr3 wrote

Well tell them they are wrong, the face ID is IR based and doesn't need any light to function at all.


squareswordfish t1_j9uac5e wrote

I think he’s trying to say that they should give up on all the Face ID tech and just make a dot cutout and have the shitty face unlock that Androids have and that he thinks they work basically the same except for the fact that Face ID works in the dark? Which is funny coming from someone calling other people ridiculous


Romeo9594 t1_j9rvwej wrote

Until under screen sensors and cameras improve, I don't think Apple can offer a camera and FaceID in just a hole punch


SpecialNose9325 t1_j9sn6gn wrote

But we did solve it, with ultrasonic fingerprint scanners and holepunch cameras. Apple decided FaceID was their next big move, and then backpedalled but couldnt straight up remove FaceID, so now they are stuck trying to reintroduce TouchID without the backlash


MikeDubbz t1_j9rwy0l wrote

I mean my Galaxy can unlock with my face ID with just the small dot. Perhaps it's not as sophisticated as Apple's Face ID tracking? I dunno, but no one but me has been able to get in my phone with their face, so it's certainly doing it's job as far as my needs are concerned.


Romeo9594 t1_j9rxwj2 wrote

Apples FaceID is indeed more sophisticated than the Galaxy in order to make it both more secure and more reliable, as well as enable it to work under more conditions. Such as in a completly dark room without the need to increase the phone brightness

From facing camera vs. an IR projector and receiver are wildly different things when it comes to facial recognition


MikeDubbz t1_j9ry4dw wrote

Honestly, I'll take the less sophisticated Android tech over the Apple version if it means I get the hole punch over the oval. It's not like the Android tech is failing me in any way on this matter.


Romeo9594 t1_j9ryttj wrote

I mean that's cool and all, but the Apple/Pixel approach is just objectively better, more reliable, more secure, and works under more circumstances and there's currently no way of fitting it into a hole punch is the only point I was making. It's nice that the 2013 approach to facial recognition is all you need (my S4 in highschool used the same setup) but that's not the case for everyone


MikeDubbz t1_j9rz8ab wrote

Well if I were prone to losing my phone, I might be more worried about it's security. But the fingerprint and face scanning work great, and my 15 years of having smartphones has never resulted in any of my shit getting broken into or stolen.

I totally get why people who are careless might be more worried about having the latest and greatest protection, but the reality is, most people should do more than great without losing sleep with what modern Androids offer.


Romeo9594 t1_j9rzt1w wrote

My favorite part is how you've focused on just the security and left the increased reliability and responsiveness completely untouched lol

Again, an IR solution is just better across the board man. It's why Windows Hello doesn't certify webcam only solutions, and why extra hardware is worth it unless your single issue is aesthetics. It's nice having facial recognition that doesn't need to blind you in the dark to work


MikeDubbz t1_j9s02hz wrote

We are talking about the dumb little notch the camera takes up right? How isn't my Android one reliable or responsive? Is it not working immediately every time like I thought it was? It's not like I have to rescan my face or finger every time, gets it right the first time, every time. Very confused.


carpemydick t1_j9s0jrg wrote

we can tell you’re very confused. let’s just end it here


MikeDubbz t1_j9s0t4g wrote

Well that seems like a needless insult. I wasn't trying to make you feel dumb or bad or anything silly like that just because you prefer the oval, I'm just trying to properly understand your argument. Which as far as I can tell, relies on my ONLY relying on face ID to login. I do both, face and finger, so I can use the finger in the dark, no need to blind myself or whatever ridiculous scenario you were trying to imagine up to prove that the oval is worth it.


PVTheBearJew t1_j9ty9uf wrote

Dude I own a galaxy phone, don't want to trade it for an iPhone like ever, but please stop arguing about how Samsungs face recognition is superior to apples in any way, it is not. Even if it works for you and me, FaceID is superior in every metric.


bmobitch t1_j9s5jgj wrote

that’s a valid stance. i’m glad it works for you with the combo of both. i prefer just face ID so i’m okay with the oval. i don’t find it intrusive anyway. whatever works for each person. sorry you’re being downvoted. i think it previously seemed like you didn’t understand the difference. i thought that but i see that’s not true. i’ll upvote to even out lol


Romeo9594 t1_j9s13x1 wrote

Well, see my use case of using it in the dark and the phone needing to increase brightness to maybe work vs. an IR projector just working regardless

And 2D imaging is easier to fool and 3D. That's just like a fact all you need to do is think about for a sec to prove, and can google if you want further verification

Not only that but in other poor lighting (dim, bright, odd shadows) conditions 2D fails significantly more often than 3D

It's like super neet 2013 tech apparently works flawlessly 100% for the time for you. But that is not the majority experience and most Android users don't even bother with 2D facial recognition due to the issues in reliability and responsiveness, let alone diminished security. Some Pixel users being the outliers since they have proper facial recognition


JustCloudy t1_j9s1s8w wrote

Sometimes I get amazed when I wake up in the middle of the night to pick up my phone and it unlocks automatically with FaceID for me. Would definitely much prefer the convenience than a few more pixels in that area


MikeDubbz t1_j9s1ua2 wrote

So you're just ignoring the fact that you can have both face id and finger id at the same time, like I already mentioned? I've never had to turn on any lights or anything silly like that to login to my phone with a biometric in the dark.

Like OK, if you ONLY want to rely on logging in with your face, then yeah I guess an iPhone might be your best bet, but I know I'm far from alone in preferring to have both face and touch id settings active.

If my phone ever failed to log me in with my face or finger, then I might maybe understand why one would opt for the oval, but as things stand, it just makes no sense to me.


Romeo9594 t1_j9s3csk wrote

The only reason I'd use fingerprint over FaceID is if I'm wearing a mask, but those days are behind us and FaceID also works with a mask anyway because it's able to

Fingerprint scanners don't work with my touch-friendly gloves that I do still wear, though


Athiena t1_j9uevw7 wrote

I’d prefer the iPhone’s dynamic island because it offers a little functionality and a better Face ID system. Also I wouldn’t be using that screen space for anything anyway.


WarpRealmTrooper t1_j9tbxih wrote

Personally I don't see what's wrong with "chins" and "foreheads". Bring them back!


blazinrumraisin t1_j9qfwk6 wrote

"Chinese smartphone manufacturer RealMe"

Dumb apple fanboy article baiting. What's new.


bicameral_mind t1_j9pse12 wrote

Looks like Apple will continue to be the single dominating force of consumer hardware and software design for a third decade in a row.


xondk t1_j9qh82v wrote

Neither hardware nor software is why Apple dominates.

It is their marketting and how they market their eco system towards "the average consumer", and they do that insanely well and are more like a fashion brand then anything else.

Not saying their hardware or software is bad, but it just isn't why they have the market share they do.


TheRealNap0le0n t1_j9qjyg7 wrote

The Woz even said it himself, "the iphone is a cool phone for someone that wants cool technology without having to worry about how to use it"


dynamic424 t1_j9r5mlm wrote

People will act like that an insult. But the iphone will take advantage of everything its capable off, without anything needed out of the box, You turn it on, sign in, and do whatever you want. Dont need to fuck around in settings, or mess around with other apps. I just do it.


Robot_Embryo t1_j9rhnnz wrote

That's cool.

I spent 2h trying to figure out how to disable the unnecessary password prompt for free apps from the iTunes store on an iPad.

After 3 different walk-throughs all leading to dead ends (because they apparently keep changing where they hide the damn setting), I finally discovered that the toggle was disabled, greyed out, on my particular (and latest) OS model.

Wanted to share some files over Bluetooth between my Android and iPad, but the iPad couldn't do it.

I returned that shit the next day.

This has been my consistent experience at every level with iOS.

There's one way to everything, and one way only. If you need to do something that the smug design team at Apple never thought of, or they didn't think you would need to, or if there's a bug in software and you need to troubleshoot by doing it a different way, too bad: you're SOL.

The thing is I want to like iOS. I have a MacBook Pro, and it'd be nice to have a phone that plays nice with it (but Apple intentionally makes it difficult to interact with non-Apple devices).


Romeo9594 t1_j9rwahh wrote

If you're spending that much time on something that simple you need to improve your Googling, reading comprehension, and critical thinking skills man


Robot_Embryo t1_j9rzjn6 wrote

Check YOUR reading comprehension.

I read through 3 different detailed guides, and each one CONTRADICTED one another, because this silly little option-toggle getting moved around when OS was updated.

In the end, I was never able to toggle it off, because on the that version of iOS (the most recent at the time, Spring 2021) on that iPad had a bug, and the option toggle was disabled.

A tech savvy person shouldn't need to comb through guides to find an parameter toggle as trivial as that; the option should been under App Store settings. THAT would be the intuitive place to change an App Store parameter, but instead, it was buried somewhere in the phone master settings.


Romeo9594 t1_j9s06xe wrote

Maybe you should have included your OS version in your Google search and save yourself some headache? Google also has a "tools" option to let you only see results from the past week/month/year/etc you can use so you don't follow outdated guides

You're welcome

Lol, u/Robot_Embryo blocked me after leaving his comment. All I wanted to do was teach a self proclaimed "tech savvy" person how to use Google


Robot_Embryo t1_j9s3v5i wrote

I did? News to me. Maybe you should learn how to use your iOS device.


Romeo9594 t1_j9s48y1 wrote

Oh, so weird how I can all of a sudden view your profile again. Anyway, I hope the lesson on how to Google was helpful to a "tech savvy" person such as yourself. Seems a basic lesson but I'm willing to offer it for free


Robot_Embryo t1_j9s18jr wrote

My god, you iPhone fanboys are worse than Trump supporters.


dynamic424 t1_j9s1t1j wrote

"How to *insert what you want to do* ios version *your ios version*" Litterally that simple.


Robot_Embryo t1_j9s3vqo wrote

I guess if I were an iOS user I'd be used to that, but in 13 years I've literally never once had to Google for a walk through on how to find a such a trivial parameter with Android, because they usually are put right where you'd expect them to be.

>Litterally that simple.

You know what's literally simpler?

  1. not requiring a password input for free apps by default on the Appstore

  2. putting an AppStore setting parameter in the Appstore settings menu, not somewhere completely unrelated

  3. not arbitrarily moving the toggle to a new sub-menu everytime the OS is updated.


dynamic424 t1_j9sakcv wrote

Ive never had to google either. It just seems like some cant manage on there own, and have to look up guides on how to do shit, on IOS of all places lmao. You can quite easily make password input be your face, or touch. It seems like you werent capable of doing that either. The appstore settings are.... where you (didnt) guess, the settings menu. Sure they shouldnt change where it is, but your dumbass cant find out what the setting name is called, and use the handy dandy settings search, that searches the name of literally every setting. And will let you change it.


dynamic424 t1_j9s1oe8 wrote

>Wanted to share some files over Bluetooth between my Android and iPad, but the iPad couldn't do it.

Use any other third party app. Becuase apparently anroid users are alright with downloading third party software for fixes. Apple users just use airdrop, text, or google cloud.

If thats your contasnt experience, would hate to see you use android lmao. Apple makes some of the most dumbed down settings, and everything for user experience, if you cant figure it out, thats pretty sad.


Robot_Embryo t1_j9s2h58 wrote

Yup, dumbed down, and since there's only one way to do things, there's no way to troubleshoot.

When I'm having an issue with Android, since there's multiple ways to do things, I can usually maneuver around it.


dynamic424 t1_j9s3a4a wrote

theres no way to troubleshoot, cuz unless your fucking stupid, theres no way to actually fuck it up. Ive seen like 5 examples of actually messing it up, not the users fault.

To send files, you use google. Or airdrop, Or text. Nope, definitely not multiple ways to do things, lmfao.


TheRealNap0le0n t1_j9r7xi4 wrote

Android phones can take advantage of everything just the same.

One phone can be tinkered with, one cannot tho


Athiena t1_j9uen7a wrote

Nobody really cares about “tinkering” with phones, they just want it to work reliably for a long time. This is where iPhones succeed.


TheRealNap0le0n t1_j9ulgvd wrote

You mean until Apple doesn't push updates anymore so it's stuck on an old iOS but app get updated and don't support the old iOS so inorder to use them you need to buy a new phone


Athiena t1_j9um2n9 wrote

Apple supports phones longer than any other manufacturer with immediate updates that don’t leave you waiting for months wondering when your specific phone will get it.

In addition, the oldest phone currently supported by iOS 16 is the iPhone 7, released in 2016. However, most apps (for example YouTube) only require around iOS 14 to work. And the oldest phone that can run those is the iPhone 6s from 2015.

So unless you’re the type to keep the same device for 8 years, you will never need to buy a new iPhone to use apps.


dynamic424 t1_j9r9dqi wrote

One is built to have everything there by defualt. iPhone can be tinkered with, you just have to take advantage the app and enable dev mode, and import the things like that.


cottonycloud t1_j9rhq0x wrote

What if I wanted my apps to be arranged from bottom to top?

What if I don’t spend money on a Mac computer just to develop for my own personal application or modifying someone’s IPA?


___Dan___ t1_j9qiu0g wrote

Their products are also generally very user friendly, compared to competitors. Things inside the ecosystem “just work” in a way they don’t in other environments


Reddit8MyHamster t1_j9r38n5 wrote

Marketing/branding is undoubtedly still a huge part of the equation but I’m not sure I agree with your assertion that this accounts for the level of dominance now.

The Apple of yesteryear definitely relied primarily on branding, but ever since the emergence of the iPod, as far as I can see it’s increasingly been about the stability, usability, security & integration of their software and hardware. It was gradual at first but has been gathering momentum. I’d posit that these factors now at least sit alongside the marketing rather than being incidental to it.

This is of course anecdotal and if you have up-to-date concrete stats suggesting otherwise, please do share. It’s an interesting topic.

I don’t think the popularity of things like iPhones & iPads among the elderly is about marketing, but about legitimate usability. I come from a tech background and the amount of developers I know who are now Mac converts is rather staggering. These guys know their stuff. They’re certainly not anti-PC and many use PCs at work but Macs for personal use. The M1 processors are delivering insane speeds now, too. This is certainly drawing in friends and acquaintances of mine from other fields.

But most of all, as computers lose their novelty factor and increasingly become part of the furniture, I think many people just want something that works, is relatively hassle free, relatively secure, and integrates with your other devices, and in the main, that’s what Apple’s ecosystem excels at.

I’m no fan boy (in fact it was the ‘fanboyism’ and marketing of Apple that made me steer clear of them for many years) but I am without doubt a convert. If I wanted customisation I’d go down the PC/Android route. If I want stability and integration, for me it’s Apple.


strifejester t1_j9trovj wrote

Hardware was the draw for me to switch. I never owned an iPhone until the XS Max. I was huge into android, even did my own builds and helped the modding community. I hate Samsung software and in turn their phones mostly due to the launcher and things. I got sick of Android phones coming under powered and lacking. After using an iPad for a few months I switched to iPhone and when the M1 came out bought my first Mac book pro


lucky_leftie t1_j9tfizg wrote

You do have to respect that their ecosystem does actually work though. It’s not just a gimmick to say all these things work together, they actually do. Which is nice.


Basshead404 t1_j9r83em wrote

Do you not recall the two patent infringements they’re in hot water for with the Apple Watch?

Edit: downvotes but no rebuttals as usual


Stryker2279 t1_j9q4dyd wrote

>Looks like Apple will continue to be the single dominating force of copying consumer hardware and software design for a third decade in a row.