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pseudo_sarcasm t1_j9q6f1o wrote

This year, I will definitely upgrade from my XS to the 15 Pro, but I have to admit that the oled screen on my XS is already fantastic for me and has not yet burned in.

Honestly, I'm very impressed with the oled iPhone displays.


[deleted] t1_j9qof71 wrote



stereopticon11 t1_j9syb1y wrote

power efficiency is a pretty big deal on my opinion. really don't care about any feature these days but I will always welcome efficiency


Bradparsley25 t1_j9thsw2 wrote

I don’t browse this sub all that often, but every time I do I see an apple thread, and universally in the comments there’s someone that’s stated very confidently “WHO CARES???”

And like, probably a lot of people, cause there’s a lot of iPhone fans out there lol.

I don’t think they’re revolutionary anymore, and they’ve kind of fallen into the “minor updates every cycle” pattern, which is fine imo… nobody’s being lied to when they decide to spend their money on one, or get excited about the new model…. But you can’t argue they’re not a popular unit with a wide reach.

I don’t understand the “WHO CARES???” people.


Known-nwonK t1_j9ty61n wrote

Like talking about a new battery, screen, or charging style is “news” worthy; however, there’s also a posts about the possible colors a phone can come in which is very much a bold WHO CARES?


Bradparsley25 t1_j9u81pu wrote

I dunno, if my phone is 2 or 3 years old and I’m on the fence about upgrading… finding out a color I like is on the table might at least raise an eyebrow and be something I’d wanna see the details.

Not saying it’s like omg omg omg squealing, but yeah just… hey, neat.