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LeonardSmallsJr t1_j9s2ks9 wrote

This is the greatest technological advancement in phone science since…grey.


PARANOIAH t1_j9tki6m wrote

I miss the chrome/mirrored back of my Sony Z5 Premium. Fingerprint magnet for sure but oh so pretty.


ill0gitech t1_j9vhqcw wrote

BOLD. Innovative. It’s colour. Reinvented.


hicksteruk t1_j9rn1ka wrote

Woopty fucking doo


assblastin00 t1_j9s4zcv wrote

People on the iphone sub go crazy over dumb shit like this. Youll see people talk about trading in their phones just because of specific colors.


PartyPorpoise t1_j9s535k wrote

I don't really get it. Don't most people use cases anyway?


Dazzling-Advice-4941 t1_j9safkc wrote

I use clear cases because I like the colors I get! But I don’t switch just because of a new color lol


rathlord t1_j9t8i7g wrote

The person you’re replying to is selling hyperbole anyway. Very few people are trading in their phones for color changes, and it’s certainly no more common for iPhones than it is for any other brand. This is just tired Apple fan bashing tripe, as is the Reddit way.


pvdp90 t1_j9u141o wrote

Granted it’s not the norm, I have personally seen at least 3 cases where people got the 13 pro in sierra blue the traded it in for the whatever it’s called green version some months later and then doing the same with the 14 to get that purple.

Apple knows what it’s doing. They always have one stand out color because it’s a very visible and clear sign that you have the latest version and it does push sales, even if not for the majority


MoirasPurpleOrb t1_j9t9qic wrote

I mean, one of the top comments at one point was something along the lines of “Red Pro? Instabuy!” So there is some truth to it.


rathlord t1_j9t9x8q wrote

Maybe they have an iPhone 8 right now? That doesn’t mean they’re trashing a brand new phone for it. But also- one person does not a sweeping generalization make.


TheNuclearMind t1_j9uedii wrote

I worked at T-Mobile and I can guarantee you that majority of customers who upgraded their phones did so because they liked a color on the new phone, even if the specs were almost the same and the phone had the same size and number of cameras


rathlord t1_j9uu1d3 wrote

Statistically that is untrue. They might choose the new color because they like it, but as cited elsewhere in this thread, iPhones actually stay in people’s hands more than Android devices, which would seem to suggest the frequent color changes are not a relevant factor when upgrading.


TheNuclearMind t1_ja0qrm5 wrote

I'm speaking from my personal experience as a salesmen. I promise every customer isn't being surveyed about their reasons.


WonOneWun t1_j9v8ryg wrote

I had an old coworker who was 21 im 31 for reference. Whenever we got our last stimulus checks from Biden he had just gotten an iPhone 11 he said I’m gonna use my stimmy to go buy outright and iPhone 13. I couldn’t even tell the difference in the phones or why you would waste 1k* like that. Granted I bought a ps5 with mine 😀


MoirasPurpleOrb t1_j9t9rlh wrote

Not to mention since the camera housing sticks out now you practically have to have a case.


DigitalStefan t1_j9thvb9 wrote

Yes. I might like a specific colour of iPhone, but the only time I see it is when I’m cleaning the rear lenses and the 2 or 3 times a year I take it out of the massive folio case to give everything a clean.


Notyourfathersgeek t1_j9u4qt4 wrote

Haven’t used a case since the 12 pro I got. They don’t break anymore.


gdwoodard13 t1_j9uhewu wrote

Depends what your daily life looks like. I do grocery delivery and DoorDash so I’m walking while holding my phone in one hand, getting in and out of my car dozens of times per day, walking on stairs and asphalt frequently, etc. I feel like I’d probably have issues at least with the screen if I dropped it in the course of my regular job…and I don’t want to find out whether I’m right or not. So the $20-40 case is worth my peace of mind, especially compared to the $150-250 it would cost to get a replacement with the insurance I have on the phone.


x-teena t1_j9v0df0 wrote

iPhone 12Pro, went caseless maybe a year or so after launch. The leather case was shit for the 12, and the few other cases I tried I didn’t like. There are a bunch of dings and scratches, the blue on the side bezel is coming off, but otherwise it’s held up well. I drop it at least once a week. 🤷🏻‍♀️


DeadlyCyclone t1_j9tqso8 wrote

I mean, the red is nice. I upgrade yearly so I always appreciate new colors.


Microtitan t1_j9vv8t3 wrote

Which sub? The same article on the r/iPhone sub?


aleksem t1_j9sxdhd wrote

To be fair, back in iPhone 12 mini days, I got sad that they released a purple model much later. I had a white one but the purple just looked better. Now I’m happy with my pink iPhone 13 mini.

And to reply to all those “but cases!” People: I use transparent silicone ones because I like the color of the phone.


ProfessorPetrus t1_j9tp687 wrote

I like the color of the phone too. Those transparent cases ugly as hell though.


aleksem t1_j9tq3ib wrote

Could you post a picture of what you mean? Because mine looks fine


schu2470 t1_j9w2hz1 wrote

> “Back in the iPhone 12 mini days…”

That was less than 2 years ago not some long forgotten time 🙄


RussianBot_beepboop t1_j9tu3jb wrote

My phone has been in a case since the second I opened the packaging. I got a color I wanted, and I never see it. Haha


powerchip15 t1_j9tv8ko wrote

And you also see people without iPhones calling US weird.


LordApocalyptica t1_j9uf7z1 wrote


I’m at a point where I think I’m unsubscribing from r/gadgets. Headlines like “Apple picks colors” aren’t why I was interested in modern tech.


bosscav t1_j9uutc3 wrote

Right? I just want to know why anyone gives a fuck.


Stingraaa t1_j9v7xd4 wrote

If I was a big bag money boy I'd give you an award.


[deleted] t1_j9rhicx wrote



DiePinko t1_j9rmn5d wrote

Clear cases do exist. ;)


samspopguy t1_j9ruhyt wrote

I’m curious about the percentage of people that don’t use cases.


reallyoldgreg t1_j9rurz9 wrote

I still have an iPhone 12 Pro Max and I like to use it with out a case a lot of the time but it does get slippery. I have very sweaty hands.


NoScar3999 t1_j9sv1li wrote

I don’t use a case just saying 🤷‍♂️


smatchimo t1_j9use0f wrote

have you ever not broken a phone? because I have my last 3 stacked up collecting dust now because I have an issue, but they are unscratched /cracked! I do prefer the slimmer form factor and sleekness of a caseless phone though, I just can't do it.


x-teena t1_j9v0qvo wrote

Cracked the back glass but got it replaced (fell flat on its back on bathroom tiles. Tiles won). I’ve been caseless for a while now on the 12 pro. I drop it at least once a week, sometimes outside on concrete. It’s held up quite well. A few dings and scratches but overall I’m satisfied with the build quality.


smatchimo t1_j9v21j5 wrote

thats pretty cool. debating making the switch, my last few androids have been really hit or miss.


marijuwalrus t1_j9v1kan wrote

I perfer to go caseless but the ARC case is a nice balance between caseless and a case


FrazzledBear t1_j9vctb1 wrote

I did until I had kids. Maybe once they’re teenagers I can finally go back


Byonek t1_ja17rwt wrote

I always tell people I know to use cases because everyone I know who doesn't use a case invariably shatters the phone screen.


Thepickleweed t1_j9sjili wrote

I don’t use a case or screen protector. They’re too expensive, and offer no additional protection imo. Phones these days are pretty durable. My phone rides in my pocket with my keys and the screen is fine. Some pretty minor paint scuffs on the aluminum near the bezel and that’s it. Phone cases are unnecessary


MoirasPurpleOrb t1_j9t9w78 wrote

“Offer no additional protection”

Well that’s just flat out wrong, if you’re buying a decent case like an Otterbox


TheWayIAm313 t1_j9t12mm wrote

Bold statements lol. My phone would be chipped to shit from all the cement drops without my clear case


Kudbettin t1_j9sl266 wrote

Plus, I’d rather carry a cracked screen than an ugly af screen protector and an inelegant phone case.

It’s like buying a ferrari and wrap it into a case so it doesn’t get bumps when you’re driving.


stereopticon11 t1_j9srhnt wrote

not just saying this for the sake of arguing, but people definitely do buy expensive vinyl wraps for this reason. helps with resale value when they're ready for an upgrade/trade


Kudbettin t1_j9u99ec wrote

Oh I didn’t know this, so maybe it was a bad analogy. I don’t know much about cars but it looks decent from a quick google search.

What I was suggesting is, it’s not worth making the phone ugly just to not crack it.

New phones are pretty durable.


mitty18 t1_j9uhtn5 wrote

Ya but clear cases. I buy a new phone every 2-3 years and rock the clear apple case until the phone sees it’s grave.


WilsonIsNext t1_j9rjzhs wrote

So they’re going to have a dark/crimson red, a red-magenta, and the Product (RED)-red color?


joexg t1_j9s0vbz wrote

Deep Purple should stay in the lineup


FlakyStick t1_j9sj685 wrote

I wish my job was this easy


DarkTreader t1_j9qkhbz wrote

YES. RED PRO! Instabuy. I’ve wanted a red pro for years.


TheBioethicist87 t1_j9s0cg6 wrote

I just want it to have USB-C.


jaabbb t1_j9va5c8 wrote

Apple have to postponed it bc they still can’t come up with the color for usb-c cables yet


gdwoodard13 t1_j9uhtjd wrote

Same. I don’t suppose we will know for sure for a few more months.


Pandanutiy t1_j9rb7i4 wrote

What a waste of a post


New-Replacement-7444 t1_j9seg9r wrote

Why do people care what color the phone is? When 99% of people put a case over it anyways.


DeadlyCyclone t1_j9tqyqt wrote

I'd say less than 99%, especially with AppleCare. I never use a case.


New-Replacement-7444 t1_j9tww0z wrote

So 98.8% ? Every single person I know uses a case of some sort. And when out in public (granted it’s not something I’m super paying attention to) I generally see everyone with a case as well.


Sei28 t1_j9uecf0 wrote

Isn’t it hard to use without a case? It’s slippery and not very grip friendly. I have AppleCare+ but still use a case for this reason plus that the phone won’t stay on car dashboards without something more grippy on it.


gdwoodard13 t1_j9ujqlm wrote

Do you prefer AppleCare+ to insurance from your cell service carrier? I have AT&T and pay $15 a month for their Advantage Protection plan, and then it’s $150 to replace the phone if I have a breakage. It seems like AppleCare+ would be cheaper overall and a better deal, but I’m not sure.


DeadlyCyclone t1_j9ulkuv wrote

I just hate dealing with any carrier insurance programs. Apple is far less of a headache if something does happen!


gdwoodard13 t1_j9us8av wrote

Thanks! I’d never had an iPhone until my current phone that I got in December 2021 so I wasn’t sure how AppleCare worked. I saw some price breakdowns online but I wanted to ask a real customer because I know that if I asked Apple, or AT&T, both would be more likely to tell me the positives of their plans and gloss over the negatives.


DeadlyCyclone t1_j9uujrb wrote

Apple even has an apple support app you can install and chat with their team at any time, and they can kick off a replacement from there. It's super nice.


DeadlyCyclone t1_j9uloqa wrote

Nah, it also slides in and out of my pocket easier. I've rarely ever dropped my phone in years of no case usage. In the car I have a magsafe mount I plop it onto.


buttsnorkeler t1_j9scwsm wrote

Plz just give me a plain black and none of this midnight star sky bull shit


rathlord t1_j9t8ox2 wrote

It doesn’t really hurt anyone to have both. But also- just put a case on like everyone else if the color offerings offend your sensibilities.


buttsnorkeler t1_j9tcdeb wrote

Except the 13 line up in fact did not include both. And a case doesn’t cover up the camera bump. But thank you for the revolutionary suggestion. Had never considered that.


rathlord t1_j9ttduc wrote

Sorry for the tragic loss of having a slightly different color than you like on your phone. Thoughts and prayers.


gdwoodard13 t1_j9ujydw wrote

I’m typing this comment on a grey-black iPhone 13 Pro so I’m not sure what you mean.


buttsnorkeler t1_j9ukc1p wrote

Yeah because the pro line up is different from the 13


gdwoodard13 t1_j9ukgz1 wrote

Oh okay. I’m new to iPhone as of the 13 series so I didn’t know the different versions had different colors available


alc4pwned t1_j9ubeqv wrote

? They have offered that for years. Is black or white not plain enough?


Itsnervv t1_j9s2u4w wrote

So innovative


slightly-soupy t1_j9sqyli wrote

Sick. Can’t wait to cover it with my phone case.


plopseven t1_j9s9xf2 wrote

Innovation feels sort of dead. iPhone 16 will have 4 cameras and come in magenta. Whoopdie-dooooo


rathlord t1_j9t8vzf wrote

Not saying you’re wrong per se, but saying “innovation is dead” about the product after the one that’s still not even released is a bit of a bold statement. That generation could be the one to upload your brain to the cloud. Probably not, but you probably shouldn’t call innovation dead based off rumors of an un-announced phone.


fuckaliscious t1_j9trlwx wrote

Exactly, nobody needs an iPhone 15 or a Galaxy S23. I predict major price discounts to get folks to buy them...they'll have to be quite a deal, cheaper than previous versions.


SexyHamburgerMeat t1_j9sany7 wrote

Why is that something I should care about? I’m going to get a case that covers that?


thisistheSnydercut t1_j9t4wmt wrote

Not even worth considering an iPhone until they get rid of that giant black bar like every single one of their competitors


Coldspark824 t1_j9sg8t7 wrote

Or you could buy a case in those colors for like 5 bucks


seanseansean92 t1_j9soe93 wrote

Who the hell cares about what color is it most people have phone cases


Spacepickle89 t1_j9t6205 wrote

Those maniacs have finally done it!


Gonzodaddy2588 t1_j9sfxmv wrote

As an iPhone user I would like to see something new and original from Apple.


sharmascream t1_j9sqls2 wrote

I just bought an iphone 11 less than a year and a half ago and we're already up to iphone 15!?


tkenny691 t1_j9u20lv wrote

Does anyone else get skins for your phones, like dbrand? They look so much better in my opinion, and you can make your current phone whatever color you want! Talk about innovation, don't have to buy a new phone for a color.


mrphyslaww t1_j9usxum wrote


Phones are becoming a mature tech and won’t need to be purchased nearly as often.

I’ve got AT LEAST another 3-4 years before I even consider purchasing, and the upgrade will likely be a simple “battery is going to shit and I probably should get more storage.”


Do people actually care about phone color?

Doesn’t everyone just cover them with cases anyway?


bf3h62u1a4j9hy6y95mz t1_j9rpfx3 wrote

As someone who only ever uses a case when I go drinking and whose favorite color is red, I'm looking forward to it. The new reds aren't dark enough.


koriroo t1_j9sjizv wrote

I miss mint green lol


ktElwood t1_j9ssz3w wrote

What's the current gen iphone? 13,14,15,16?


Koda_20 t1_j9t7euj wrote

Is it really so difficult to color a phone?


former-bishop t1_j9tmid6 wrote

…. and once it’s fitted with a case and screen protector it will look just like all the other phones.


Fritzo2162 t1_j9trjrb wrote



::puts black case on it::


AZREDFERN t1_j9tsu2u wrote

As a Space Grey fanatic, I still think the green was a little too OP.


DXsocko007 t1_j9tt3u5 wrote

I am a Samsung user for the past 8 years. I'm at the point where I'm going back to iphone because apps just work better on iphone. When is the 15 expected to come out


Barryzuckerkorn_esq t1_j9tzkq6 wrote

Does it even matter the color of phones anymore ? There all in cases


Heap_Good_Firewater t1_j9u2cy1 wrote


“Such a beautiful color.”

inserts phone into thick, black protective case


FlounderOdd7234 t1_j9u4iu2 wrote

So many upgrades, Apple 🍎 does it so well, I’ll take any color. Put black case on-ooooh


emretheripper t1_j9u73dv wrote

You can swap iphone housings, for the average Joe it might be difficult, but there are tons of options. I had build a lime green iphone 7 back then, or you can even swap the backglas of the newer iPhones, I swapped my iphone 12 mini's backglas to an anime themed one.


Weikoko t1_j9uet51 wrote

Man I gotta get the dark red one. Have been wanting to get one since forever.

Me (after paying iPhone 15 Pro deep red $$$)

  • ordered black iPhone case 💀

BigTiddyVampireWaifu t1_j9ul1gn wrote

Wish they would come out with a flip iphone already. Anything besides same ol' glass slab for the 15th year in a row


Steelersfan20009 t1_j9upbjt wrote

Don’t think I’ll be getting another iPhone. I switched from android back in 2017 and got a 6 plus. It lasted till about 2021 then I got the 12 pro max which I really like but they really dropped the ball on the 13 and 14. I mean normally they change very little but the 13 is no different from the 12 and the 14 just has that dynamic island which I don’t care for.

I gotta start researching other phones but from the looks of it I’ll probably go with a pixel. Way cheaper and has a great camera and much more you can do with it. I do love the compatibility of the iPhone and will miss iMessage but that’s about it


Georgey94 t1_j9uqkol wrote

So it’s worse than the 14 Pro purple basically, weird flex but okay..


SkyWizarding t1_j9urs2u wrote

Cool. Nice to see a trillion dollar company really pushing the envelope these days. Their R&D team must be top notch


MobilePenguins t1_j9usvyb wrote

I’m just happy to have a good upgrade path from my iPhone 11, this phone on its last legs but I’m holding out to make a bigger jump than the 14.

I travel between California and Arizona and there’s a large stretch with no cell service where I’ve had flat tires before, will like having emergency text satellite access.


smatchimo t1_j9ut6p3 wrote

that "red" is strikingly close to the copper colors you see in the banner here on the gadgets sub. but ok.


guzzlovic t1_j9v6tsj wrote

I want bold colors, neon style. But that is not going to happen


AwwwSkiSkiSki t1_j9vimvg wrote

That's gonna looks great covered up by a case.


frankbravo4 t1_j9vmzct wrote

Why is the iPhone color important? Lol haven't seen an innovation in 10 years.


APKenna t1_j9w41u6 wrote

Best iPhone yet…….


PaulD244 t1_j9whv77 wrote

Just bring back Midnight Green already.


TheRtHonorable t1_j9y7f8z wrote

Whichever colour phone I get, it goes in a black Otterbox anyway 🤷🏻‍♂️


spewaks t1_j9z2rct wrote

New color derived from the blood of cobalt miners. Epic!


Captain_Tooth t1_ja1sgp8 wrote

What's next, liick flavored phones? Cherry or Vanilla?


set-271 t1_j9s7e6t wrote

Mind blown! They broke new ground! Once again, More Law reigns supreme! More, more, more!!!!


King_Kingly t1_j9t3r2b wrote

Jesus Christ they have made 15 different versions of these things?!?


steegsa t1_j9t4p2y wrote

What a stupid heading…


Neemah89 t1_j9t6vvf wrote

This colors are in memory of the workers from Foxconn that need safety nets on the factory that they’re working in so that they can keep suicide numbers down, so in honor of modern slavery apple will introduce the new “dark” that stands for pure evil and green and “red” for people that can’t take it anymore and end their lives- preorders will be available soon.


W33Ded t1_j9tmp6j wrote

Why is this a post? Who the fuck cares? What people talk about, we are all getting dumber


e_smith338 t1_j9txsqh wrote

Holy fucking shit I’m SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS NEW IPHONE COLOR!!! I’m gonna fucking cream my pants.

But for real though, who gives a fuck about this?


bicameral_mind t1_j9v2ho2 wrote

Apple haters who push these threads to the front page so they get in their daily dose of rage.


ButtercupQueen17 t1_j9u1kds wrote

Id like to apologize. I’m definitely the target audience here. My immediate response was “ooo I’d buy that” (pink)

Then I read all the comments and now it’s like ;-;


lokicramer t1_j9u2y96 wrote

The Fifa of phones is back again!


APotatoFlewAround_ t1_j9rvg0t wrote

That pink and blue look atrocious. Hopefully it’s more of a pastel


tekkie1618 t1_j9sy7zo wrote

Dumbass shit. Maybe they'll put competitive hardware in this one.


alc4pwned t1_j9ubxbo wrote

Competitive hardware? Their SoCs have destroyed the competition for years.


J-W-L t1_j9rwq66 wrote

End of story. That's all she wrote. This is what apple users have to look forward to. Sad. And maybe an m3 chip to check your Hotmail and do wordle faster. This is where the science of marketing and coasting collide.

I can't believe people allow apple to dictate what's cool.


Bootsandcatsyeah t1_j9u9aoa wrote

I’m not saying you’re exactly wrong, but is this really exclusive to Apple? What in particular does Samsung (or any Android manufacturer) have to offer that’s so groundbreaking or special?

I think it’s just the nature of the current market in general, and that continued refinement has led to a stagnation.


bicameral_mind t1_j9v2e6j wrote

You're talking with someone who posts on a subreddit called 'applesucks' by the way. No point arguing with fanboys.


Bootsandcatsyeah t1_j9vd5ry wrote

Lmao I thought they’d have a post or two on there, but that’s their whole profile and identity! Hating on Apple for a false sent of superiority.