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Account_93 t1_j9y7wuv wrote

All I care about is USB C even if it's only 2.0 speeds, Everything I own now is USB C.


shodanime t1_j9ygxji wrote

Same, know apple they would be like USBc is now included!! With a better camera and a17 chip. Which has almost no difference to the a16 lol honestly they didn’t add it to the 14 probably because they thought the island would’ve been enough to sell. Apples baby steps 😂


UtsavTiwari t1_j9yufhl wrote

I Mean there are plenty of USB C Android with USB 3.2 support so if you want a phone with USB C you could just buy any modern Android flagship. Btw nice if apple also supports it.


jnux t1_ja0bdoq wrote

I wish I could. I switched to an android for my work phone a year or so ago and it is still plagued with glitchy and unintuitive interfaces. Maybe I’m just so deep in the Apple ecosystem that I can’t go back, but yeah - every minute of my usage on that phone has been misery.

I do like the hardware options… but that only takes you so far, which is not far enough to compel me to switch.


alexanderpas t1_ja0oqf9 wrote

> I switched to an android for my work phone a year or so ago and it is still plagued with glitchy and unintuitive interfaces.

A Google Pixel or another stock Android phone? Or a shitty one where the OS has been murdered by both the manufacturer and operator?


jnux t1_ja1dpw0 wrote

It is a Samsung - not sure which one tho. I’m pretty sure it was more of a mid-tier phone, not flagship


Compendyum t1_ja0xe8e wrote

lol I admire your guts, but what would you expect except for "bUt I bOuGhT aN aNdRoId aNd iT's alL bUgs aNd GlItChEs" ?

Literally the only (half decent) android phones I saw glitching was around 2012 with honeycomb.


Account_93 t1_ja3q488 wrote

I already have a Pixel 6A and before that a 4a, I've also had a Fold2, S21 FE, iPhone 11 and plenty more before that (not Samsung).

All with their upsides/downsides.


shodanime t1_j9zeljn wrote

Nah I’m good I enjoy having a phone the works. Regardless apple shitty way updating their phone. Especially for business apps just works better on the iOS. I had an flagship android phones time and time again the software is just awful


Neo_Techni t1_j9wstcy wrote

wtf is a ‌Dynamic Island‌?


MoirasPurpleOrb t1_j9xz9jr wrote

The notch where the screen side cameras are. Since it’s now surrounded by screen it’s called an island and the dynamic part is that notifications are kind of incorporated into it.


nintendomech t1_j9xm6z0 wrote

Where have you been? That was on the iPhone 14 pro.


Neo_Techni t1_j9xojk1 wrote

> Where have you been?

On my Nexus 5x


M4NOOB t1_j9y9pjk wrote

I can lend you my HTC Dream / T-Mobile G1 if you need it. Running a custom ROM on Froyo (Android 2.2)


Compendyum t1_ja0xlou wrote

Another sad excuse for Apple not being able to eliminate that abomination on your screen


itsyaboi117 t1_ja2qy3h wrote

They don’t have to remove it, it’s a cool feature the phone has and actually really practical.


Compendyum t1_ja5grro wrote

Ok, Tim Cook. Never heard that one before.

Please elaborate on how blocking part of your screen is a "cool and practical feature".


itsyaboi117 t1_ja6zpri wrote

For all of the Face ID components and LiDAR scanners it’s there regardless, they’ve made it so it integrates beautifully into the phone. You have to have one and see it first hand to realise how cool it is.

Don’t hate something you can’t afford.


ifarteditssmelly t1_j9wud3t wrote

That little black dot where the receiver is supposed to be. They made it touch screen and it expands when u get a call or something its really stupid


HiCanIPetYourCat t1_j9zk90s wrote

It’s not stupid at all, it’s a really slick way of using the dead space. It’s not some killer feature that sells devices but it was an improvement to an already near perfect UI


ifarteditssmelly t1_j9zkwb9 wrote

Nah it’s stupid they can’t make phones anymore iPhones suck balls iPad only


intelligentx5 t1_j9z01mz wrote

Honestly current bezels are perfect. I don’t care for thinner bezels. Give me a full interrupted screen. Maybe even a folding phone. Change something.


aordinanza t1_j9z9myd wrote

I think regular iphone 15 have A16 6 core just like last year iphone 14 have a15 5 core if im not mistaken


RoninSoul t1_ja08kiz wrote

How about a headphone jack and an expandable storage slot?


Thialase t1_ja0vnwb wrote

Just freaking stop already.
What's next? You want movies to be on VHS tapes again?


itsyaboi117 t1_ja2r23q wrote

You can use the lightening port if you absolutely must have wired headphones. Time to move on though, about 0.002% of iphone users are audiophiles, the rest don’t give a fuck. And the new AirPod pros are absolutely unreal.


petepro t1_ja6e9or wrote

It's 2023 already. Get on with the times.


diymatt t1_j9z4gbj wrote

I'll let you know in 5 years when i buy one used.