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bookcreative t1_j9wgni6 wrote

At what point will I be able be able to perform an MRI with my iPhone?


MyVoiceIsElevating t1_j9x1dtw wrote

Any iPhone Pro users that aren’t already using their LiDAR scanners need to check out Scaniverse.


Seaguard5 t1_j9xyaan wrote

That is really cool actually. Thank you!


ProtoplanetaryNebula t1_j9y76a5 wrote

I just tried to see if it would work on a tea cup. It works OK, but it’s not great. Is there a way to select just the item so it ignores the background?


MyVoiceIsElevating t1_j9yb8da wrote

After you scan and process the file using 1 of 3 techniques, it gives you an option to “Edit”.

Then use “Crop” to isolate to what you want.

Edit: also, FYI that the different Processing Modes use different algorithms. The “Area” and “Detail” are the best. When your scan looks odd with one, click cancel and try the other.

Lastly, the better you are about maneuvering your phone while capturing, hitting all angles, not casting shadows into the area, and so on, results in a better outcome.

One of the coolest parts is if you choose Share>Export Model>USDZ then you can send it to another Apple user via iMessage and they can see the model instantly (with no app required).


AndrewZabar t1_j9ymp0c wrote

I’ve been using Scaniverse for a while now, ever since I got my new phone, but honestly, I’m usually a little disappointed with the final results. Don’t get me wrong, it’s amazing! But for example for objects to make a 3D model of a thing, it ends up more than a tad wonky usually. I expect as time goes on this will improve.


MyVoiceIsElevating t1_j9ypqcl wrote

Try out some of the others:

Polycam, RealityScan, Luma, DromniScan, Captur3

I’ve used others and I keep coming back to Scaniverse, but I would not argue that the output is always what I hope for. I’ve seen much better mesh/textures from photogrammetry apps like Reality Capture, but of course they take far more effort to yield a model.


AndrewZabar t1_j9z8884 wrote

Thanks for those recommendations. I will give them a try. I think one or two I did try when I first got the phone but it has been awhile so maybe they’ve improved. I also agree Scaniverse is definitely excellent I just wish it would have a little bit more in terms of finely honing the image close up. Shrug.


Eng8D t1_j9x0i5r wrote

Lidar scanner that estimates portion sizes, please!


The_Doc55 t1_j9xyn20 wrote

I haven’t found much use of the LiDAR Scanner. What do people use it for?


405sucks t1_j9y6yfb wrote

Amazon let’s you place furniture or appliances in a room by scanning it via LiDAR. You can also use it to scan in 3D if you’re an architect, interior designer or an engineer.

puts on tinfoil hat could also be related to their AR headset in one way or another.


Rockah t1_j9xzov7 wrote

Scanning objects into 3D models > make 3D prints


Space_Emperor_OG t1_j9xzb2q wrote

Glad they're upgrading this! Now more people can not use a BETTER LiDAR sensor


AndrewZabar t1_j9yn0ud wrote

Right? All those people who just have to have the topmost model even though they do three things with the damn thing. But then again, Apple relies on those people and if they’re stupid enough to piss away their money, who'm I to argue lol.


ThomasCro t1_j9yha30 wrote

wooow, more incremental improvements for $800 pls


DP11117 t1_j9ydzbp wrote

Just hope they bring back the mini