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DTFlash t1_j9yf35c wrote

Why are all the comments "Well that's not practical"? It's not supposed to be, it was made as a goof.


AkirIkasu t1_j9zcve8 wrote

You'd think the giant oversized novelty keyboard might have been a hint.

I'd make a comment about how they should have got it from how much Evan and Katelyn laugh in their video, but I would be even more amazed if they watched the video than if they read the article, which also makes it super clear that it's not made for the purposes of being practical.


MikeDubbz t1_ja33y0d wrote

Considering all the blank real estate on the base, for the sake of the goof, you'd think they'd have gone all out and make it a truly huge keyboard that fills up the entire base instead of just the relatively smaller portion that it does.