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audiomagnate t1_j9z3k8r wrote

...which begs the question... WHY won't it be sold in the US?


Akmapper t1_j9znxgn wrote

Probably because it’s a Unisoc processor with 4gb RAM… aka very slow and underpowered.


RiChessReadit t1_j9zxw16 wrote

That's always the problem with these. It's low-end hardware that only a select few reddit nerds want, and it's only ~$180 while a screen replacement for it is $54 +tax/shipping which puts it around $70 all in, which is ~40% of the price of a new G22....

It's nice to see repairability, but I really don't think it matters until it comes to flagship phones that people actually consider valuable enough to bother repairing.


Emergency_Hunter_572 t1_ja2yyup wrote

I'd rather buy 10 of those phones than a new "flagship" phone. People only use their phones to browse facebook and tiktok anyway. Why the fuck would i need a 1500€ phone? Why the fuck would ANYONE need a 1500€ phone???????????

(owning a 5 year old HMD nokia 4.2 which cost 100€ and still runs fine. People near me are buying 1000€-1500€ phones every 6 months.)


Caffeine_Monster t1_ja35kp3 wrote

>Why the fuck would ANYONE need a 1500€ phone???????????

Exactly. Buy one of these and 2 spare batteries it would keep you going for years.

I would be more concerned about a lack of software updates / excess software bloat causing issues years down the line.


RiChessReadit t1_ja3leqr wrote

I see people claim people are constantly buying new flagships but I’ve literally never seen it. Everyone I know buys a flagship and keeps it for 2-3 years at least. If you’re intelligent about taking advantage of trade in offers you can get a new flagship every couple years for a few hundred or less.

I moved from an iPhone XR to an iPhone 13 for free… and I’ll probably be able to do that again (or close enough) when I move to an iPhone 15/16 in a few years.


AbortedPhoetus t1_j9zn1jr wrote

I've seen a few interesting phones I would have liked, but they're not sold in the U.S. for some weird reason. I don't understand economics, but I feel like there's some BS reason involved.


nonanumatic t1_j9z6ocf wrote

Because a majority of us see that and attribute it to more work rather than more accessibility, and I attribute that to our garbage education system. Rotten from the ground up, we gotta tear out root and stem


AbortedPhoetus t1_j9zms4n wrote

There are a lot of people here in the US, including myself, who would love to have a device such as this. Think Louis Rossman, and all the people who fought for right-to-repair.


more_beans_mrtaggart t1_j9zy7hy wrote

Nobody apart from a few loud internet people want repairability. People want a shiny brand new phone every few years.

If Samsungs/Apples customer base had repairability in their top 20 wants, we’d have had it by now.

Nobody wants it. Nobody buys these phones that come up again and again offering swappable cheap parts, upgradeable modular parts or other shit that gives people a way out of obsolescence, because they are upgrading their phones every few years.

They joy of owning the latest S25 ultra overrides any thoughts of repair.


AbortedPhoetus t1_ja0kpxt wrote

People buy what their carriers sell them. I certainly do not want a new phone every two years, especially when what I've got works already. If that makes me "nobody", so be it.


CHANROBI t1_ja1rnjp wrote

I started repairing my own iphones in the ip4 days.

Apple gave me a bullshit answer when my charge port died, “its non repairable” and offered me a $400 refurb instead

Did it myself for $10

I stopped repairing in the ip8 days when I got tired of not being able to find high quality replacement screens and parts. And apple started detection of “non oem” parts, tied to touch id or face id.

Would be awesome if apple and samsung made their phones easily repairable

But outside of a very small niche of enthusiasts, nobody gives a shit

That being said purposely making a device difficult to be repaired or limiting who can repair should be illegal, and thats what dudes like rossman are doing.

I hope they can effect a large industry change …