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TreeSlayer-Tak t1_j9znar2 wrote

America never gets the good things, probably because they're sacred it'll become the norm and won't be able to pull shady shit anymore


more_beans_mrtaggart t1_ja0ak3n wrote

America doesn’t get it because most of America doesn’t want it. If business could sell devices in the US, it would.


FormABruteSquad t1_ja08si6 wrote

Only 5% of the world lives in America and it has network provider gatekeepers. It's easier to avoid it.


MoirasPurpleOrb t1_ja0x8ib wrote

Or because people don’t want this. There are plenty of cheap budget phones and they sell horribly.

One nice thing about capitalism is that if there is a market for something, someone will make a product for it.