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RiChessReadit t1_j9zxw16 wrote

That's always the problem with these. It's low-end hardware that only a select few reddit nerds want, and it's only ~$180 while a screen replacement for it is $54 +tax/shipping which puts it around $70 all in, which is ~40% of the price of a new G22....

It's nice to see repairability, but I really don't think it matters until it comes to flagship phones that people actually consider valuable enough to bother repairing.


Emergency_Hunter_572 t1_ja2yyup wrote

I'd rather buy 10 of those phones than a new "flagship" phone. People only use their phones to browse facebook and tiktok anyway. Why the fuck would i need a 1500€ phone? Why the fuck would ANYONE need a 1500€ phone???????????

(owning a 5 year old HMD nokia 4.2 which cost 100€ and still runs fine. People near me are buying 1000€-1500€ phones every 6 months.)


Caffeine_Monster t1_ja35kp3 wrote

>Why the fuck would ANYONE need a 1500€ phone???????????

Exactly. Buy one of these and 2 spare batteries it would keep you going for years.

I would be more concerned about a lack of software updates / excess software bloat causing issues years down the line.


RiChessReadit t1_ja3leqr wrote

I see people claim people are constantly buying new flagships but I’ve literally never seen it. Everyone I know buys a flagship and keeps it for 2-3 years at least. If you’re intelligent about taking advantage of trade in offers you can get a new flagship every couple years for a few hundred or less.

I moved from an iPhone XR to an iPhone 13 for free… and I’ll probably be able to do that again (or close enough) when I move to an iPhone 15/16 in a few years.