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russian_hacker_1917 t1_j9zrceo wrote

it's wild how these tracking devices only started getting attention when it started alerting you about them. Then not alerting you is much worse


BedrockFarmer t1_ja06l0w wrote

If you have ever taken mass transit or a long flight, you don’t want hundreds of notifications of devices following you. Context matters.


russian_hacker_1917 t1_ja09ntb wrote

Would you rather get phone notifications or have someone stalking you?


prob_wont_respond t1_ja2a8in wrote

Context matters.

If I am near one for 45 minutes on a train I don't care.

If I'm near one starting on a train and finishing at home I care.

Obviously competent development factors that context in.


Old_Magician_6563 t1_ja0qvfo wrote

It’s weird how things don’t get attention when people don’t know about them.