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Bodatheyoda t1_ja092p8 wrote

Airlines are gonna by buying these and scanning every piece of luggage and taking them out so people cant find their lost luggage.


hedoeswhathewants t1_ja184xh wrote

I wouldn't put it past them, but that sounds like theft


Bodatheyoda t1_ja1bq20 wrote

some airlines have banned them. So if they find them in your luggage I'm pretty sure they will be allowed to.


farcastershimmer t1_ja1ef0v wrote

>some airlines have banned them

Which airlines have banned airtags?


Bodatheyoda t1_ja1ye2d wrote

On more searching it seems they actually abandoned the ban but airlines obviously want to


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Kwintty7 t1_ja2gcpr wrote

I don't think it's good business practice, or legal, for airlines to steal items from passengers luggage, then return the luggage. It's difficult to claim that all airtags were "lost" from inside cases.


Bodatheyoda t1_ja3cvsv wrote

So there's been a huge issue lately with airlines "losing" people's luggage. People who have had air tags in them find them at random people's homes, then those same bags later end up in a warehouse, then another warehouse, all the while the airlines being basically uncooperative, even when confronted with the information from airtags. I'm not saying airlines are stealing luggage, but it's just really, really weird.


Suekru t1_ja5btm8 wrote

Yeah, but if they intentionally removed your AirTag that would put guilt on them. An AirTag still is a belonging to the person and removing it would be considered stealing on top of the obviously malicious intent they have by removing it.


DirectStreamDVR t1_ja0xvbs wrote

A good way to prevent this would be to Keep your airtag on your person , put them in your luggage after tsa and then check your bags at the gate. This will likely bypass the point where they would remove them.

Make sure you call ahead though and make sure your airline offers gate checkage.


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orrocos t1_ja22rvr wrote

Gate checking. It’s not always available, but some flight ask you to do it if the flight is very full. I just did it yesterday.