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more_beans_mrtaggart t1_ja0a1k4 wrote

> Yes, but per the linked article: “It’s true, though, that AirTags can take at least hours before a user gets a tracking alert on their iPhones.”

That’s not my experience. I get pinged within seconds when my daughter is nearby with her handbag AirTag.


scsibusfault t1_ja0ap57 wrote

Alert is not the same as tracking alert, I believe.

From what I've read, they implemented a "an unfamiliar airtag appears to have been near you for an unusual amount of time" alert. Because the most likely cause of that is someone planted a tag near you.


more_beans_mrtaggart t1_ja0b2nb wrote

It’s not the same, you can’t track it on a map, but if there’s a tag consistently within 3m of you, you know you’re being tracked.


scsibusfault t1_ja0dh10 wrote

... right. I think the point is, it's faster to notify you of a known tag nearby.

It would obviously take longer to compile the data of whether or not a tag has been near you for a while, to indicate possible tracking.

Just pointing out that your original comment about it not being your experience (that it takes hours) could easily be explained by the fact that it's notifying you of a tag you commonly interact with.


iHiTuDiE t1_ja0khf7 wrote

My brother placed an air tag in his sons backpack. When I pick up my nephew from school, I would get the notification hours later. It was a very strange notification the first couple of times, til I looked closer at the notification, saw the route and made the connection.